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From: "Pat Banks" <>
Subject: Re: [CORNISH] Virtual Christmas Party 2010 & Shire Horses
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 09:28:59 +0800
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Hullo Albert

I'd love to have copies of the shire horse photos, please. We mainly have
the other type here, (Clydesdales, but not nearly so big or so 'ansom). A
few years ago, a local entrepreneur temporarily bought the local brewery and
imported a team of shires to pull the wagon loaded with beer barrels. They
were an awesome sight in Parades and at the Royal Show. They were
eventually retired to a farm down south and, a few years later, the lady who
had helped raise them in England, came out for a visit. As soon as she
entered the paddock they turned and ran towards her as if they remembered
her! Brought tears to the eyes!!

Thanks Albert me 'amsom


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Subject: Re: [CORNISH] Virtual Christmas Party 2010 & Shire Horses

Rootsweb hasn't allowed sending attachments in the past, not sure I can now.
Anyone wanting copy of the shire horse photo and the wagon photo, please
contact me off-list. Happy to share them. Maybe someone can give me the
name of Grandfather's mill hand in the pictures.

Albert Jenkin

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> Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 10:24:49 +0800
> Subject: Re: [CORNISH] Virtual Christmas Party 2010
> Hullo Albert
> Any chance of sending us a picture of those two shire horses my 'ansum? My
> favourite horse if ever there was one, so tall and powerful yet so gentle.
> I've come over all teary-eyed that they should become a dying breed.
> Happy New Year
> Pat
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> Boyd -
> It's due to the proximity. Lowertown is in Sithney Parish, not part of
> Helston but served by Helston PO. Lowertown residents weren't part of
> Day dancing although some would participate in early morning and late
> afternoon dances. And of course the Hal-An-Tow. Uncle Ronnie told me
> there used to be an ogre in the Hal-An-Tow, with a mud-daubed basket for
> ogre face. This goes back I think to before the Old Cornwall Society took
> a hand and converted it from a "drunken revel".
> When the Helston boys went around the parish limits "beating the bounds",
> Sithney Parish boys watched them carefully and trounced anyone stepping
> across the line.
> An old friend of my father wrote a short booklet about Lowertown in which
> mentioned Mr. Jenkin of Anvower Mill fixing up the wagon and team for a
> temperance parade. I have a photo of that wagon, with the ladies in their
> proper Edwardian white blouses and Temperance Union sashes. The horses
> a pair of black Shires, towering over Grandfather Jenkin, his helper and
> two young sons. Hitched in tandem because they'd have been wider than any
> road thereabout hitched side-by-side.
> If you are researching Lowertown and family there, look for Sithney Parish
> records. And a happy holiday to you.
> Albert Jenkin of Anvower Mill
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