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From: Michael Lightfoot <>
Subject: Re: [CORNISH] Party 2009 - Wot time izzit?
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:34:04 +1100
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On Monday 14 December 2009 20:11:35 Jennie Towan wrote:

> OK I think I have done it, with one minor aberration - I'm using GMT now,
> found I could do that, but it seems to be an hour LATER than the clock I
> posted.

That is rather odd as GMT (now known as UTC - the Universal Time Constant) is
the time at 0 deg longitude (Greenwich, London) which should be the same time
as Cornwall in the winter. When the U.K. goes onto summer time then UTC is
one hour behind British Summer Time.

But scientists like myself will definitely go with UTC (GMT) as that is the
Universally accepted international time standard...

Michael Lightfoot
Canberra, Australia


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