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From: "Danny Couch" <>
Subject: Re: [COUCH] American Indian Couch family
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 20:46:36 -0400
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Hi Bellinda,

There are two theories on Couch/Crouch. The first is that there is a
connection based on illiteracy and phonetics. The Crouch's in northeastern
Tennessee were descended from a William Couch/Coutch/Crouch whose living
children exhausted all spellings of his surname in a futile attempt to
collect his Revolutionary War pension in 1836. That line, for the most
part, goes by Crouch to this day. The famous music producer in Nashville,
whose last name is Crouch (his first name escapes me right now...) is from
that line Also, some Couch researchers speculate that Couch was often
pronounced Crouch, like Chicargo for Chicago and stuck.
The second theory is that there is no connection whatsoever. In regard
your Crouch's, that may be the case. Although there were many Couch's in
North Carolina in the 1700's and 1800's, there were none in Richmond County
area, which borders the South Carolina line. Richmond County was cut from
Anson County in 1779. Richmond and Anson are heavily Scotch-Irish, and the
surnames Adair and McSpadden/McFadden are numerous there. The Couch's are
almost exclusively English. Hope this helps.
P. S. is your Barnett line any connection to the Barnetts on the North
Carolina Outer Banks/ Dare, Hyde or Carteret Counties? Let me know. Danny
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> Hello,
> Regarding your messages below I have a couple of questions. Do you know
> your COUCH family is ever thought to have been spelled with an R as in
> I descend from a Samuel CROUCH in Richmond County, North Carolina who was
> born in abt. 1780 and his 2 wives were named Sarah and Abigail through
> and Samuel CROUCH's daughter, Susan CROUCH, born: abt. 1815 in Richmond
> County, North Carolina, who married probably as the 2nd wife of John M.
> SLAUGHTER, born: abt. 1795 in Richmond County, North Carolina, son of
> McDONALD and husband, (Rev.) Owen (2) SLAUGHTER, son of Owen (1) SLAUGHTER
> and wife, Mary Elizabeth BOLTON, born: abt. 1741 in Nansemond Co., VA.
> In addition, the name ADAIR married into the LIGHTFOOT family of Nancy
> LIGHTFOOT and her sister, Dorcas LIGHTFOOT, who married DUNCAN and ADAIR
> if my memory is serving me correctly. This Cherokee LIGHTFOOT family is
> to have been descended from a (Captain) or (Chief) John LIGHTFOOT,
> on whose information that you read,) and while many say that the family
> of 100% Cherokee lineage it appears most probable that this John LIGHTFOOT
> could have been a descendant of the (Captain) John LIGHTFOOT who
> from England in abt. 1670 along with his brother, Philip LIGHTFOOT, who
> became known as (Colonel) Philip LIGHTFOOT, to Virginia. They were sons
> John LIGHTFOOT and wife, Elizabeth PHILLIPS, of London, England.
> John LIGHTFOOT was a member of the Royal Navy as a sea Captain and after
> starting at least one family in Virginia he died somewhere in or near
> Surinam(e) in the West Indies in the Caribbean.
> I don't know if your COUCH and ADAIR people in any way connect with this
> CROUCH and ADAIR/DUNCAN/LIGHTFOOT information but it might assist you.
> Sincerely,
> Bellinda Myrick - Barnett
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> > Alfred Fatica,
> >
> > I see from my book that you are the person who provided me with the
> > information on T. Samuel Couch and Nancy Ellen Adair and their daughter
> > Sarah Ellen Couch and Sara's son William Walker Milam.
> >
> > Thanks. For a bit I thought I had discoverd a brand new source of Couch
> > information. Do you now have the children of Wlliam Walker Milam and
> > Irene McSpaddenr's two children?
> >
> > Bob Couch
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> > >From: "Alfred Fatica" <>
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> > >Subject: [COUCH] American Indian Couch family
> > >Date: Sun, Aug 5, 2001, 6:18 PM
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> >
> > >I know of at least one Couch family of Cherokee blood. Samuel Mitchell
> > >Couch, son of John Couch and Mary "Polly" George, married a mixed blood
> > >Cherokee named Nancy Ellen Adair. Nancy was the daughter of Benjamin
> > >Franklin Adair and a mixed blood Cherokee named Eliza Martin, who was
> > >daughter of Judge John Martin, a famous Cherokee.
> > >This branch of the Couch family as part of the early Cherokee settlers
> >
> > >came west before the Trail of Tears. I have a listing of some of the
> > >Rolls, indicating Indian blood. If anyone has specific names, I would
> > >happy to look them up.

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