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Subject: [CORNISH] West Briton, Friday, July 16th, 1841.
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 14:29:50 -0000

West Briton, Friday, July 16th, 1841.

NEW ZEALAND - We are requested to call the attention of our readers to an
advertisement in another column respecting the establishment of a second
colony in New Zealand, on a plan somewhat different to that adopted in
forming the first, and possessing many advantages which no former system of
colonization ever offered.

LONDON UNIVERSITY - Mr. Joseph John FOX, son of Mr. Joseph Fox, surgeon,
of Falmouth, has been the successful candidate for the Botanical Medal of
University College, in this University.

CAMBORNE PETTY SESSIONS - On Thursday week, Mr. Samuel CARDOZO jun., was
charged at the Camborne petty sessions, with having, on the day of Lord
BOSCAWEN's entrance into Redruth, broken a quantity of glass in the windows
of Mr. R. BLEE, by pelting them from the window of his Lordship's committee
room. The offence was very clearly proved by several evidences, and the
defendant fined in the amount of damages and costs. For the defence, an
attempt was made to prove an alibi, and Mr. Henry CHIPMAN, one of the
committee, swore "distinctly" that the defendant was not in the committee
room during the evening on which the glass was broken; but as the defendant
had previously admitted his having been there, Mr. John GARBY, another
member of the committee, swore "distinctly" that the defendant was in the
room, but that deponent vigilantly watched his proceedings, and even while
engaged in writing a letter, never took his eyes off the defendant, and that
he could, therefore, distinctly swear that the defendant never threw
anything out of the window. It will not be necessary to report the
animadiversions(?) of the Bench on the depositions, as it is probable, we
understand, that the evidences will undergo revision at the next quarter

A person called Thomas BAWDEN was fined in the sum of £5 and costs, for
assaulting Eliza STICKLAND, of Copperhouse; and Daniel CLIFT, and William
COLLINS, were also fined £1 and 10s. respectively, with costs, for being
concerned in the same affair.

DARING OUTRAGE - On the night of Tuesday week, glass to the amount of
several pounds value was again broken in the shop window of Mr. BLEE,
Redruth. There is good reason to hope the offenders will meet with severer
punishment than they had reckoned for.

SERIOUS ACCIDENT - On Tuesday last, a man named Richard HAYCROFT,
razor-grinder, &c. of this town, and for many years occupying a space in
front of the Coinage-hall, met with a serious accident through the breaking
of a part of his lathe. It appears that the stone broke, and that a piece
of it struck him upon the forehead and entered his skull near the temples.
The poor fellow was immediately carried off to the infirmary, where we are
sorry to say, he still lies in great danger.

FATAL ACCIDENT - On Friday last, whilst a man called WEBSTER was at work
in a shaft at North Roskear mine, the "sollar"(?) gave way, and he was
precipitated to a depth of about 60 fathoms, where there was about 10
fathoms of water. The poor fellow must have received serious, if not fatal
injury, in his fall; and if he escaped with his life, must have been
drowned, as his body has not yet been found.

ANOTHER CHILD BURNT - On Sunday, the 4th instant a little girl, about five
years old, daughter of Mr. PAINE, of the Coast Guard, at Portloe, was
unfortunately burnt to death, by attempting to take a roasted potatoe from a

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