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Subject: Re: [CRAVEN-L] Gershom Craven - New Jersey
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 10:50:45 EDT

Hi Barbara,

I have seen the earliest info on your family. Am super busy right now but
can find it when I have time. It it's Thomas Craven, it could be my ancestor
whose grandmother, Ann Craven, came into Salem, NJ in about 1677. She was widow
of Sir Robert Craven who bought land in John Fenwick's Quaker Colony in Salem
and came to settle there with her 3 children. I have all the info. Am just
incredibly busy right now.

Gershom is such an unusual name I said right away, "Barbara!"

I would look for Thomas Craven grandson of Ann Croft Craven b. 1635 in
Stepney, MIddlesex, England, hear London. Her children were:

Thomas b. about 1667 - All born in Middlesex or London
Anne b. 1670 m. Isaac Warner, settled in PA
Peter b. 1671

The son of one of these was the Peter Craven who was considered the patriarch
of the settlement in North Carolina. There are two excellent books on the
Salem Colony which I will be glad to give you the names of.. Also the Purvis
book on the NC group but I don't think she goes back that far.

There was also a Thomas, and I think a Peter, who came to this country about
1635 and lived {I think] in Pennsylvania. All these people are easy to find;
you just have to know whom you're looking for. I know your Cravens name has
always been spelled both ways, with and without the S, but I think I figured it
was without when I saw the Gershom reference. One spelling or the other was
constantly used by the person eventually; Usually the ones from NX stuck with
CRAVEN and the LVA ones with CRAVENS.

If you can't find him, let me know. I just happen to be extra overwhelmed
right now, but will be glad to help when I can. I don't think you'll have a bit
of trouble. Also, I forgot to tell you I found a pretty close relationship
between us down the road, around the time the guy went back across the river
to get his true love, though the family lhad forbidden them to marry. You'll
know whom I mean.

Anyway, let me know what you find and especially let me know if you don't
find him but I think you will. I would just start with Gershom.

Best wishes,

Nancy Chamberlain

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