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Subject: Re: [COUCH] Couch Cemeteries
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 21:49:57 EST

I can shed some light on the Couch cemeteries that Daniel Kennedy
found in Russell County, Virginia. In tracing my heritage several years ago, I
was introduced to Vivian Evans who did extensive research on her Couch
heritage. She and Roy organized and conducted 3 or 4 Couch reunions in
Russell County. I was privileged to attend a couple of these gatherings. On one
of these trips, I was taken to a couple of these gravesites.
There's actually two cemeteries on the north side of the Clinch River.
The cemetery up on the hill behind an abandoned Couch homestead is fairly
large with a sizeable number of Couch grave sites. There's another very
small cemetery a little south of the house in a grove of trees where
Jeremiah, Sr and wife Agatha Gibson (a Melungeon) are buried. Jeremiah, Sr. was
my great-great-great grandfather. Vivian placed a rock grave marker on
these two grave sites. Someone told Vivian the exact location of these graves.
This person may have been the elderly black Couch lady that told Vivian a
lot of Jeremiah Couch history. I think there are a few other individuals
buried here as well. On the south side of the Clinch, is another Couch
cemetery I was told by Vivian which contained the grave site of her great-great
grandfather Jeremiah, Jr. She moved his grave marker to the largest of
the three cemeteries up on the hill above the house place on the north side
of river.
I was amazed the aerial photograph marked the site of the largest of
these cemeteries with a name.
I was glad to get this email information from Daniel.
Richard Couch; Tulsa,

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