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This is just a tease of a tree I received the other day. And it keeps going on
down the line with sources.


Descendants of William Dixon of London

Generation No. 1

1. William Dixon of1 London (Source: Some info submitted by Bob Beauchamp, a
descendant..) was born Abt. 1600 in London, England (Source: Ghotes Digest
Vol.4 No.15. Source for children with the exception of Ambrose.). He married
Katherine Berkeley, daughter of Thomas Berkly and Jane Felton.

Notes for William Dixon of London:
William Dixon, Sr. was an immigrant to Virginia in 1635 in Accomack County,
Virginia. Source: Ghotes Digest Vol.4 No. 15.

Notes for Katherine Berkeley:
Daughter of Thomas and Jane (Joan) "Felton" Berkley.

Children of William London and Katherine Berkeley are:
2. i. AMBROSE2 DIXON, b. London, England; d. April 12, 1687, Annamessex,
Somerset Co., Maryland.
ii. WILLIAM DIXON, b. Abt. 1625, London, England.

iii. ALICE DIXON, b. Abt. 1625, London, England.

iv. CATHERINE DIXON, b. Abt. 1625, London, England.

v. THOMAS DIXON, b. Abt. 1625, London, England.

vi. JOHN DIXON, b. Abt. 1625, London, England.

Generation No. 2

2. Ambrose2 Dixon (William Dixon of1 London) (Source: A Family History -
Wright-Lewis-Moore & Connected Families by John Wright Boyd, pg. 43-47.) was
born in London, England, and died April 12, 1687 in Annamessex, Somerset Co.,
Maryland. He married Mary Wilson Paddington.

Notes for Ambrose Dixon:
Source for the following information was pages photo copied from a book
sent to
me by another Beauchamp/Dixon researcher, the name of the book is unknown:
Ambrose was transported to Virginia by Richard Bayly, of Northampton County in
1649 and bacame a resident. In 1652, his wife Mary, was transported into the
colony of Virginia by himself and Stephen Horsey, of Northampton County.
Because of his religion, Quakerism, Ambrose left Northampton County,
along with Stephen Horsey and others and migrated to Maryland before January
1661/2. They came to the settlement at Annemessex on the lower Eastern
Shore of
Maryland. Ambrose made his home on "Dixon's Choice, on the south side of the
Great Annemessex River, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (in later years
Somerset County) with his land adjoining Stephen Horsey's Plantation,
"Colebourne", and was the center for Quaker activities in this area at the
time of its settlement. During the course of his life he amassed a large
property in Somerset County in fertile land and several negros. He spent his
time devoted to farming and his religious interests. For years, "Dixon's
remained in the Dixon family and in the graveyard, where he lies to rest, many
generations of the Dixon connection have been buried. The graveyard is located
about a mile west of Marion P.O., in Somerset County.

More About Ambrose Dixon:
Burial: Family Graveyard located on "Dixie's Choice" (about a mile west of
Marion P.O.)

Notes for Edmund Beauchamp:
Edmund migrated to America in the mid-1600's and was one of the "first
settlers" of an area called Annamessey, in Maryland. In August, 1666, Somerset
Co. was erected, which included the Annamessey area and Edmund was the first
clerk of the county. Source: "A Family History - Wright-Lewis-Moore- &
Connected Families" by John Wright Boyd.
Notes submitted by Linda Blow Beauchamp: There is an article in the D.A.R.
Magazine, April 1932, titled "Edmund Beauchamp of Maryland" see Mary Turpin
1668/06/01-Liber in Somerset County Records m to Sarah Dixon by Stephen
1671/07/08 LIV registered cattle mark.
1673/10/27 Maryland Calendar of Wills, compiled by Jane Baldwin Cotton -
witn/w James Jones.
1675/03/11 Somerset Judicial Records- November 9, 1674- September 11, 1677 as
contained in Deed Liber L2- Clerk of the Court.
1675/03/25 Maryland Calendar of Wills, compiled by Jane Baldwin Cotton-witn/w
William Morgan.
1675/08/01 Maryland Calendar of Wills, compiled by Jane Baldwin Cotton-witn/w
Stephen Barnes.
1683/11/13 Somerset Judicial Records November 13, 1683 - March 11, 1683/4
in L2.
1686/04/07 Maryland Calendar of Wills, compiled by Jane Baldwin Cotton -
ment/w Ambrose Dixon as s-in-law.
1689/11/28 signed Advice of Loyalty form. Somerset inhabitats to William and
Mary on the occasion of their accession to the throne of England as quoted by
Torrence in Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
The following notes were submitted by Gary Hawley:
"That he was the son of John Beauchamp, merchant of London, is clear, first,
because of his mention in John Beauchamp's Herald's Visitation statement;
secondly the list of John Beauchamp's children in parish records; and thirdly,
the fact that one of John Beauchamp's daughters married a Doggett and that one
of Edmund Beauchamp's sons was named Doggett Beauchamp, apparently for his

Edmund Beauchamp in his will speaks of himself as "weaver, of London." He was
in Maryland by 1665 since in that year he assigned fifty acres of land to
William Smith*. He was sent to Somerset County, Maryland, by Gov. Charles
Calvert in the spring of 1666 as a person well qualified to exercise the
of clerk of court for the entire Eastern Shore, but on August 22, 1666,
Somerset Co., was established and from that time with the exception of a few
months, he was clerk of Somerset Co. until his death in 1691.

The author of "The Beauchamp Family", Stith Thompson, has seen the records
which he made and was in full agreement with Clayton Torrence, author of "Old
Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland", [pg. 333]. "Anyone who has
occasion to make careful study and investigation of the records of Somerset
Court from its beginning throughout Beauchamp's years of service as clerk will
fully realize the care and thought which this early worthy bestowed upon the
duties of his office. A more splendidly kept set of records of court
proceedings and deeds cannot, we believe, be found elsewhere during the early
colonial period. He was a veritable master of his craft."

On June 30th, 1668, just after Edmund's marriage, he purchased 300 acres of
land called "Contention" lying at the head of the Great Annemessix River [see
Archives of Maryland, Vol. 54]. In Oct., 1669, he conveyed this land to his
wife "Sarah Beachamp, alias Dixon, daughter of Ambrose and Mary Dixon."
"Contention" was the home of the Beauchamps for more than a century.

Edmund Beauchamp was a member of the Church of England, and his wife and three
of their children were among the first to be baptized into that church in
Somerset County. This happened in 1671, 1674, and 1677.

The record of Edmund Beauchamp's children appears in the parish records of
Coventry Parish church and also in the Somerset County court record book IKL.
The same list appears in his will. His will was not recorded in the Register
of Wills Office at Princess Ann, but was found in an unused alcove of the
courthouse there by Mrs. Layton of Washington, D.C. Abstract of will follows:

"I, Edmund Beauchamp, weaver of London, and at present writing clerk of the
county court of Somerset County.
To wife Sarah, the land where she now dwells during natural life or
widowhood, land lying between land of son Thomas, bounds of land of son John.
Also household furniture, etc.
To son Thomas Beauchamp, personality.
To son Edmund, part of my land called "Contention," [50 acres] beginning at
the corner tree of son Thomas' land by conveyance made over to him by myself
and wife, etc.
To son Edmund, personality.
To Patience Beauchamp, twelve pounds sterling to be paid her at age or
day of
Balance of estate to be equally divided between my son Thomas Beauchamp, my
son Edmund Beauchamp, my daughter Alice Beauchamp, my son John Beauchamp, my
son Doggett Beauchamp, my son Edward Beauchamp, and my son Robert Beauchamp.
Dated 10 April, 1691."

Text taken from The Filson Club Quarterly, Vol. 28 No. 2 which contained The
Beauchamp Family written by Stitch Thompson.

* Edmund proved his right to 50 ac. of land for having transported himself
from England to Maryland. Apparently the same 50 ac. he assigned to William
Smith in 1665. [Ref.: Family Tree Maker's Family Archives, Vol. I, pedigree #

More About Edmund Beauchamp:
Baptism: April 1932, For good discussion of Edmd., see Mary Turpin Layton's
"Edmund Beauchamp of Md."
Burial: April 1932, Published in the D.A.R. Magazine. (Source: The Filson Club
History Quarterly, Vol. 28., No. 2.)
Miscellaneous: Buried in St. John's Parish in Somerset, Annexessex, Md.
(Source: LDS Ancestral File)

Children of Sarah Dixon and Edmund Beauchamp are:

ii. WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP, b. 1687, Somerset Co., Maryland; d. 1688-1777,
Co., MD.

iii. PATIENCE BEAUCHAMP, b. 1669, Somerset Co., Maryland; d. 1651-1756
WFT Vol. I Pedigree # 337.).

4. iv. THOMAS BEAUCHAMP, b. December 26, 1670, Contention Plantation,
Anamessex, Somerset, Co., Maryland; d. Abt. 1716, Somerset Co., Maryland.
v. ALICE BEAUCHAMP, b. May 17, 1674, Contention Plantation Somerset Co.,

Note submitted by Linda Blow Beauchamp:
Beauchamp, Alce 1680/05/01 LIV registered cattle mark.
Beauchamp, Alie b to Edmund & Sarah - 1674/05/13 - Liber in Somerset County,
Maryland Records..

5. vi. EDMUND BEAUCHAMP, b. June 24, 1676, Contention Plantation, Somerset
Maryland; d. 1733, Anamessex, Somerset Co., Md..
6. vii. JOHN BEAUCHAMP, b. April 01, 1679, Annamessex,Somerset Co., Maryland;
d. 1725, Dorchester Co., Maryland.
7. viii. DOGGETT BEAUCHAMP, b. July 15, 1681, Annamessex, Somerset Co.,
Maryland; d. 1716, Somerset Co., Md..
8. ix. ROBERT BEAUCHAMP, b. 1685, Contention, Somerset Co., Maryland; d. Abt.
1744, Dorchester Co. MD..
9. x. EDWARD BEAUCHAMP, b. Abt. 1683, Contention,Somerset Co., Maryland; d.
August 29, 1750, Maryland.
xi. ALICE BEAUCHAMP, b. May 13, 1674, Anamessex, S, Md..

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