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Subject: Re: [CON] Party 2003 - West Coast Transportation
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 23:13:34 EST

Hello Party People!

Hey, Lady Di, am I too late for a lift? I would have been ready sooner, but
Buster, my misnamed female tabby cat - aka "The Queen of Everything", decided
to have a nibble at the cookies I had cooling on the kitchen counter. (Yes,
it really happened). Sorry, folks, unless you like Spritz with slightly
moistened tops, I guess we won't have any this year.

At first Buster said she wasn't going at all because of the Huskeys, but I've
convinced her that she could take the cookies and should the dogs get out of
line, she could offer them the whole batch. Of course, it would be nice if
she saved some for the other animals too.

Haven't decided what to wear yet -- I don't dance and can't knit -- guess
I'll have find something that just looks regal while sipping hot buttered rum
(that I can do!). Do we need a wet suit for the dive? Since I live near the
Pacific Coast, I'm sure we could pop over and borrow one. Where should I wait
for you, Di? I think it worked out OK last year to be atop Portland's Christmas
Tree downtown in Pioneer Square. Let me know if that's still convenient.

And, Julie, if we're to be sharing the ride with you, Buster requests some of
those knitted whisker warmers too (if you don't mind).

Can't wait for the time travel. I'd like to ask my gr-gr grandfather Kessell
what exactly happened to him when he stepped on shore in the US. Killed in a
bar room brawl, is the family story. Oh yeah - so where did they bury you!!
And where the heck it was that you landed too!

See you all at Lands End. Merry Christmas to everyone from Portland, Oregon

Bonnie and "The Queen" (no, not THAT one:-)

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