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Subject: Re: [CORNISH] party 2011
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 09:32:49 +1100
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Always love a party. I have a family of kangaroos here from Burra that say
they are Cornish and want to come. They are keen to meet the Cornish
reindeer whom they think may be descended from their long lost Cousin Jack.
I am having a little trouble with their family tree and cant find them in
the census, but they definitely have a Cornish lilt to their hopping and
like pasties with their Coke.

We also have a couple of Cornish leaders here who are rumoured to be just as
tricky as other Cornish politicians. Anna Bligh the premier of Queensland
says she is surprised to hear uncle Bill is still around, thought he died of
the drink years ago , but she supposes if he could survive a 4000 mile
journey in an open boat a little rum wouldnt hurt him. Bob Hawke our popular
Labor PM says he is too busy enjoying his Vaucluse mansion and his beautiful
wife, but his uncle the WA Premier would probably come if he wasnt dead and
might anyway.

Actually there are 745 000 of us here and are you sure you can handle the
catering if we all come? Cornwall only has a population of 537 000 but if we
sleep three to a bed we'll all fit.

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Greetings to all who open this email.
All I learned about life, I learned in Kindergarten

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