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Subject: [CORYELL] DNA proves Emanuel and David Coryell were related
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 22:11:38 -0000

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Noted Coryell family genealogists Ingham Coryell, N. Burr Coryell, and Dallas Lee Coryell concluded that the progenitor of the Coryell family in the USA is one Abraham Coryell, whose earliest documented appearance occurred in 1702 when he registered his cattle mark in Middlesex County, NJ. Abraham is supposed to have had four sons: Emanuel (d. 1749), David (1704-1779), Abraham Jr., and Samuel (d. 1760). N. Burr Coryell proposed that it should be the goal of every Coryell to tie into one of these four lines.

The best piece of traditional paper documentation in support of these relationships is the will of Samuel Coryell, which indicates Samuel and David were brothers. The rest of the conclusion--that Emanuel and Abraham Jr. were also their brothers and that Abraham Sr. was father of all four--is the best educated guess of Ingham Coryell, largely based on the geographic proximities of these men and onomastics. Today most Coryells accept the relationships as "fact."

Were the four men really brothers? Was Abraham really their father?

Recently, direct descendants of Emanuel and David completed 37 marker y-chromosome DNA tests with Family Tree DNA. The result: Mr. Coryell matched Mr. Coriell on 35 out of 37 markers. They differed at markers CDYa and CDYb, which are known to have fast rates of mutation.


1. Mr. Coryell and Mr. Coriell share a common ancestor.
2. Both of their documented lines are valid (i.e., no adoptions or other false paternities occurred in either line all the way back to the common ancestor).
3. The claim that Emanuel and David were brothers is supported by DNA science.
4. The haplotype of the common ancestor is known for 35 markers.
5. Abraham Coryell is the only man ever proposed to be the father of Emanuel and David. These tests provided no reason to doubt that conclusion.
6. The haplogroup of the common ancestor--as defined by the 2008 nomenclature of Family Tree DNA--is predicted to be E1b1b1. An additional test will be required to confirm that.

Thus, for the first time ever, we know something definite about the DNA of Abraham Coryell. What next?

1. Coryell male descendants of Samuel and Abraham Jr. are needed to test. (Are there any known descendants of Abraham Jr.? Or, has that line died out?). Predicted result: they will match Emanuel/David.

2. Any Coryell male who can't connect with progenitor Abraham through traditional paper documentation is encouraged to test. If you match the Emanuel/David results, then you are genetically related to them. If you don't match, an adoption or other false paternity likely occurred in your line. You now have the opportunity to learn something definite about your Coryell genealogy.

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