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From: "Couch, Robert H. " <>
Subject: Re: [COUCH] American Indian Couch family
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 17:25:47 -0600

It is certainly possible that the name Couch was once spelled Crouch. I
have seen evidence of one Thomas Crouch in Jamestown, VA as early as 1623.
I have other evidence of the Thomas Crouch. Once uponn a time I saw this
same gentleman reffered to as Thomas Couch. Yet, there is also a well
established line spelled Crouch and one spelled Couch. I have never found
any individual that was spelled one way and later changed to the other way
of spelling.
>Subject: Re: [COUCH] American Indian Couch family
>Date: Mon, Jul 29, 2002, 11:38 AM

>Regarding your messages below I have a couple of questions. Do you know if
>your COUCH family is ever thought to have been spelled with an R as in
>I descend from a Samuel CROUCH in Richmond County, North Carolina who was
>born in abt. 1780 and his 2 wives were named Sarah and Abigail through Sarah
>and Samuel CROUCH's daughter, Susan CROUCH, born: abt. 1815 in Richmond
>County, North Carolina, who married probably as the 2nd wife of John M.
>SLAUGHTER, born: abt. 1795 in Richmond County, North Carolina, son of Mary
>McDONALD and husband, (Rev.) Owen (2) SLAUGHTER, son of Owen (1) SLAUGHTER
>and wife, Mary Elizabeth BOLTON, born: abt. 1741 in Nansemond Co., VA.
>In addition, the name ADAIR married into the LIGHTFOOT family of Nancy
>LIGHTFOOT and her sister, Dorcas LIGHTFOOT, who married DUNCAN and ADAIR men
>if my memory is serving me correctly. This Cherokee LIGHTFOOT family is said
>to have been descended from a (Captain) or (Chief) John LIGHTFOOT, depending
>on whose information that you read,) and while many say that the family was
>of 100% Cherokee lineage it appears most probable that this John LIGHTFOOT
>could have been a descendant of the (Captain) John LIGHTFOOT who immigrated
>from England in abt. 1670 along with his brother, Philip LIGHTFOOT, who
>became known as (Colonel) Philip LIGHTFOOT, to Virginia. They were sons of
>John LIGHTFOOT and wife, Elizabeth PHILLIPS, of London, England. (Captain)
>John LIGHTFOOT was a member of the Royal Navy as a sea Captain and after
>starting at least one family in Virginia he died somewhere in or near
>Surinam(e) in the West Indies in the Caribbean.
>I don't know if your COUCH and ADAIR people in any way connect with this
>CROUCH and ADAIR/DUNCAN/LIGHTFOOT information but it might assist you.
>Bellinda Myrick - Barnett
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>> Alfred Fatica,
>> I see from my book that you are the person who provided me with the
>> information on T. Samuel Couch and Nancy Ellen Adair and their daughter
>> Sarah Ellen Couch and Sara's son William Walker Milam.
>> Thanks. For a bit I thought I had discoverd a brand new source of Couch
>> information. Do you now have the children of Wlliam Walker Milam and Maude
>> Irene McSpaddenr's two children?
>> Bob Couch
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>> >From: "Alfred Fatica" <>
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>> >Subject: [COUCH] American Indian Couch family
>> >Date: Sun, Aug 5, 2001, 6:18 PM
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>> >I know of at least one Couch family of Cherokee blood. Samuel Mitchell
>> >Couch, son of John Couch and Mary "Polly" George, married a mixed blood
>> >Cherokee named Nancy Ellen Adair. Nancy was the daughter of Benjamin
>> >Franklin Adair and a mixed blood Cherokee named Eliza Martin, who was the
>> >daughter of Judge John Martin, a famous Cherokee.
>> >This branch of the Couch family as part of the early Cherokee settlers who
>> >came west before the Trail of Tears. I have a listing of some of the
>> >Rolls, indicating Indian blood. If anyone has specific names, I would be
>> >happy to look them up.

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