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From: "Denis Edwards" <>
Subject: Re: [CORNISH] Christian Names and Political Correctness.
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 10:05:45 +1000
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hi Corinne,

I couldn't agree more - we are all part of a Christian CULTURE like it of

Denis Edwards
Who's prout of my heritage
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From: "Corinne Thompson" <>
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Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 9:18 AM
Subject: [CORNISH] Christian Names and Political Correctness.

> Hello All,
> One can carry political correctness too far - to the point that it is
> not correct.
> If we are talking about a child who was baptised into a Christian
> faith - as most of us are when doing our family history research -
> it is correct to use the term "Christian Names".
> Just as it is wrong to use "Christian Name" when one is referring to
> a non-Christian, it is equally wrong not to use "Christian Name" when
> referring to a person who was baptised a Christian.
> I use "Christian Name(s) in my family history, as so far I do have
> anyone who is a non-Christian - such times as I do, I will use the
> correct term for that person. But I am not going to re-write
> hundreds of years of my family's history.
> Were I to live in a non-Christian country, I would applies the
> customs of that country. Likewise when I visit those countries. But
> as I live in a country which was founded on Judaeo-Christian laws and
> customs and which is still predominantly Christian, I am getting a
> little sick of governments trying to make me use incorrect terms just
> to avoid upsetting someone else. So while in my own country, If I am
> not happy with something on a form, I cross it out and write in the
> correct word, or words.
> Kindest Regards ..... Corinne in Melbourne, Australia.
>> When the same Christian names are used in succeeding
>> generations, the researcher must be very careful. (Can we still say
>> "Christian names"? What would be the appropriate p.c. term? You
>> can't really
>> say "first name" because many children are known by their middle
>> names.)
>> We use 'forename'. There was an incident many years ago when a
>> person did
>> not complete the 'christian name' box in an official form in spite of
>> threats of legal action etc. He finally said that, as he was not a
>> Christian
>> but a (Hindu?) he didn't have a Christian name. Government forms were
>> amended promptly!
>> B
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