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From: "Bob Hocking" <>
Subject: [CON] The Flemish in Cornwall
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 12:00:45 -0800

I have enjoyed Sandra's discussion of the term "farmer" and how it should be
interpreted in the Cornish context. Of particular interest was the mention
of the Flemish immigrants from the Lowlands of Belgium and Holland, the
Netherlands. This may be an answer to a puzzle I've encountered in trying to
find the origin of my family surname,"Hockin" (the 'g' was a later
addition). I always assumed that it was a Cornish name of Celtic origin but
it has no Cornish meaning. Other sources have indicated it might indeed be
of Flemish origin. When did these Flemish people come from the Lowlands and
does this mean I could have Flemish genes mixed with my Cornish genes?

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