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From: "Barbara Prowse" <>
Subject: Fw: [CON] "Tremethick & Tremethick Cross"
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:48:10 +0100

Just back from Penzance. I've had another look on the maps given by GENUKI.
On the Victorian map it has "Tremethick", to the West of Tremethick Cross.
At the cross [ie crossroads] there is a Smithy and other buildings. I then
looked on the modern Magic map. Tremethick is now given as Tremethick Farm,
which is probably what it was then. St Just and nearby Sancreed being the
only places with churches, and Drift and Newbridge with Methodist chapels.
One or two other small "areas" like Grumbla, near Sancreed, which has about
5 houses. On my bus journey today I went from St Just to Penzance, turning
left at TC. for Tremethick Farm you'd turn right, further back coming from
to St Just. There are a few houses along this turning, including Parc an
Growes, which is on the map and still there. the Smithy at the crossroads is
no longer there. There's just a corner of the field, though there are houses
on two of the remaining corners.
It is one of the most dangerous roads in this area, and there have been
several fatal accidents in recent years, near or at the cross.

In a booklet which you may have found called A Handbook of Cornish Surnames
by G Pawley White, Tremethick - "From tre-medhek: homestead of doctor. Place
name Temethick, Madron." There is a holy well at Madron, so there may well
be an ancient connection.

So I guess your family was a farming family, whose ancestors gave their name
to the area where their farm was. I don't know enough about the area to know
if there was a Cornish Cross at the crossroads. There were loads of Celtic
crosses in this area. I wonder if it refers to the Caer Bran Cross, which is
near Sancreed. I know I'm going to have to investigate, unless someone knows
the answer.

Best wishes

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Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 10:52 AM
Subject: Re: [CON] "Tremethick & Tremethick Cross"

> If you look on the GENUKI website and go to Cornwall, look in the
> Gazeteer.
> You will find a number of map references. On the old maps look up
> Tremethgick and you can go to
> If you enlarge it you will see that Tremethick is slightly west of the
> Cross. No idea whether there are still houses there. There's certainly one
> of the old Estates in that area. My bus to Penzance goes via Tremethick
> Cross, I think, so I'll keep my eyes open!
> Barbara
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> Subject: [CON] "Tremethick & Tremethick Cross"
>> Hi all
>> In the Parish registers I see that people lived in Tremethick Cross, this
>> place I know my wife and I have been there a number of times and had
>> photos taken along with the town name sign. Some people in the registers
>> lived at Tremethick, can you tell me where Tremethick is or was located
>> and its relative position to Tremethick Cross. Is there any map on the
>> web
>> that shows both sites.
>> Regards
>> Don Tremethick
>> Wodonga, Victoria
>> Australia
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