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From: "WindWalker" <>
Subject: [COUCH] Cross CHECk any info from JP carefully !
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 22:39:10 -0400
References: <000b01c2376f$514b92c0$d7eeffcc@ab4rx>

Im sending this to a few of you.And cross posting
to the Couch Board . So note that:::
I asked for JP,s help again on qustion of my line
Again he has copped a severe attitude problem as he has
on the Couch boards
Be advised no one is to question him on any subject.
He info On my line is so far incorrect its funny.I know others that he has refused info
to on the Couch line...
I removed myself form the Couch rootsweb board, when he was the moderator
as he was having extreme problems with other people and queryies
One of the major problems in lining out my line is everyone takes JP,s filesas total
thereby messing up later research. I advise any one to fully CHECK and question any files
he may present full or in part.
My first query to him in 1999, was returned that my line never existed.
As one can tell Im highly ticked of his attitude problem, When Im trying deeply to find my CORRECT LINE !
No wonder he was removed as rootsweb Couch Moderator, for the flame and attitude set forth in this reply.
In closing check fully any info you may recieve from him. Its not ALL CORRECT.

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On 7/29/02 at 10:17 PM JP Downard <> wrote:
I think I sent to her because of a couple of names matched two you were looking for. This is from the 1930 Forked Mouth Pct.
The URL is
Suggest you do your own research instead of questioning others that try to help you. JPD
838 Perennial Dr., Louisville, KY 40217 502-635-5304


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