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From: K Scott <>
Subject: [COUCH] Nancy (Maria?) Couch
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 12:03:21 -0800

while going through some documents this morning, i came across a
hand-written note pertaining to Nancy M Couch (m.Williams). there's no
indication of who wrote it (nor when), but it appears to be a draft for an
obituary or eulogy. i thought i would post the contents of that note here in
the hope that someone will find it helpful.

Nancy Couch Williams was my great-great-grandmother. several years ago i
noticed, in a portrait photo of her that she had pierced ears and wore small
metal (gold?) hoops in them. i don't know if that's significant in any way,
but the earrings have always intrigued me, especially since they're in such
contrast to her hair, which was pulled back so tightly i imagine it must
have been rather painful, and what little i can see of her clothing.

the note reads as follows:

*Nancy M. Couch was born Feb 13, 1851, in Wabash Co, Ill. Was married to
Lewis A. Williams April 22, 1869. Was raised under the influence of
Christian parents. [United**?] to the Christian Church in the year 1880. Has
lived a devoted Christian ever since. Will be sadly missed by both relatives
and friends. Her last words were, I am ready to go. Her age was 41yr 7mo 29


J Scott
WILLIAMS (Lewis Alexander, Martin Edward)

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