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Subject: [CON] Party 2004
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 04:51:24 -0500

Tap, tap ... Listen up you orchestra members - a most excellent practice
for the Grand Ball. You are dismissed - go party all, but you better be
up on both feet, instead of flat on your back, come the Finale.
Lorna and pets, Percy the Parrot, Stony Crows and Gannel Crake - Sorry
me fine feathered friends, and some not so finely feathered, but this
one is for Buster, Thomas the British blue, Anakin, Mousehole cat,
Cleopatra and Woonie Gumpus at the lead. The following is taken from
Laurie Loughlin's petite book "Catmas Carols", c1993.... (Thank you
Laurie Loughlin for your keen sense of cat humor.)

Wreck the Halls (tune of Deck the Halls)

"Wreck the halls with two cats running,
Fur goes flying, lamps get done in,
Tumbling swiftly down the stairway,
Woe to those who get in their way,"

O! Little Town of Cat Mayhem (tune of O! Little Town of Bethlehem)

"O! Little town of Cat Mayhem,
What mischiefs among you lie?
They look angelic in their sleep,
But there's nothing they won't try.
And in the dark night shineth
Alert, translucent eyes
As they attack the Christmas stockings
Carrying off the prize."

Happy Hunting
Rita Bone Kopp,
OPC for St Stephen In Brannel

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