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From: "Reg Paine" <>
Subject: Re: [CON] Field Names: Feock and surrounds; from publication
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 19:27:23 -0000
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Talk about a coincidence!!

I've only today re-found (came across quite accidentally) two browning
pieces of well cellotape-damaged paper. I never looked at them closely
enough before to realise that they related to Feock.

One is a hand drawn plan with acreage, the other a receipt dated 1792.

The receipt is embossed 'two pence for receipt' and says: "Recd. October
1st 1792 of Mr Barry the sum of Seven Pounds ten shillings for one quarterly
rent due at Micalmas Wm Waddan"

The drawing is of ten fields (at least I presume they're fields), numbered 1
to 7, and 1 to 3. To the south boundary of the 7 is 'Feock Downs', to their
west 'Mr Sibbys (??), to the east 'Lane to Almshouses', and to the north a
gap, with the other 3 fields north of that, and beyond 'Moors', with a spear
of 'waste' between 2 and 3, ending at field 1. Within the south-east corner
of the '7' is a plot 'House & Gardens' (ie at the 'Feock Downs/Lane to
Almshouses' corner).

Fields 1 to 7 are recorded as Mr Barrat's, total 'tillable' 13 'a' (acres),
2 'r' (is this roods? 8 to the acre), nil 'p' (perche?? 40 to the 'r'?)
[feel free to shoot me down!!]; fields 1 to 3 are recorded as 'Treganonren's
(?????), 4 - 16. 'Total acres Custom.y., 17 2 16.

Someone, I suspect my grandfather, has pencilled onto the drawing something
like "Bo(illegible) 1789" "Mr Longyous'(???) Almshouses 1726", and 'John'
(identifying the 'Barrat')[born 2 October 1762, one of many ancestors!]

I should be grateful for any comments!!

Reg Paine

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