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Subject: Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files [p.4]
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Abstracts of Rev. War Pension

(continued) NH on 9 Dec 1779, sol d 11 Apr 1799 at Bethel VT aged 50, wid
d 20 Sep 1849 also in Bethel VT, sol's son Frank Crain or Crane appl 8
Jun 1852 Madison Cty NY a res of Lenox NY for
Himself & his sis Ruth Richmond & his bro Don Crain or Crane (he signed
Frank Crain), sol had
enl at Bethel VT, sol's children were; Claracy b 11 or 15 Jul 1781 & d 6
Apr 1792, Sarah "Sally"
b 6 Apr 1783, Ruth b 22 Jul 1785, Frank b 19 Jun 191 [1791?], Don b 29
Jan 1794 & Don 2nd b 11
Feb 1798, in 1852 sol's nephew Ebenezer Crain a son of sol's bro Ameriah
Crain (dec'd) was
aged 72
CRANE, Edmond or Edmund, R2443, NJ Line, appl 29 Nov 1842 Benton
Cty Ar, sol was b 15 Oct 1760,
sol lived near Morristown NJ at enl, sol had also appl 29 Oct 1832
Vermillion Cty IL aged 71,
after the war sol lived in NY, IN, IL, MO & AR
Elihu, S24134, CT Line, sol was b at Durham in 1761 or
1762 & lived there at enl & after the war sol
Moved to West Stockton MA then moved to Bloomfield NY then moved to
Conneaut Twnshp in
Erie Cty PA & appl there 6 Aug 18321, in 1830 sol had children living in
Eris Cty PA (none were
named), osl's sis Clarinda Huldert was of Erie Cty PA in 1832
Elijah, Sussanah, W16223, CT Line sol appl 9 Oct 1832
Chenango Cty NY aged 68 a res of Bainbridge
NY & sol had enl at Stratford in Fairfield Cty CT & sol was b there 18
Oct 1763 & lived there
until Nov 1786 then moved to Stillwater in Saratoga Cty NY & in Oct 1791
moved to Easton in
Washington Cty NY & in Mar 1806 moved then moved to Saratoga in Saratoga
Cty NY & in 1815 moved to Bainbridge NY, sol d 21 Han 1834, wid appl 23
Aug 1836 Chenango Cty NY aged 68 a res of Oxford NY, sol & wid had m in
Mar 1792, wid was b at Dartmouth MA in 1770, children were; Eliza Davis b
17 Nov 1794, Charles S. b 18 Oc 1796, Jesse b 14 Jun 1799, Anna Mariah b
in Aug 180?, William H. b 15 Aug 1813, the following David records were
shown but their relationship to sol's family not stated but probably the
children of sol's daughter Eliza David & her husband, towit; her husband
John Davis b 15 Oct 1789, their children were; Charles M. b 22 Sep 1812,
John S. b 4 Jun 1815, Anna Mariah David b 24 Mar 1818 Clariss Eliza b 25
Apr 1821, Susannah b 25 Jun 1823, Fayette b 21 Sep 1825, William L. b in
Apr 1828, also shown were; George Davis d in 1832 & Eliza Davis d 19 Mar
1833 (probably so's daughter)
Elijah, S2481, NJ Line, sol was b in Oct 1756 at
Newark in Essex Cty NJ & lived there at enl, sol appl
17 Aug 1832 Essex Cty NY a res of Newark NJ aged 75
Elisha, Ruth, W16934, NY Line, sol m Ruth Phelps on
7 Jan 1781, sol d 16 Feb 1811 leaving a wid
Ruth who d 1 Jul 1838 leaving children; Louisa wife of John Meads,
Charlotte wid of Benjamin
D. Packard & Elisha Crane, Jr. all living in Albany NY in 1839, sol'd
daughter Louisa Meads appl
8 Apr 1850 in Albany NY & was the only survivin child of sol, sol's
grandson Orlando Meads
wrote letter of inquiry on 11 Jul 1839, wid's bro Samuel Phelps was aged
71 in 1839 a red of Troy
in Rensselaer Cty NY
Elizabeth, former wid, W25449, CT Line, see Ozias
Enos, Sophia Williams former wid, W11832, BLW
#101838-160-55, CT Line, sol appl 11 May 1818 Schuyler Cty NY a res of
Cayuta NY aged 56, on 26 Sep 1820 sol was living at Groton in Tompkins
Cty NY with a wife & 2 children aged 6 & 3 yrs, sol enl at Durham CT, wid
appl BLW & penstion on 28 Mar 1862 in County of Kent in Prov of West
Canada aged 67, wid stated sol lived in Oneida Cty NY when he rec'd his
pension but was formerly of Tompkins Cty NY, sol m Sophia Lewis on 15 Sep
1816 at Groton NY, sol d at Lock in Tompkins Cty NY on 25 Aug 1831 & wid
m next Christopher Williams on 10 May 1834 at Adelaide in Middlesex Cty
in Prov of West Canada & he d there on 10 Sep 1852, sol's son Augustus
Crane was aged 44 in 1862 7 was a res of Oxford in County of Kent in
Canada West & stated he was b 30 Dec 1817
Henry, BLW #11074-100-8 Jan 1796 assignee George
Ponsonby, srv as a Pvt in the MD Line
Isaac, Ann, W18980, BLW #820-160-55, NY Line, wid appl 20
Dec 1838 Cayuga Cty NY aged 78 on 1 Jun 1838 a res of Conquest NY, sol &
wid had m 6 Mar 1783 at the home of Benjamin Sears i the town of South
East in Dutchess Cty (now Putnam Cty) NY, sol d 6 Mar 1810 at Litchfield
in Herkimer Cty NY, wid appl for BLW 17 Mar 1855 Cayuga Cty NY, sol's son
Hunter Crane was aged 64 in 1855 a res of Oswego NY, a bro (not named)
was mentioned, one Bethiah Crane wid of Jonathan Crane made aff'dt on 12
Dec 1838 in Putnam Cty NY aged 86 in Jan 1837 & she had lived in the town
of South East NY since 1759 & stated she was at the marriage of sol to
Anna Sears, the relationship of Jonathan Crane to sol was not stated
James, S23588, CT, Cont, NY & PA Lines, appl 30 MAr 1818
Addison Cty VT aged 56 a res of Middlenury VT, sol reapplied 5 Jul 1832
Addison Cty VT
James or James Craine, BLW #444-300, VA Line, sol's
daughter Maria wife of Edwin C. Brown was b in Feb or Mar 1781, sol d i
Dec 1788 according to motion of Edwin C. Brown in Lancaster Cty VA on 21
Nov 1808, one Thomas D. Downing of Northumberland Cty VA made aff'dt 2
Nov 1808
John, S43415, CT Line, appl 18 Apr 1818 Genesee Cty NY
aged 65, sol enl at Killingworth CT, in 1830 sol had a wife Loley aged 52
& a daughter Eliza Ann aged 14 & a grand-daughter Loretta Surrey aged 7
John, Phillis, S8192, BLW #26324-160-55, CT Line, appl 2
Oct 1832 Cortland Cty NY aged 82 a res of Cortlandville NY, sol m Phillis
(--) in 1812 at Kortright in Delaware Cty NY, sol d 23 Jul 1837 at
McGranville in Cortland Cty NY or at Cortnlandville NY at the home of his
son Milton Crane, wid appl 2 Aug 1854 Delaware Cty NY aged 89 a res of
Walton NY, wid appl for BLW 19 Apr 1855 & an Edward Ogden & Lois Ophelia
Bliss were witts to her aff'dt
John, BLW #330-500-24 Jul 1792, srv as a Col inthe Cont
Line (MA), sol's name appeard on a list of applicants for invalid pension
returned by MA to the House of Reps on 25 Apr 1794, sol srv in the US
Arty & was disabled in 1776, sol llived at Boston MA
John, BLW #350-400-9 Jun 1797 to Moses Fish assignee of
John Huntington Crane sol's only son & heir, sol srv as a Surgeon in the
MA Line, no papers
John, S39373, MA Line, appl 24 Apr 1818 Addison Cty VT
aged 55 a res of Bristol VT
John, Lettitea or Letitia, W17687, BLW #354-200-1 Mar
1790, srv as a Lt in the MA Line, sol d in Mov 1814, wid appl 10 Jun 1837
New York City NY aged 76, sol & wid had m 29 May 1781 at Yorktown in
Westchester Cty Ny, wid's sis-in-law stated she was the wid of Letitia
Crane's bro William Sergeant, one Sarah Strong made aff'dt 2 May 1837 at
Cortland NY, the heirs of wid app'td Aaron Sergeant of NY City their
attorney on 3 Oct 1838, wid d 8 Jul 1838 leaving heirs, towit; Sarah
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