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From: "M Keith Abel" <>
Subject: Re: [CORNISH] Anyone there?
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 07:48:05 -0400
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By all means come along.

My wife makes a great potato salad.

Any one volunteer devilled eggs?

Kingston, Ontario

"sam2" wrote:>
> I think five would be the count now if I may be so
> bold as to invite myself. Any sugjestions on what I should bring?
> Sandy
> in Northern,Michigan
>> Make that four and I'll bring the Colonel chicken!
>> Dot
>> SW Oregon
>> "M Keith Abel" wrote
>>> Dear Janice and Shirley:
>>> It would appear that us three are holding the fort. What say we go on a
>>> picnic in this lovely July weather.
>>> Keith
>>> Kingston, Ontario
"J R D DENEY" wrote>>>
>>>> Vacation... but I'm here, I gues not much is going on. We go thru
>>>> these
>>>> quiet spells during summer.
>>>> Janice in Washington state

>>>>"Shirley" wrote:

Where has everyone gone?

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