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From: "Philip Venable" <>
Subject: RE: Searching for parents of Samuel Cowan
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 11:01:14 -0700

I am searching for the parents of Sarah K. Cowan (b. 7 Oct 1821 in Tn; d. 20
Oct 1879 in Denton, Tx) Sarah married Leander Bennett Venable on 25 May
1843 in Henry Co, Tn. Have you come across Sarah and her family in your
research? I would be very interested in any information you may have
regarding her. Thanks. Please send info to my personal e-mail as well as
the group.

Phil Venable

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Subject:Searching for parents of Samuel Cowan

Trying to discover parents of Samuel Cowan and also interested in any
information at all about the Keith family.

Husband:Samuel COWAN

Birth:About 1775Place:Virginia
Death:About 1831Place:Mississippi Or Tennessee

Marriage:About 1800Place:Virginia, Alabama Or Tennessee

Wife:Sarah Margaret KEITH

Birth:About 1770/1775Place:Virginia
Death:About 1846Place:Titus County, Near Cookville, Texas
Father:Nichodemas KEITH Judge (1755-1831)
Mother:Margaret "Peggy" BORDEN (1755-1830)


1. M Child:William COWAN
Birth:About 1801Place:Knox County, Tennessee
Death:January 25, 1865Place:Tennessee
Burial:Place:Red Hill Cemetery, Whitewell, Tennessee
Spouse:Cynthia MORGAN
Marriage:December 8, 1822Place:Tennessee

2. M Child:Riley COWAN
Birth:September 15, 1803Place:Monroe Or Knox County, Tennessee
Death:February 28, 1887Place:Near Fallsville, Newton County, Arkansas
Burial:Place:Case, Formerly Cowan, Cemetery, Newton County, Akanas
Occupation:Postmaster, Moon Hull, Johnson County, Arkansas
Spouse:Phoebe ACREE
Marriage:January 9, 1823Place:Kentucky

3. M Child:Samuel C. COWAN
Birth:About 1806

4. F Child:Margaret COWAN
Birth:About 1812Place:Bledsoe Or McNairy County, Tennessee
Death:August 31, 1884Place:Decatur, Texas
Burial:Place:Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Decatur, Texas
Spouse:Miles THOMAS
Marriage:1828/1829Place:McNairy County, Tennessee

5. M Child:James Harvey COWAN Judge
Birth:About 1816/1819Place:Tennessee
Death:June 22, 1866Place:Hunt County, Texas

6. M Child:Eli COWAN
Death:About 1885Place:Harrison, Arkansas
Spouse:Anna E. EPLEY OR HAYS

7. M Child:John Borden COWAN
Birth:About 1823
Spouse:Rebecca HAYES

8. M Child:Stephen COWAN
Birth:March 7, 1825Place:Tishomingo County, Mississippi
Death:October 11, 1907Place:Checotah, Oklahoma
Burial:Place:Brush Hill Cemetery, Pierce, McIntosh County, Oklahoma
Spouse:Elizabeth LONG
Marriage:February 7, 1847Place:Buzzard's Roost, Franklin County, Alabama

Husband's Notes...

Other possible children of Samuel Cowan and Sarah Margaret Keith were:

HUGH COWAN in 1840 census, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; born 1805,

WILLIAM COWAN in Tishomingo County, Mississippi; Franklin County, Alabama
Titus County, Texas 1850; born 1812, Tennessee.

J. J. COWAN in 1850 Census of Tishomingo County. A Stephen Cowan living
within same household. Born 1814, Tennessee.

SAMUEL COWAN in Titus County 1850 and in Hunt County, Texas in 1870. Heirs
say his father was a William.

Reference Note: 31


According to Robert Lee Cowan in "Cowan Clan United": it should be kept in
mind that when tracing the Cowans in the North of Ireland, Ulster, you must
remember that many Scots and English settled there during the
of Protestants. At the same time there are native Irish Cowans who had
migrated to Ulster. So a most thorough search is necessary to prove
you are of Scots or Irish descent.


There was a Samuel Cowan in Tennessee living each time close to a Keith.
There was a Samuel Cowan listed on the 1812 Bledsoe County, Tennessee

The Honourable, The General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, now in

The prayers of your petitions most humbly herewith:

That, whereas the Warlike, and gloomy attitude of the present crisis very
clearly indicates that a considerable number of the Militia of said State
inevitably be called out in defence of their country--And, in as much as
hath been Writs of Ejection served on a large number of the inhabitants of
County of Bledsoe, (and it is highly probable that a considerable number
will shortly share the same fate) in consequence of their Land Claims--Now
should those Suits terminate in favour of the Plaintiffs, in the absence of
the Defendants (they being in the Service of their Country) and their
be displaced, would consequently subject them to very serious
and very probably, to great injuries and hardships. Therefore it is our
earnest prayer, that your honourable Gody would (if consistent with your
policy) suspend the operation of the Land Law in the aforesaid State,
the continuation of the present War between the United States of America
Great Britain, or as long as you, in your wisdom may deem most Expedient.

Included in the approximately 200 hundred names were:
David Keeth
Ely Keeth
Nicodemus Keeth
James Keeth
Stephen Keeth
James Keeth
James Keith
Samuel Cowan


In Capt. Jesse C. Raney's Company of East Tenn. Mounted Gunmen on an
expedition against the hostile Creek Indians hereby ratifying and
whatever my said attorney lawfully do or cause to be done in or about the
promises in my hand and seal.

30 August 1815

Samuel Cowan (his mark)


Could Samuel Cowan be a descendant of SAMUEL COWAN born about 1710 in
and died 1776, Virginia???

This Samuel Cowan married ANN WALKER who died 1776, Virginia. She was
daughter of JOHN WALKER born about 1650, Scotland and his wife ANN
RUTHERFORD, daughter of REVEREND SAMUEL RUTHERFORD who died Mar 20, 1661,

This family of Cowans and Walkers and Rutherfords lived for a time in same
vicinity of Virginia as Benjamin Borden.

Bears checking.


from Samuel Cowan to James Keith

Know all men by these presents that I, Samuel Cowan of the County of
State of Tennessee, and by these presents--constitute and appoint, James
Keith, of the County aforesaid and state of Tennessee by lawful attorney in
fact; irrevocable and to his own use and benefit for me and in my name to
for, demand, receive and receipts for of the paymaster of the United States
Militia my wages for a four month's tour of duty in the service of the
States as a private in Capt. Jesse C. Raney's Company of East Tenn. Mounted
Gunmen on an expedition against the hostile Creek Indians hereby ratifying
confirming whatever my said attorney lawfully do or cause to be done in or
about the promises in my hand and seal.

30 August 1815

Samuel Cowan (his mark)


Wife's Notes...


She was of Bedford County, Virginia.

Reference Note 31
Some of the Cowan information from Charnel Cowan Purist's "Following My
Cowman's Tale", published privately July 1984.

Hope Coslett Pees
505 Arlington Street
Seguin, Texas 78155-5317


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