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From: Cindy Stamps <>
Subject: [COWAN-L] Knox Co. TN Records
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:24:23 -0500

Here are a few of my research notes on the Knox Co. Cowans and related

Cindy Stamps

KNOX County, Tn.
7 January 1799: Petition to incorporate Knoxville: Saml & James
Samuel & Nathaniel among 1st settlers in Knoxville, coming with
James White to settle on his military land grant. White was from
Russell Co. Va.; his mother was a Campbell. 3 October, 1791 Nathl
Cowan assigned Lottery #44 under Articles of Agreement on behalf of
purchasers of lots in Knoxville as sold by James White. Charles McClung

est. store; became Co. Clerk. 1794 Samuel Cowan named as 1 of 5
commissioners. Nathl. Cowan served on Library Board for Knox Co. 15
Nov. 1817 with Rufus Morgan.

Deed Records:
Jas. White to Saml. Cowan, Book A, Vol. 1, pp. 56 (50), Film #
0503039, Item 1; Lot #16 in Knoxville, 18 July 1792 for $8 beginning at
stake on Front St., 1/2 A. ; signed in open court; Charles McClung
Clerk; reg. 15 Apr. 1793.
Jas. White to Saml. Cowan, Book A, Vol. 1, p. 58 (51), 18 July
1792, Lot #1 in Knoxville for $12, begins at stake SE corner of town;
signed open court, Charles McClung, Clerk; reg. 15 Apr. 1793.
Jas. White to Saml. & Nathl. Cowan, Book A, Vol. 1, p. 59(52), 17
Oct. 1792, $8 for Lot #44, begins at stake on 3rd St.; signed open
court; reg. same as above.
Jas. White to Saml. Cowan, Book A-1, 18 July 1792, Lot #2 for #12,
begins at corner of #1; signed open court; reg. 16 April 1793.
Grant to David Campbell, p. 139 (105) #457 for 640 A. in Hawkins
Co. on E fork of Turkey Cr. on N side Holston R.; Reg. 9 Nov. 1793.
Wm. Blount to Hugh Dunlap (he opened 2nd store in Knoxville) p. 203

(132), 1/2 of Lot 14 in Knoxville for $10; 28 Jan. 1794.
LDS Film #0503041-- B-1, p. 71 (219)--Jos. Beaird & S. Donelson to

Thos. Cowan, 358 A. for 100 lbs. beg. on Bleur's line, 13 Nov. 1793;
reg. 20 Feb. 1797.
B-1, p. 72--Jos. Hinds to Thos. Cowin, ? 1790, $120 on Beaver's
Cr. part pf tract Hinds bought from Donelson; reg. 23 Feb. 1797.
Jas. White to Nathl. Cowan, Book B, Vol. 1, p. 105, Item 1, 10
Apr. 1796, 2 A. N side Holston on E side of Mill Cr opposite Knoxville;
bottom part of deed unreadable; reg. 24 May 1796.
Jas. White to Nathl. Cowan, B-1, p. 106 (51), also unreadable in
part; $10 for 3/4 A. on N. Side of Holston, E side Mill Cr. opposite
Knoxville; reg. same
B-1, p. 154 (164)--Jas. White to Saml. Cowan, Lots 17 & 18 in
Knoxburg for $30, 2nd Div. Reg. 6 Sept. 1797.
Andrew Jackson to David Campbell, p. 521 (287) 4 tracts 7 Apr.
1802; NC granted 5000 A. to Jas. King between Holston & Clinch R. known
as point survey (Book F, p. 129); land conveyed by S. Donelson 16 Oct.
1799; reg. 12 June 1803.
Book A, Vol. 2, Item 3 on film, p. 19--Eldredge (?) Williams to Wm.

Williams & Cornelia Williams Humes, who had lately married Thos. Humes,
for natural love & affection to his children part of Lot 36; Wit: W.
P. Tate, W. A. Brown, Francis A. Ramsey, J. H. Cowan; reg. 23 Feb. 1837.

Book A-2, p. 66--Jeremiah & Lucinda Monday (?) to John Campbell 11
Feb. 1837, 2 tracts to John McNutt's line; Wit: Moses A. Swan, ___ M.
White; reg. 7 Mar. 1837.
Book A-2, Item 4, p. 155--Wm. S. Howell to John Pickett 26 Apr.
1839 for natural love & affection, lot in Knoxville; 1st Division; David

Campbell, Jas. H. Cowan; reg. 29 Apr. 1837.
p. 157--John Pickett to Hugh A. M. White; 26 Apr. 1837; same Wit.
p. 159--Hugh A. M. & Elizabeth White to John Pickett, part of lot
38 in town; same wit.
p. 326--Anderson McWilliams (?) to Thos. W. Humes, 18 Sept. 1837,
$50, 2 A. 2 roods & 29 poles, being part of land conveyed by Col.
Matthew McClung to Robt. Campbell 16 Aug. 1833, Book H, p. 151, & by
Campbell to McWilliams, Book Z, p. 414.
p. 344--John N. Humes of Washington Co. Va. to John Fleming of
Knox, 2 Nov. 1831 for $50, 55 A.; signed in Va. by Andrew Rup___?; in
Knox by David Campbell & Jas H. Cowan.
p. 345--Andrew R. Humes, Oct. 1832, to Stephen Plumber of Blount, S

side Fr. Broad & Holston, part of grant to John Young, begins at Wm.
Haslett's line; reg. Nov. 1837; Jas H. Cowan, G. W. Harris.
p. 389--Margaret Ramsey & Thos. W. Hume to Andrew McWilliams for
$50, 4 Dec. 1837; Hugh A. M. White, F. A. Ramsey.
p. 485--Wm. B. A. Ramsey to Wm. Rash & Isaac Price18 Nov. 1837, Lot

17 in Knoxville; Wm. E. Ebling & Wm. P. Sanderson (?) ; reg. 8 July
p. 486--Wm. Rash & Isaac Price to John D. Anthony, 16 Nov. 1837 for

$325; Lot 17 in Knoxville; Robt. England, Wm. B. A. Ramsey; reg 8 July
Newton Cowan to Josiah Tindall, Book B, Vol. 2, p. 47.
Wm. Cowan to Frederick Coram, Book B, Vol. 2, p. 53.
Jno. Webb to J. H. Cowan, Book B, Vol. 2, p. 481.
Joseph Beard & Donelson to Thos. Cowan, Book B-2, Vol. 1, p. 71.
Jos. Hines to Thos. Cowan, Book B-2, Vol. 1, p. 72.
Jas. White to Saml. Cowan, Book B-2, Vol. 1, p. 154.
Stockley Donelson to Thomas Cowan, Book C, Vol. 1, Film #0502437,
Item 1, p. 9--Bill of sale for Negro woman named Easter & her child for
8 lbs. lately in possession of Stephen Duncan, 5 Aug. 1795; Wm. Henry,
Jas. Davis; reg. 25 Dec. 1795.
Thos. Cowan to Jas. Davis, Book C, Vol. 1, p. 85, $500 for 358 A.,

6 Aug. 1795, beg. at Blair's line; witn: Wm. Keney, Peter Merhill; reg.

16 Jan. 1796.
P. 35 (235)--Jas. White to Drury Brazeal, $30, part of lot in
Knoxville #28, beg. at Geo. Raustons Lot 27; 12 Aug 1795; Wit: Saml.
Cowan, Robt Morrow, Jas Spivey.
p. 67--John Patterson to Taylor Townsend; 14 Jan 1796; Wit: Arch
Cowan, Chas McClung.
p. 68 (245)--Joseph Beaird to J. Hinds, 300 A. on W Fork Flat Cr,
22 Sept 1795; Wm. Green, Levy Hinds, Thos. Cowan; reg. 15 June 1795.
C-1, p. 205 (386)--John Adair,Geo. McNutt, & Paul Cunningham,
commissioners of Knoxville, to Saml Cowan,merchant, Book C, Vol. 1, p.

386, 1 Aug. 1794, lease on lot containing 93 roods, adj. to town of
Knoxville joining Water St. opposite Lot 1 & Lot 16, being between them
& the river; from agreement with Jas. White & the commissioners
published in Knoxville Gazette 17 Dec. 179l; lot leased to Cowan for 90
yrs for one cent per yr. beg. 1 Aug. 1794 until 90 yrs compleat; Cowan &

his heirs to have & to hold against all claims titles, demands, of every

person whatsoever; Wit. Thos. McCullough, Saml. Bayls; reg. 17 Sept.
1795; Drawing of Mr. Saml. Cowan's lot--on side of hill opposite his
lot where he lives now beginning at cedar post A, running thence S 35
E, 6 1/2 poles to B, a locust stake S 55 W 14 poles to D, a locust
stake #35 W 6 1/2 poles to E, a locust stake on side of hill, then N 55
to beginning; surveyed John McClellan; note at bottom says 93 roods,
making an error of 22 A., 2 roods, 27 poles.
Book C-1, p. 216 (408)--12 Aug 1795, Jas. White to Chas McClung
$200, 155 perches beg. at stake on bank of White's Mill Cr, being part
of tract granted by NC to Elisha Baker #504, 20 Sept 1787 & conveyed by

Baker to White; Reg. 27 Nov 1795; wit: Saml Cowan, Robt Morrow, Chas
Spivey, A. Roane.
Same pages & witnesses--12 Aug 1795, Jas White to McClung, $50, Lot

John D. Chisolm to Saml. Cowan, Book C-1, p. 192 (328)--8 July
1797, dwelling & 1/2 lot with out houses in Knoxville, joining E side of

Joseph Ba___ and Willie Blount, lying along State St., being a corner
lot opposite Cowans lot #16 for $1500 & Lot 17; Wit: J. G. Chisholm,
Edward Teal; reg 7 Jan. 1800
Thos. Cowan to Chas. Bowen, Book E, Vol. 1, p. 135.
Nathl. Cowan to Jas. Cowan, Book E, Vol. 2, p. 297.
Robt. King to Saml. Cowan, Book F-2, Vol. 1, p. 60.
Saml. Cowan to M. McWhorter, Book G, Vol. 1, p. 96
F. A. Ramsey to Jas. Cowan, Book G, Vol. 1, p. 132.
Asa Rawlings to Joseph Cowan, Book L, Vol. 1, p. 81, unreadable.
Book L-1, p. 199--Joseph Love, Sheriff, by writ of Scire facias
Oct. 1805, lands & tenements of Saml. Cowan, descending to Wm. Cowan &
Polly Pernell Cowan, heirs. $331.01/3 which Seth Craig recovered from
heirs for damages & costs--sheriff levied on Lots 17 & 18 in Knoxville,
1/2 A. each; sold at public auction to John H. Gamble, highest bidder
for $53; R. Houston, Jas C. Luttrell; reg. 26 March 1806.
Book L-1, p. 219--Chas. T. Porter, Marshal, Jos. Love, Sheriff,
seize lands of Wm. & Polly P. Cowan, heirs of Saml. Cowan by write of
Scire facias. John M. Price & John Wister, surviving partners of
Wister, Price, & Wister for $903.27 debt + costs; tract S side Holston,
opposite Knoxville, beg. ...John Alex. Cunningham... to
Jas. Charter's lots...Terry house occupied by Richard G. Waterhouse;
Writ April 1805; $550 recovered in 2 suits; (l) John & Wm. Bell (2) John

Hambleton for use of Thos. Humes for debts, damages, & costs, 6 June
1805; sold to Thos. Humes for $3000. Sheriff still had 4 other
executions against & Polly; applied balance to those being 1978, 79, 80,

& 81 in clerk's office. H. L. White; Reg. 27 May 1806.
Book L-1, p. 227--4 Sept. 1805--Hackett Mc Clean & Saml. G. Ramsey,
adj. David Campbell & Robt. Love's survey $250 for 100 A. beg. at Geo.
Martin's line; Wit: Josiah Danforth, Joseph Cowan; reg. 30 May 1806.
Book L-1, p. 334--John Love, Sheriff, sold land of John Finley at
public auction to Nathl. Cowan for $9.76 1/3 for unpaid stake

at corner of Nathl. Cowan's, Lot 44; Wit: R. Houston, Jas C. Luttrell;
July 1804.
H. L. White to Nathl. Cowan, Book M, Vol. 1, p. 304, 20 June 1797,
$29.75 for lot, 1 A, 1 Rood, 38 poles, 25 ft. in breadth reserved for
road beg. at corner of 2 A. lot conveyed to Cowan by Jas White; signed
Andrew Jackson; reg. 4 Feb 1808.
Book N, Vol. 1, p. 214-- Edward Teal to Nathl. Cowan, 1/2 of Lot 21

for 113 lbs., 10 Sh., 22 July 1797; Sam. Carrick sold to Drury
Breazealle 2 July 1795; Jas White sold Breazealle part of Lot 08 (?) 12
Aug 1795 beg. at Geo. Raulstone's lot 27; Breazealle sold to Teal 28 Feb

1797; Wit: Sam Cowan, Benj. C. Parker, R. Farguhusone, Sam Seay.
Book N, Vol. 1, p. 232--Jas. Love, Sheriff, to Nath. Cowan, writ
of Fior Facias on Saml Cowan's heirs, Wm. & Polly P., land beg. at David

Walkers line along Wm. Duncan & Gov. Blounts to Seth Johnston's; cond.
line between Major & Wm. Lea to springs where Sam. Cob lives--distances
same that are in deed from Major Lea to Nathl & Saml. dated 4 Feb. 1896
(must be 1796); 9 Jan 1806; 1/2 part of land sold at public auction to
Richard Beardon, acting as agent for Nathl Cowan, $285.25.
Book N, Vol. 1, p. 239--W. H. Cowan to Henry Stout, 150 A. Plumb
Br on Turkey Cr; 10 Oct 1806 for $150...Jas Martin's corner; Wit: Saml.

G. Ramsey, Wm. Smith Parsons; reg. 10 May 1809.
Robert Craighead to Nath. Cowan, Book O, Vol. 1, p. 11.
Jno. Love to Nath. Cowan, Book O, Vol. 1, p. 12.
Jas. White to Nathl Cowan, Book Q, Vol. 1, p. 173--water rights on
tract on upper side White's Mill Cr nearly adj to Knoxville; may use as
much water as need; 30 Jan 1797; also to Hugh L. White take as much
water as needed to supply tan yard to be erected; 29 Aug 1817; Wit: Hu

M. White, Luke Lee, rec. 5 Nov 1817.
Nathl. Cowan to Margaret Humes & David Campbell, heirs of J.
Cowan-- Book Q, Vol. 1, p. 209--Lots 2 ? 28 in Knoxville; 31 Jan 1817;
Saml. Connick by deed dated 2 July 1795 sold to Drury W. Brazeale tract
1/2 of lot #28 reg. Book C, p. 47; Jas White by indenture bearing date
12 Aug 1795 sold to Drury W. Brazeale tract part of Lot 28 beg. at stake

on George Raulston's Lot 27...Brazeale by indenture 28 Feb 1797 $358.1/3

sold to Edward Teel who sold to Nathl Cowan July 1797 for 113 pds 10 sh,

Book N, p. 214; Nathl Cowan for 125 pds, 2 sh. by Jas Cowan to Marg.
Humes & David Campbell who has married Jane Glascow Cowan, now dec. heir

of Jas Cowan, Dec., 2 parcels of land in Knoxville; David get 1/3 of
live on, Margaret Humes gets 1/3, other 2 heirs 1/3; they get all on
deaths of David Campbell and Margaret Humes; Ack 2 May 1817; rec 12 Dec
1817; Wit: Robt Campbell, Wm. Hockton ?
Jas. White to Nath Cowan, Book Q, Vol. 1, p. 268--1/2 A. near
Knoxville, l0 Jan 1818, $35, beg S side of River St. to corner of Lots 1

& Hugh L. White's line; 17 Jan 1818; reg 30 Jan 1818; Wit: H.
Ramsey, R. M. Miller
H. L. White to Nathl. Cowan, Book Q, Vol. 1, p. 303--agreement to
open a road from ? Rd. leading into Main St. in Knoxville--upper side of

White's Mill Cr., thence to Holston R. immediately above mouth of said
Cr., 4 July 1817; Wit: ? Wilson, Jas Kinnedy.
Jno. Cottrell to Thos. Cowan, (May be Coward) Book Q, Vol. 1, p.
360--25 A. on Bull Run, 25 Oct 1815, $50, S side of Bull Run waters of
Clinch R. beg on S bank of river; Wit: Chas. Conway, Jesse & Michael
S. Cowan to Nathl Cowan, Book R, Vol. 1, p. 461--Nathl Cowan vs.
David Campbell & wife Jean, widow of Saml. Cowan, and Wm. M. & Polly P.
Cowan, heirs of Saml Cowan; final hearing to determine substance of
complaintants bill; Nathl & Saml. were business partners & merchants;
bought several lots in Knoxville with joint funds: Lots 1, 2, 16, & 44
in lst Div.; Lots 1 & 16 were improved with houses; Lots1, 2, & 16
conveyed to Saml; Lot 44 to Nathl; actually should be owned jointly.
Prior to death of Saml. they dissolved partnership by mutual consent; in

dissolving Lots 2 & 16 were assigned to Saml; 1 & 44 to Nathl. At that
time, Knoxville hadn't been marked with precision, lines of division on
1 & 16 assigned as best suited buildings on each. Saml. took over 2 &
16; didn't interfere with 1 & 44; Nathl did same. No deeds of partition

ever executed. Saml. died 1801; widow married David Campbell, who was
guardian of children; he refused to execute deed for Lots 1 & 44;
Complaintant asks that they be divested of all rights to Lots 1 & 44,
which should be given to Nathl. The heirs were given the right to
contest when they reached 21; 31 May 1819; reg. 26 Oct 1820.
Nath. Cowan to Robt. Lindsay, Book S, Vol. 1, p. 485--217 1/2 A. on

3rd Cr; Nathl. indebted to Jas & Wm. Park ?, by note for $180.08 &
$228.28 dated 182?; Nathl indebted in sum of $625 to estate of Saml.
Cowan, Dec., to John Cowan, & wishes to procure for 1 of above banks
holding notes a loan for purpose of discharging debts; sells to Robt.
Lindsay 211 1/2 A. N side of Holston R. in Knox Co. on E fork of 3rd Cr
beg at David Walker's line...along M. Duncan & Gov. Blount's
line...cond. line between Major Lea & Wm. Lee...13 July 1822; Wit:
Drury P. Armstrong; Andrew M. Willson.
J. C. & M. C. Greenway to J. H. Cowan, Book T, Vol. 1, p. 107.
Jno. N. Humes to J. H. Cowan, Book U, Vol. 1, p. 10.
Robt. Lindsay to J. H. Cowan, Book U, Vol. 1, p. 11.
Alexander McHenry to Hu Cowan, Book U, Vol. 1, p. 194-5.
Jas. Cowan to J. H. Cowan, Book U, Vol. 1, p. 254.
J. H. Cowan to S. D. Jacobs, Book V, Vol.1, p. 66.
D. Bell to J. H. Cowan, Book V, Vol. 1, p. 190.
Isaac Lewis to J. H. Cowan, Book V, Vol. 1, p. 230.
J. H. Cowan to H. A. M. White, Book V, Vol. 1, p. 272.
L. Stansberry to J. H. Cowan, Book V, Vol. 1, p. 273.
Saml. Cowan to Lewis Conner, Book V, Vol. 1, p. 326
Saml. Cowan to Wm. Conner, Book V, Vol. 1, p. 328.
Jno. Campbell to J. H. Cowan, Book X, Vol. 1, p. 110.
Henry Graves to Ramsey, Cowan, et. al., Book Y, Vol. 1, p. 148.
Rufus Stanley to J. H. Cowan, Book Y, Vol. 1, p. 150.
David Bell to J. H. Cowan, Book Y, Vol. 1, p. 338.
R. Tunnell & R. Campbell to Hu Cowan, Book Y, Vol. 1, p. 444.
J. H. Cowan & Wm. Swan to Geo. Starmer, Book Z, Vol. 1, p. 137--7
Nov. 1834--Deed of Relinquishment; Luke Stansberry made deed of trust to

Jas H. Cowan for tract in Knox Co. W of Knoxville, boundaries set forth
in deed from Swan to Stansberry dated 29 Oct 1828, to secure sd. Swan in

payment of $500; Swan has been fully paid & relinquishes to Starner &
heirs all interest in land. 7 Nov 1834; Wit: Aason Gideon X, Luke
Saml. Cowan to Newt Cowan, Book Z, Vol. p. 261--Saml. of Campbell
Co. to Newton, his son, 150 A. tract in Knox on which he lives,
Henderson's Co., Bull Run Survey, Lot G, beg. at Chas. Tindall's corner
to John Brown's Thos. Connor's line...8 March 1832; Att:
Chas. Tindall, Jas. McLain; reg. 24 Feb 1836.
Saml Cowan to Wm. Cowan, Book Z, Vol. 1, p. 269--Saml. of Campbell
Co. to Wm, his son, 100 A. tract in Knox, Henderson's Co., Bull Run
Survey, Lot G, beg at John Brown's corner to sweet gum on branch with
Newton Cowan's line to where it intersects Thos. Connor's line, Wm.

Connor's corner to top of Copper John York's corner; 8 March
1832; Attest: Newton Cowan, Chas. Tindall, Jas. McLain; rec. 28 Aug
1835; Reg 25 Feb 1836.
Jas. Cowan of Washington Co. to Jas. Kennedy & W. S. Kennedy, Book
Z, Vol. 1, p. 522--7 Jan 1827, $200 tract near Knoxville on E side of
Mill Cr. adj. Kennedy's lower grist mill...being same lot & water rights

which Gen. Jas. White conveyed to Nathl. Cowan who conveyed to Jas.
Cowan; Wit: W. M. Wilson, Thos. C. Patton; ack. in Washington Co. Pleas

& 1/4 Sessions 9 Jan 1827 to be rec. in Knox Co. 20 Dec 1836.
J. H. Cowan to H. A. M. White, Book Z, Vol. 1, p. 524--12 Dec.
1829, $100, 1/2 A. in Knoxville, Lot 62, lst Div. on Front & Crooked
Sts., adj. Lots 61 & 51; sold by sheriff for taxes as property of Alex.
Tunnell 6 June 1805, purchased by Thos. McCaney, then to Cowan; Wit: W.

C. Mynatt, David Campbell; rec 29 Dec 1836.
J. H. Cowan to T. W. Humes, Book Z, Vol. 1, p. 565---8 Dec 1836,
$2000, N side Holston R. on E fork of 3rd Cr, beg. at black oak on David

Walker's stake in Matthew McClung;s line; Wit: Perez
Dickenson, John G. Campbell; ack. by Moses Swan, Co. Clerk 2 Jan 1837;
reg 30 Jan. 1837.
Same principals, Book Z, p. 566--8 Dec 1836, $500, his undivided
3/5 of tract conveyed by deed 5 Feb 1830 by John N. Humes, Hu A. M.
White & wife Elizabeth, & John White & wife Mary, which they inherited
by Thos Humes, Dec. on 3rd Cr., 96 3/4 A. beg....E side of Cr. corner
with large marked elm on E side of Cr. on Cowan's
line...subject to Margaret Ramsey's dower; Wit: Perez Dickinson, John
G. Campbell; Ack. 2 Jan 1837; reg 30 Jan 1837
Book K-3, Film #0503058, p. 9-10--15 Mar, 1872--Lucy C. Alexander,
Mary Cowan, Perez D. Cowan, Margaret C. McClung & husband, C.J.,
Isabella Rhea & husband R. M., & Jas. D. Cowan to Perez Dickinson &
James D. Cowan as executors of will to sell land titles to lots vested
in J. D. Cowan to sell in trust for heirs. Wit: John G. Stewart, W. B.

Tipton, Alvin Barton, C. M. Bauman.
Book K-3, p. 82--7 June 1872--Margaret C., Eleanor W., C. Virginia,

Lucie G. White, Cornelia H. McGhee & husband Charles M., Ann Cowan &
Husband Jas D., heirs of Hugh A. M. White on 25 March 1867 McGhee &
Cowan appointed commissioners, executed to E. P. Bailey, Bailey to H. S.

Chamberlain to Chas D. McGuffey.
Book K-3, p. 325--Frank H. McClung to Cowan-McClung & Co., Deed of
trust to McClung from J. M. Miller 7 Dec. 1871; reg. Deed of Trust B,
Vol. II, p. 80. 20 Sept. 1872, 2 lots #59 & 74 in Temple's Addition.
Firm: Perez Dickinson, Jas H. Cowan, Chas. J. McClung, Sam J. Morrow.

Knoxville Gazette, 11 August, 1792: Nathaniel & Samuel Cowan
opened stores in Knoxville & Jonesborough.
8 May 1794, Vol. 3, #11: Samuel Cowan in Jonesborough married Miss

Jane Montgomery of Salisbury, NC.
Knox created from Blount 11 July, 1795; public road to be built;
Wm. Cowan on jury for that purpose; also John Walker Sr. and Jr.
Letter 22 Sept, 1804 concerning road through Cherokee Nation into
Ga; signed Col. Jos. McMinn, Col. Saml Weir, and Major John Cowan,
Andrew Cowan served as senior adjutant under Maj. Gen. John Cocke
(TSA). 28 November, 1813, Fort Armstrong, Cowan listed as Deputy
Quarter Master General.
John Cowan--Polly Kirkum, 24 March 1794
William Wallace Cowan--Polly Flenniken, 1 March 1806
John Campbell--Mary (Polly) Cowan, 23 May, 1822
Charles J. McClung--Margaret Cowan, Book 2, p. 9, 16 October 1851;
Joseph H. Martin, 2nd Presbyterian Church
Frances M. Cowan--Terressa E. Maxwell, Book 2, 3 August 1853; Henry

Rule, MG
J. J. G. Cowan--L. A. Gilbreath, Book 2, p. 79, 9 Jan. 1857; S. A.
Taylor at home of Mrs. Gilbreath.
C. M. Alexander--Lucy F. Cowan, Book 2, p. 126; 28 July 1859,
Joseph H. Martin, MG
Jas. D. Cowan--Ann E. White, Book 2, p. l150; 24 Dec. 1860; Thos.
W. Hume, St. John's Church

LDS Film 0502437--Land Entries of Knox Co.--SW Territory--Stokely
Donelson to Thos. Cowan, 80 pds. for Negro, Easter, & her child, lately
in possession of Stephen Duncan, 5 Aug, 1795.

Petition to Tn. Gen. Assem. asking that act passed which put an end

to credit be allowed to expire, 1809: Thos. Humes, Nathl. Cowan, Gideon

Morgan Sr. & Jr.

7 August 1821--Public sale of land of Nathaniel Cowan 248 3/4 A.

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