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From: "Joanne McLean" <>
Subject: Re: [CON] Johanna FRANCIS
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 19:20:36 -0400
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It sounds like you're just starting out on your research. Generally
speaking, your request would be impossible without the slightest indication
of where in Cornwall this event took place. There isn't a central record of
"Baptisms in Cornwall" are not recorded centrally where someone can just
look it up.

Have you looked at the IGI? Online at if you haven't. A
search of it for Johanna FRANCIS with this christening date shows that it
took place 23 September 23, 1838 in East Newlyn, Cornwall. Parents are
Thomas & Mary.

This is not necessarily the year she was born, so you will want to check the
census for East Newlyn in 1841 and see if the family is there, and obtain
her age.

The 1841 census of Cornwall is online in 2 places. The fastest one to get
this answer from is at
Searching it with surname of Francis and first name of "Jo*" aged 3 +/- 2
years in Cornall shows only one. Fortunately, the right one: "Joanna" as a 3
year old with Thomas & Mary in East Newlyn, along with 3 older siblings. In
this census, ages of those over 15 were supposed to have been rounded down
to the nearest 5 years, so age "35" could mean anywhere between 35 and 39.

Free BMD at has a birth listed of Johannah
FRANCIS in the September quarter of 1838, in the registration district of
St. Columb (which included Newlyn), Vol.9, p.57. Order her birth certificate
and get her parents' names (i.e. her mother's maiden name) that way.
Instructions for how to go about doing that can be found on the Free BMD

If you want to go further back, you will need to find the marriage of Thomas
& Mary (for their parents' names). This event was likely before civil
registration (1837), so you'll be back to parish records. Again, you can use
the IGI. There is a potential match on 3 Aug 1825 in East Newlyn of Thomas
FRANCIS and Mary STEPHENS. Once you have Johanna's birth certificate you'll
know if this is the right one. Then you can consult the film of the record
and verify the information. It's very likely that this is the correct
marriage, because as you will see when you check the census yourself, an
older STEVENS is with the FRANCIS family in the 1841 census.

You should also look for the family in the census - every 10 years,
gathering clues with each one. This will let you perform the same exercise
to find the birth/christening information for Thomas & Mary's parents, their
marriages, and so on and so on.

For the 1841, 1851 and 1891 census of East Newlyn, see the Cornwall online
census project at:

The 1881 census is at
The 1871 census of Cornwall is available at
The 1901 census is available at

Make sure that you always consider alternate spellings, and remember that
you might have to be flexible with ages and birth years - our old folks
certainly were flexible!

Good luck in your research.

Toronto, Canada

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Subject: [CON] Johanna FRANCIS

> Would someone kindly look up the baptism for Johanna FRANCIS on 23 Sept.
1838? I would appreciate knowing who her parents were. Thanks so much.
> Dottie in Calif.
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