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Subject: [CORNISH] Weekly Newspaper West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser 16June 1848.
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West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser. Friday 16th June, 1848.

H. M. Consul at Alexandria, is the son of Major General Sir W. R.

COAST GUARD - Lieutenant PEARSON, of the Pendeen station, has been
appointed to succeed Lieutenant M. MARTIN as chief officer of the St.
Ives Coast Guard Station, the latter officer having been superannuated.

ST. IVES PILCHARD FISHERY - The adventurers in the above fishery have
commenced their preparations for the ensuing season, although, owing to
the disturbed state of Italy the prospect of their meeting with a good
marked is rendered very gloomy.

ISLANDS - The “Brilliant” steamer afforded an opportunity on
Whit Monday, to parties desirous of visiting these interesting islands.
The weather being remarkably fine, the passengers were numerous. The
steamer on returning brought nearly one hundred bushels of early
potatoes for the London markets; the crops are very abundant; the
disease has appeared in some places, but not generally.

REGENT-HOUSE ACADEMY, PENZANCE - At the half yearly distribution of
prizes at this establishment, the following were the successful
competitors:- E. TONKING, Hayle, J. TONKING, Hayle; LEGGO, Sancreed;
ROCHE, Penzance; CROCKER, Penzance; HODGE, Gwinear; HARVEY,
Trelissick, St. Ert!

St. Keverne; T. EDMONDS, Penzance; C. BARNES; CORIN, Redruth;
BAZELEY, Copperhouse; ELLIS, Hayle; and VICTOR, Burley Grove. In the
junior class, NICHOLAS and BELLRINGER, obtained prizes.

EMIGRATION - On Friday last, between forty and fifty adults and
thirty children left Penzance in the “Lady de Samares?” steamer for
Plymouth, where they will embark on board the ship “Santipore,” for
Australia. There was a numerous assemblage to witness the departure of
the emigrants, who left in apparently good spirits, which were elevated
by the anticipations of good fortune in the land to which they are gone.

On Thursday last, the brig “Sandwich,” C!
apt. PEDDIE, of and from Cork,
with sixty-three emigrants, bound to Boston, United States, put into
Penzance, having bore up from the west. It appears that she became
very leaky, and made a foot of water per hour. She had discharged her
ballast, and will be hauled into the dry dock to-day to undergo repairs
and be sheathed. The emigrants are of the better class of Irish, and
full of life and glee, passing their evenings on board in dancing.

TRURO FRIENDLY SOCIETY - The annual meeting of this society took
place on Monday last, when the members walked in procession from St.
Mary’s school-room to the church, with banners and a band of music.
There was a larg!
e and respectable attendance, and the sermon was Apreached by the Rev. W. F. ADDISON. After divine service the club
walked in procession through the streets, and then dined in the market,
to the number of about 200, Dr. CARLYON in the chair, and Mr. H.
ANDREWS the secretary of the club, acting as vice-president. Various
toasts were drunk and speeches made, and it was stated that the past
year had been a favourable one for the society, the demands upon its
funds for sickness having been less than usual.

ST IVES ODD FELLOWS - On Monday last, the anniversary meeting of the
Odd Fellows of the Loyal Tregenna Lodge, was celebrated at St. Ives,
the regalia of the “Queen’s Own Lodge of Penzance being used on the 0
occasion. A procession was formed, which after perambulating the
streets, proceeded to Tregenna Castle, by permission. On returning,
the brethren went to Church, were an appropriate sermon was delivered
by the Rev. S. A. ELLIS, and in the afternoon the members of the lodge,
with several of their friends, partook of an excellent dinner at host
WASLEY’s, the chair being occupied by Mr. W. BARELEY.

ODD FELLOWS EXCURSION - The “Sir Francis Drake” steamer, left
Falmouth on Tuesday morning last, with a pleasure party, for an
excursion to Plymouth and back the following day, for 3s. 6d. the whole
passage. The vessel had a fine run to Plymouth; she was hired by 0the
Odd Fellows, about two hundred of whom were
on board, and much enjoyed
the excursion.

Truro court, on Friday last, there were fifty three cases entered, and
one new trial. In WILLIAMS v. BROKENSHIR, in which at the April
sitting, the plaintiff obtained a verdict against the defendant, a
wharfinger at Penryn, the Judge now refused a new trial on the merits
of the case, but without giving any opinion on the general question of
a wharfinger’s liability on the merchant for damage accruing to goods.

In GRIFFIN v. SIMMONS, an application was granted for a jury – the
first jury case in this district, while, we believe, there is not a D
district in the kingdom in which jury cases have not been heard.

In NICHOLLS v. MANLEY, in which at the May setting, a verdict was given
against defendant as agent of Bosvisack mine, an application for new
trial, made by Mr. CHILCOTT, on the ground of the non-liability of an
agent for work ordered by him as the known agent of the mine, was now

CHARLES TRUSCOTT, an insolvent, was brought up for examination, and was
opposed by Mr. HOCKIN and Mr. STOKES on behalf of different creditors.
It appeared that insolvent’s debts were GBP283. 7s. 4d., and his assets
GBP14. 14s. 5d. He stated that his embarrassments commenced about
November last, and that in December 20he gave a bill of sale of his stock
in tra
de and furniture to his father and other members of his family to
secure repayment of advances made by them from time to time since 1842.
Insolvent was married in February, and in March the bill of sale was
put in force and his goods sold by auction, that one of his brothers,
who was a creditor, purchased a considerable portion of the stock, and
took the business off the insolvent’s hands, employing the insolvent to
conduct it. It appeared also that insolvent sold part of his stock by
auction in December last. The court, strongly remarking on defendant’s
conduct, adjourned the petition for three months without protection.

The Judge took the occasion of a large num!
ber of persons being present,
to make some remarks on the custom of sending printed letters, headed
with the Royal Arms, and the title of the Small Debt Act, &c., &c.,
some of which, he understood, had been brought by the persons to whom
they were sent, to the Clerk’s office of this district. He intimated
an opinion, that the sending such letters might be considered as coming
within the 57th sec. of the Act, which makes it a felony in any one,
who shall act or profess to act, under the court; and although it was
but right and proper that a creditor should apply to his debtor, by
letter or otherwise, before he sued, still, to endeavour to give the
letter the app!
earance of a summons, could only be for the purpose20of
imposing on ignorant persons, and defrauding the court.

In the case of BENJAMIN PEARCE, statuary, the insolvent, obtained his
final order.

HELSTON POLICE - On Friday last, a girl called JANE WILLIAMS, alias
Miss DUCK, was committed to take her trial at the ensuing borough
session for stealing a sovereign from a person called WILLIAM SYMONS,
on the previous night. It appears that the parties had been enjoying
themselves together, and the girl had taken advantage of his being much

ANOTHER DARING ROBBERY NEAR ST. AUSTELL - Another daring robbery was
committed early on Sunday morning last, at the village of Carveth, near
St. Austell, at the house of 0Mr. RICHARD NETTLE, farmer. The thieves
entered the house by cutting out the dairy window which was formed of
wood work, and carried off six hams, averaging about thirty pounds
each, and all the bacon of a pig of eighteen score weight, besides
thirty pounds of lard, a large quantity of eggs, and some butter, with
the whole of which they got clear off. A search was made the same day,
and about seventy pounds of the meat were found at the house of JOHN
OSBORNE, a miner, living near the parish of Roche. There were also
found some sacks belonging to Mr. COOMBE, of the Town Mills, St.
Austell, which premises were broken into and robbed about a fortnight
since; also a g!
reat quantity of candles and other things supposed to20
have been stolen. The miner, Osborne, is not yet taken, nor is there a
clue to any other of the party.

ROBBERY AT TRURO - On Sunday night last, a storeroom belonging to
Mrs. PASCOE, grocer, Pydar Street, Truro, was broken into, and a
quantity of tobacco stolen therefrom. The thieves also removed part of
a partition between the passage of the house and the shop, with the
intention of gaining access to the latter, but they did not accomplish
their purpose, being disturbed, it is supposed, by a woman getting up
early to wash in the adjoining backlet.

ACCIDENT - A woman called RICHARDS, aged 72, fell over stairs at
Falmouth, on Monday evening, and broke her 0collar bone, but she is now
doing well.

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