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Subject: [CRABTREE] Cumberland Co., KY/Abraham Crabtree
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 01:41:56 CST

Here are some things I found on Abraham Crabtree, son of William and Hannah
(Whitaker) Crabtree III. He died in Russell Co., Va on 2 May 1838, but at
that time he still owned land in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

Briefly, here is a family group sheet on him. Does anyone have anything

Abraham Crabtree born 6 June 1750 Baltimore Co., Maryland; married Mary ___
(Price?Lyons?). She was born in 1753 and died before 1838.


1. Solomon Crabtree - Born 1779 Washington Co., VA; married 1800 Susannah

2. Naomi Crabtree - Born 18 Aug 1783 Washington Co., VA; married by 1811 in
Cumberland Co., KY to Benjamin Speer Jr.; died between 1822 and 1830 in
Cumberland Co., KY; Benjamin Speer Jr. married 2) Elizabeth __ by 1848.
Had six children. Not in Abraham's will. Children were: Matthias Crabtree
Speer; Naomi Speer; Elizabeth G. Speer; Abraham B. Speer; Susan Speer; Jane
Speer (last two daughters may have been one - Susan Jane??). I have more on
the Speers.

3. Ruth Crabtree - Born ca 1790-1800 (per one source, although I show her
born ca 1780 per census). Married ca 1811-2 Joseph Speer in Cumberland Co.,
KY; Died ca 1830's in Cumberland Co., KY. Joseph Speer married 2) Polly
(Riddle) Lawson, widow of Phillip Lawson. Ruth was a member of the Old
Sulphur Creek Baptist Church. Children were: John Wesley Speer; Elizabeth
Speer married Richard Williams; Benjain Speer married Elizabeth Keen;
Alexander C. Speer married Margaret Blythe; William M. Speer married Amanda
Norris; James Speer; Mary Speer; Rhoda Speer (by second wife). I have more
on the Speers.

4. Mary Crabtree - Born ca 1783 Washington Co., VA; Never married; Died 22
Aug 1840 Wayne Co., KY; Her Uncle Isaac Crabtree and his son, John Crabtree,
were the administrators of her will.

5. Hiram Crabtree - Born ca 1773(?) Washington Co., VA; married in 1806 to
Margaret Johnston, daughter of Michael Johnston. Marriage performed by
Nicholas Talbott. I think he was in Monroe Co., KY (next door) 1820-1829 on
tax lists. Abraham Crabtree was also on the 1828 and 1829 Monroe Co., KY
tax lists next door. Not in Abraham's will. I have a notation that Hiram
died 13 Sept 1844, but I do not know where I found this. The notation also
states that Margaret Crabtree was born 1786 and died 23 June 1868.

6. William Crabtree - Born ca 1785-1794 Washington Co., VA; Did he marry a
Cain, perhaps sister of William Cain? He was on jury lists in Cumberland
County from 1820 through 1827. Not in Abraham's will.
In "Crabtrees of America", it is stated that he married Catherine Phelps and
died in 1830 in Scott Co., IL. This could not have been the same William.
The William who married Catherine (or Catrine) Phelps on 12 Nov 1800 in
Logan Co., KY was on the tax lists of Logan Co., KY as early as 1795 and
died ca 1809 (I have a copy of his estate settlement). His widow remarried
to a William A. Younger on 1 Jan 1810 in Logan Co., KY. He could not have
been the same William who lived next door to Abraham in 1810 in Cumberland
County. This William may have moved to Illinois, but he could not have
married Catherine Phelps. I had thought perhaps that this William was the
same one who married Elizabeth Combs on 18 March 1811 in Green Co., KY
(right above Cumberland), but have since heard from descendents that this
couldn't be right. It appears that that William was the son of a Thomas
Crabtree of Green County. William, the son of Abraham was on jury lists in
Cumberland Co., Va from 1820 through 1827, but appears to have left by 1830
as he is no longer on the census.

Here's some documentation:

KY Land Grants
In consideration of Cert No. 7001 granted by commissioners 1798 agreeable to
an act of Assembly for encouraging and granting relief to settlers thee is
granted unto Abraham Crabtree, assignee of William Bond, a certain tract or
parcel of land containing 200 acres by survey bearing date the 18th March
1799 lying and being in the County of Green on Bare (Bear) Creek, waters of
Cumberland River....

Bk 26 p 63, Cert No 789
ABRAHAM CRABTREE, granted by Court of Cumberland County, 1805...unto Abraham
Crabtree assignee of BENJAMIN SPEER a certain tract or parcel of land
containing 99 acres by survey dated 25 March 1806, lying in the County of
Cumberland on wates of Sulphur Creek beginning about 20 poles north of a
hickory marked "W.T." on a line supposed to be William Taylor's 200 acres
survey on the west side...Granted 25 Nov 1822.
1805 Wayne Co., Ky Delinquent Tax List

Abraham Crabtree Removed to Cumberland County
Hiram Crabtree Removed to Cumberland County
William Crabtree Removed to Cumberland County
1810 Cumberland Co., Ky Tax List (used as a census) records as neighbors:

Ben Speer Jr
Joseph Speer
William Johnston
William Cain
WILLIAM CRABTREE 1 male 26-45; 1 female 16-26
John Stanfield
HIRAM CRABTREE 2 males under 10; 1 male 26-45; 1 female 26-45
ABRAHAM CRABTREE 2 males under 10; 1 male 45 plus; 3 females 16-26; 1
female 45 plus(Note: I have seen another abstract of this census which did
not list the 2 males under 10, so the orginal needs to be checked)
Benjamin Cain
Cumberland Co., Deed Book E p 149
"Know all men by these presents that I, Abraham Crabtree, of Cumberland Co.,
Ky do by these presents constitute and appoint my worthy friend, James
Potee, of Russell Co., VA my attorney in fact for me and in my name and for
my use and benefit to sell fifty (50) acres of land lying and being in the
said county of Russell, Virginia in Castle's Woods on both sides Cove Creek
being part of an 100 acre survey in my name granted to me by the
Commonwealth of Virginia by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrant No.
2922 issued the 12th Feb 1782 the patent bearing date the 6th June
1786...Dated 20 Aug 1823.
Wit: John E. King, Clerk of County Court of Cumberland, KY.
Cumberland Co., KY
DB C p 323
13 Jan 1818
ABRAHAM AND MARY CRABTREE to Nathan NOrris of Cumberland Co., Ky for $900,
tract of land on waters of Beer(Bear) Creek and bounded as follows to wit:
Beginning at a white oak and sugartree, thence S 25 E until it intersects a
line of Francis Petty's survey, thence with said Petty's survey until it
intersects the second line of Crabtree's survey, thence with said second
line S 65 W to a beech sugar tree and walnut trees thence north 25 W 179
poles to a sugar and beech trees thence N 65E 179 poles to the beginning,
containing 150 acres. Wit: Melton King, Deputy Clerk. Rec'rd 15 April
1818 by John E. King, Clerk.

DB D p 275
11 Nov 1820
Phillip Lawson of Cumberland Co., to ABRAHAM CRABTREE, for $2.00, land in
Cumberland Co., formerly Green Co. on a branch of Sulphur Lick a branch of
Obeys River, it being a part of a 200 acre survey by virtue of a Certificate
of Settlement No. 1303 on the south side Cumberland River, 37 1/2 acres by
survey dated 26 Dec 1814 adjoining William Taylor's survey.

DB P p 606
Surveyed for William Cain, 39 acres, 24 poles south side Cumberland River,
waters of Bears Creek, Mrs. Johnston's line, line of Samuel Pharis, Nathan
NOrris' line, surveyed 25 Feb 1822: David Matlock Chaincarrier, WILLIAM
CRABTREE, chaincarrier, William Cain, Marker.

DB L p 590
6 Oct 1847
JOHN CRABTREE OF WAYNE CO. KY (this is son of Isaac Crabtree) to John Watson
of Cumberland Co., KY for $50, waters of Sulphur patented in the name of
ABRAHAM CRABTREE by virtue of a Cumberland County Court Cert No 789 and
which descended to MARY CRABTREE by right of inheritance and to said JOHN
CRABTREE by will of said Mary adjoining William Taylor's line, 99 acres by
survey. Wit: Washington Watson, Miles H. Davis. Signed; JOHN CRABTREE,
(Note: Avarilla Crabtree was John's second wife, daughter of Robert and
Avarilla Davis)

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