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Subject: Re: [CORNISH] How Far? (Addendum)
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 14:02:53 -0400
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Mary Jo: I have done much more walking in the far west of Cornwall,
especially around Penzance/Newlyn amd Falmouth than anywhere else. Someday I
hope to fill in the parts of the cliff walk I haven't completed. The one odd
thing about Cornwall is that one ALWAYS seem to be walking UPHILL with the
exception of the cliff walk and the aforementioned walk along the shore from
Penzance. When one leaves a hotel and walks uphill, it is logical that the
way home will be downhill, right? But I have found it to be UPHILL again.
How is this done? With mirrors? Oh, yes, the road from Paul Church to
Mousehole IS actually downhill. Not quite ropes and pitons, but fairly

Those rickety buses that tie up behind the Penzance train station are more
reliable than they look/sound. I think it is exactly the same bus to
Mousehole that I took in 1951 on my first visit to Cornwall. It makes
turning corners into an art form. Carol in Maryland where hills go up AND

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How far is it from Newlyn to Penzance harbor? Is it walkable? I've just
read another Janie Bolitho Rose Trevelyan mystery, and they walk a lot in
those books. What would the road/walkway look like? From the cornwallcam
website, I see that there are very narrow lanes as roads for cars. Would
perhaps a person walking be taking life in hand?

Mary Jo in Oregon

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