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From: "Gina Francis" <>
Subject: Party 2005
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 08:20:36 +1100

Gee nobody warned us that Aligning Chakras takes a bit of time - Albert
can't see wot the fuss is about - why does a Puddin' wot's gunna be eaten
need it's CHAKRAS aligned for he moaned.... the chorus came back ..."So you
taste BETTER"

So there we Sam Sawnoff (Penguin) Barnacle Bill (Sailor with 7 Seas
Xperience) Bunyip Bluegum (Koala) & Moi (A Scilly Gibson) all meditating
trying to contact our Third Eyes without losing our higher & lower chakras
in the effort. Is there a group meditation available in the Chakra Field to
make this easier we wonder!

We do fear that without this alignment we won't successfully navigate the
mysteries of Trepanning.


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