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Subject: Re: [CORNISH] West Briton, Friday, July 9th, 1841.
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 16:59:45 +0800
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Hi Andrew

Both Permewan and Jacka are dinky-di Cornish - from the West Penwith Area -
ie the hooked bit between Lands End and St.Ives.



Pat Banks
Perth Western Australia

CFHS 03548

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COCK Mullion, Cornwall
GEORGE Illogan and Townshend, Cornwall
OSBORNE St.Levan, Cornwall
POLGLASE Breage and Kerthenwood, Cornwall
MAGILL Co.Antrim

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On Friday, November 24, 2006, at 09:07 PM, Harris wrote (snip):

> . . . . Tremewan, Not Guilty. James Parsons was charges with a > former
> conviction. (Both spellings of Permewan and Tremewan are used. Not
> sure
> which is the correct one).

Permewan is an existing name (not sure which part of the UK it comes
from, but there was a well-known pastoral company in Australia called
Permewan Wright Limited); Tremewan, however, looks more Cornish!
> . . . Williams confessed taking the duck in company with the other
> prisoner,
> who also made a confession before the magistrate, which was proved by
> Benjamin BARRAGWANNA(?) the constable.

I know the name BARAGWANATH: there is a huge hospital in Johannesburg
of that name, which had such a brisk trade in D&D cases, especially on
Friday and Saturday nights, that at one time the US Military was
sending its field surgeons there for training in dealing with
battle-field trauma; and also the former Auditor General of the State
of Victoria was one Chez Baragwanath. I have been old it is a Cornish

The name JACKA also came up with a query after it. That name also is
well-known in Australia: the first Australian ever awarded the VC was
one Albert Jacka, who won it at Gallipoli, and subsequently got the MC
at Pozieres (though many thought he should have had a bar to his VC for
that action, which was even more daring than the one at Gallipoli).
Again, though his family was from England, I have not found which part
they came from.

Andrew Rodger

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