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From: "Mike Kiernan" <>
Subject: Re: [CORNISH] BEARD family
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 09:14:08 -0000
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I have had a look around for your Dr. WILLIAM BEARD, but as his mining
career appears to have been in North America I have limited access to
mining journals to find out about his career (do not confuse the various
USA mining journals with those of UK - the titles tended to be the same.

You say your WILLIAM BEARD was active in Alaska and the following
article from The New York Times of October 16, 1898 is really exciting :

" Woman's Mission To Alaska.
Prof. Beard's Wife to Investigate the Cause of His Death.
San Francisco, Oct. 15 - The wife of the late Prof. William Beard of
Philadelphia, is in the city. She is preparing to start for a trip into
Alaska. Her husband was sent to the Klondike for the North Star Mining
Company of Philadelphia. It was reported that he perished in a
snow-slide on the Valdies glazier. His body was never recovered.
Mrs. Beard believes that he was murdered by his companions and she is
going to Alask to try and get the body as evidence against those she
believes to be his murderers."

Incidently, there was a JAMES THOM BEARD (1855-1941) who was a mining
academic in the USA. He published books for "Schools & Colleges"
including one on Ventilation in mines(1894) and another on gases in
mines (1908), both published in New York. But this is not your man.

I will keep an eye open for more about William, if you do find out more
then I would love to know more about the mysterious death!

Mike, Redruth.

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