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From: Donald P Cranford <>
Subject: [CRANFORD-L] Montgomery Co.,NC - James & Ruth Cranford
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 11:00:23 -0600

Curt W. Cooper,
The best clues I've found to the father of James Cranford that married
Ruth Riley are there on the 1850 Montgomery Co., NC census.
According to the estate record of Winborne W. Cranford believed to be a
son of James and Ruth Riley Cranford dated April 1883, Montgomery Co., NC,
The intestate at the time of his death was seized in fee simple of the
Following lands: A tract of land situated in the county of Montgomery on
the waters of Barnes Creek adjoining the lands of Green Hardister, John
Beaman, others.
Now look at your 1850 census for James and Ruth Cranford at Family Visit
#648. Then at Family Visit #646 is Green Hardister. This establishes the
area of Barnes Creek in Montgomery County where most of these folks lived.
Next to James and Ruth is Ambrose Cranford at Family Visit #649 a known son
of Richard Cranford that married Elizabeth and they are found at Family
Visit #644. Then next to Ambrose is John Cranford that married Polly Hurley
at F. V. #650. The previously mentioned Richard and this John and a Leonard
Cranford that married a Lucy Newsome and found on Randolph Co., NC records
are believed to be brothers and sons of John(Jackie) Cranford that had a
wife named Lydia. Richard Harper a subscriber to this Cranford-L list is a
descendant of the Richard Cranford mentioned here.
Well where does this James Cranford that married Ruth Riley fit with
this. No public records to my knowledge reveal exactly who are the children
of this John(Jackie) Cranford. The circumstances of this James Cranford
with a wife named Ruth right there in the middle of this bunch of Cranfords
implies that he is of this family. James at age 43 would fit to be a
brother to this Richard and John.
John(Jackie) Cranford is also suspect of being a son of the older Leonard
Cranford that died near the Narrows April 13, 1830 in Montgomery Co., NC.
Also no public records that I'm aware of indicate this kinship.
Circumstances of location and other verbal exchages with descendants of
Jackie Cranford imply this is probably the case.
Where do I fit in this, my line goes to this Leonard Cranford by way of
Nathan Cranford a known son. I believe this John(Jackie) Cranford is a
brother to Nathan.
Again no public record proof of this connection.
I also have a gt. uncle named Winburne Cranford on earlier records that
sort of disappeared after the 1850 census and I did a lot of research on
the previously mentioned Winborne W. Cranford thinking that might be mine.
Turned out mine was Henry Winburne Cranford and found in ILL. 1860 and St.
Louis MO. in 1870. The one that stayed in Montgomery County NC was this
Winborne William Cranford above.
Hope this adds to your effort to discover the ancestors of your interest.
Donald P. Cranford

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