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From: "Gloria Clarkson" <>
Subject: RE: [CON] Party 2005 MARS TRIP -Important CORRECTION!
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 13:17:46 +1100
In-Reply-To: <>

That's OK;= Been in the Dog and Bone too long, Corinne?--enjoy! it must
have been quite a shock to you in your half enebriated state!
I'll join you for a drink as soon as I get away from Luke Skywalker.
Gloria , escaped from Oz.

>From: Corinne Thompson <>
>Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 08:05:07 +1100
>Was still in a state of shock when I posted this ...... And although not
>completely "speechless" was certainly "garbling meaninglessly " ...... it
>should read "Gloria", not "Gina". So I will try again:
>This is an incredible spectacle!
>And now that I have recovered my wits, I will try to describe it for those
>who are not with us in Trepanning.
>As it comes in to land, the "Pyramid" has suddenly became ablaze with
>and hovers over Trepanning, lighting up the night sky and making
>visible for miles around.
>Can this be magic? Are we pixiated? Or have I drank too much?
>Now that we are directly underneath, looking up at it, I see that what had
>looked like a pyramid from a distance (clever disguise, Gloria) is a giant
>space ship which is starting to look strangely familiar ...... and what is
>that heavenly music?????? Is it Wagner? No, not quite! It seems to be
>various classical composers all rolled into one! It's John Williams'
>original score for "Star Wars"!!!!!!
>And as the doors are slid open by Obi-Wan Kenobi, I see Luke Skywalker and
>Princess Leia coming out to greet us!
>Oh, Gloria ....... this beats all surprises!!!!!! How did you manage to
>organise this??????
>Not only a trip to Mars!!!!!!! But to be taken there by Luke
>Corinne (speechless for once).
> >> And the surprise is that because i have to park it's huge size over 4
> >> dimensions in the caravan park; some pretty funny things will happen
> >> it.
> >> You can all come on board to hear the most heavenly music, do
>meditation; or
> >> join our trip to Mars! at the speed of light and back, after a brief
> >> there to get your impressions.- and send them back to us at Party 2005
> >> TRIP==place your bookings with the Maybe Travel Service, at Kanga's
>cabin in
> >> the caravan park.; and mark your subject Party 2005 MARS TRIP
> >>
> >> Corinne, here is your other surprise, Mark Anthony, looking as fit as
>he did
> >> when he made the movie; =Richard Burton.! Perhaps you would like to go
> >> him on a trip to Mars.- mindblowing?= he's not too much worse the wear
> >> being grabbed at by the mermaids.- i had to pull him back into the
> >> by his legs and feet, almost lost some articles of clothing, but I got
> >> away from the clutches of those mermaids.
> >>
> >> With those Mars Trips= sitting in the pyramid. = Kanga is looking
> >> to going to Mars; and will take you off as soon as you have a couple of
> >> people booked., others can grab a last minute seat if they find one
> >> available.
> >>
> >> We hope the Eden trip is back in time. They label the subject= Party
> >>
> >> Your "next day" is the Ball and Party, in the Off Centre Centre,
> >> that is for you; do you all have a partner or a witch? --Are you almost
> >> Albert? - with your witch? .does she still have a green face, like the
> >> witch in Wizard of Oz?
> >>
> >> We bought along McPelicans with us for last minute takeaways!--he'll
> >> around with the pelican from Storm Boy who is also coming.
> >>
> >> Greetings everyone!-- should I say 'earthlings'?
> >>
> >> Gloria was in Oz.
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