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Subject: Re: [CON] White Rose lyrics
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:28:54 +0100
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Hi Kathy,
That's one version I found , here is another version

The first time I met you, my darling
Your face was as fair as the rose,
But now your dear face has grown paler
As pale as the lily white rose.

I love the White rose in it's splendour
I love the White Rose in it's bloom
I love the White Rose so fare as she grows.
It's the rose that reminds me of you.

You're as fair as the spring, oh my darling
Your face shines so bright, so divine
The fairest of blooms in my garden
Oh lily white rose, you are mine

Now I am alone, my sweet darling,
I walk through the garden and weep,
But spring will return with your presence
Oh lily white rose, mine to keep

I still think that there are other verses somewhere.
I tried to listen to a version on Brian Jelberts webpage
If you have realplayer you can listen to White rose by clicking the link

the verse that I cant quite make out goes something like

-------------so quickly, my darling
Each day grew more precious to me
as long may we grow close together
Oh lily white rose sing to me (sing to me)

Can anyone make out the missing words?

Thank again Phil
P.S. The song was read by Susan Rescorla at Ricks funeral

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