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From: "Albert Jenkin" <>
Subject: Re: [CORNISH] party 2006
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 17:40:31 -0500
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'tes party time for certain. iss, you, 'ere we go:
Albert Jenkin of Carwinnion Cottage in Pennsylvania will be going as his own
self, since there's no one else on this planet 'ee 'ad rather be.
He will be accompanied by his trusty ol' mate, Traveler the Wonder Dog, a
bob-tailed, cauliflower-eared Queensland Blue Heeler who is crewman on their
James Bond Inflatable Zodiac Commando Boat - the model with the staterooms
down below for hanky-panky and the fully stocked bar. It is now hidden
under a bridge up Manatawney Creek.
Also in the party will be Albert's new love, the Red-Haired Witch. Not a
green faced Wicked Witch. Think of Glinda the Good, only pocket sized.
Her wardrobe will change from moment to moment as her delightful whims
overtake her. The only constant will be she's gorgeous.
We shall be loading the James Bond Inflatable Zodiac Commando Boat the our
customary 5 mega-kegs of wondrous Pennsylvania brews from the now-defunct
Ortlieb's Sunnybrook Brew Pub. Since it closed, I plan to put their
facilities to proper use. Orders taken for favorite brews but I won't
forget the Porter.
The effort in past years to bring along some Chesapeake Bay soft-shelled
crabs caused problems as there was confusion over whether they were
comestibles or guests (cf: The Walrus and the Carpenter).
As ever, I shall be wearing my as yet unordered therefore undelivered
Cornish National Tartan kilt for the main social events. Mostly it will be
sea boots, jeans, flannel shirt, by old knit Guernsey sweater bought at the
Bosns Locker in Falmouth back in 1969 (honest, it refuses to wear out) and
my Breton fisherman's cap with the U S Merchant Marine badge pinned on the
Get to sign off, new. Traveler is after me to be fixin' our tea.
Look out, Cadgwith, 'ere we come!!
Albert Jenkin and Traveler the Wonder Dog

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