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Subject: Re: [CON] That cat Buster - Christmas party 2004
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 17:08:30 EST

In a message dated 12/11/04 12:49:17 PM Pacific Standard Time,
That cat of indeterminate gender named Buster. The parrots want to know
if it wearing a feather boa under its red collar
No, Lorna, tell the parrots not to worry, no feather boa for Buster. In the
past, she had tried to make one for herself by catching as many birds as she
could, but found it was hard to get a matched set. And as she considers
herself "The Queen of Everything", only perfection will do. So she has decided to
stick with her red collar and "pure gold" bell. (I have refused the request
for a diamond tiara).

Well, we're still atop the Christmas Tree waiting for Crown Princess Fran and
the ghost horse. I'm sure they'll be along soon. (Oops, Buster just clawed
one of the big fir trees we're balancing - be careful of splinters when you
tie on the hammocks).

Oh, there she is! Fran, Fran, over here!!! Wheeeee, here we go -- see you
all soon.

Her Peerless Piety, Bonnie in Portland, Oregon

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