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From: Corinne Thompson <>
Subject: [CORNISH] The genealogy of others
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 20:58:38 +1100
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Hello Charani,

You wrote:
> Unfortunately there is very little that can be done. No crime has
> been committed because there are no laws that prohibit the uploading
> of any genealogical material, most of which is freely available to
> those who know where to look for it. That's certainly true in England
> and I would guess that it's true in Australia where you are.

Actually it isn't true in Australia. Our privacy laws are quite strict to
protect the living.

For example, I could not get my siblings birth or marriage certificates as
they are still alive ...... nor would I be able to get their death
certificates for some years after they died.

I can get my own parents certificates, but not those of their siblings
unless they have been dead for some time.

The only way to get that sort of info is from someone who already knows it,
or to prove that one is entitled to it (e.g. the person concerned or their

Even our BDM Indexes cut out early to protect people's privacy.

My adult daughter, who lives in the UK, asked me to get another copy of her
Victorian birth certificate, but I wasn't able to although the records show
that I am her mother ...... so she had to apply herself.

Kindest Regards ...... Corinne in Melbourne, Australia.
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