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Subject: Re: [CREED] DNA
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 15:04:03 -0500
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Perry - I would agree that this is correct - but I would like to see us get a handle on a lower limit to constitute a match first - otherwise we are going to scare off potential participants.

Otherwise it will appear that we are turning up many mysteries, many false paternities etc. and i believe, and base this belief on some study of the Ysearch participants, that there are a great number of lineages descending from some false paternal event - participating in these databases such as Ysearch and Familytree dna

If we say that we will not consider a probable match until at least there is a 100% match at 25 markers - then things start to settle down. ----and keep the lower matches out of the news.

Richard Smyrl Creed
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You ask. "Does anyone have any suggestions how we can most effectively work together and share our information so that we can all learn and have fun getting to know how we are related?" I will suggest, as I have before that the Creed List be included in the correspondence about DNA . Not just a select few.

Here is an email I received.
Name: Vernon Cude
Message: We are only one marker apart on the YDNA markers and I noticed
our families traveled to gather in colonial times. We may be related. I
even had a Creed family as neighbors when I was young, in Phoenix, Ariz. If
you would like to pursue this connection. Please contact me.---Vern.
Perry W. Creed

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Dear Ralph and All,

Greetings to all. Ralph, thanks for responding so promptly.

For those who don't already know me, I'm Nyla CREED DePauk. I'm James Emory "Jim" Creed's sister. We descend through the Matthew Creed Sr who was married to Margaret McKinney. They show up in Orange County, Virginia. Their son Matthew Creed Jr and his wife Elizabeth (surname not known) of Surry County and Wilkes County, North Carolina, were the parents of Bennett Creed who married Mary Jones. Bennett Creed lived in Tazewell County, Virginia, and Russell County, Virginia. Bennett and Mary were the parents of my great-grandfather Shadrack "Shade" Creed who died in Tazewell County, Virginia. Shade married Mary Margaret "Maggie" Rickman. My grandfather Thomas Alexander Creed married Burah Francis Sparks in Tazewell County, Virginia. In the early 1920's, they moved to Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Let me be the first to admit that I am totally confused when it comes to DNA. I got interested in genealogy about 1985. At first, I was mainly interested in just my own line of the CREED family. However, it soon became evident that I needed to learn more about other Creed lines since there are many Creed males named Matthew and Bennett.

Over the years, I've made contact with other Creed "cousins." Now, I'm learning that I also need to learn about the Childers, Allred, Jackson, Seachrest, Waldren, Brophy, and who knows how many more cousins will be a DNA match.

Folks, I need your help. This is bigger than I can handle. Can we unite and share our findings? Can we share our pedigree charts and other research? Obviously, somewhere, sometime, maybe several times, our ancestors shared their DNA. : ) Is there a possibility that we can determine when and where some of us share mutual ancestors?

Does anyone have any suggestions how we can most effectively work together and share our information so that we can all learn and have fun getting to know how we are related?

How about we include All Addressees in our correspondence? And also, that we add any new addressees that might like to share information? Do you have websites that might help?

Please let me hear from you and any suggestions that you have as well as anything you'd like to volunteer to do.

Nyla CREED DePauk
Creed Surname DNA Coordinator


Hello Everyone,

Upon receiving Nyla's email, it dawned on me that maybe I should introduce
myself, having just received my Y-DNA results and signed up with the group.

My name is Ralph Loyd, although I was born a Childers (unwed mother who
subsequently married a Loyd who then adopted me). I am 58 years old,
married, and have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. I was born
and raised in California, now living in Sacramento. I am a geologist who
has worked at the California Geological Survey for 30 years, first in
mining surveys and then in earthquake hazards. I am a musician as well.

I have dabbled in genealogy from time to time over the last 7 years, but
haven't got very far (I'm still on this side of the ocean in all confirmed
branches). I have, though, made some research trips to Utah, Oklahoma,
Texas, Missouri, and Illinois, and I continue to maintain contact with
distant relatives. I've got my Childers line back only to about 1853 when
Silas Childers was supposedly born. He married a Nancy Drain, a descendent
of the Robbins family (I noticed a Robbins appears on our list of exact
matches - who knows!).

Anyway, I am obviously eager to find out as much as I can about the
Childers (and related names) lineage, so please don't hesitate to make
contact with me to share anything you're willing to share. Hopefully,
there is someone among you willing to summarize the history of this group
and maybe some of the notable facts/theories that been shared or advanced
thus far? I would be most grateful. I will be posting my limited GedCon
file (or whatever appropriate file) for you soon. Also, now that I am
starting to slightly grasp what this venture is about, I want to expand my
DNA tests. Any comments on that will be welcomed. By the way, I note that
only a few of the 40 matches on the FTDNA list are on this mailing list.
Do some of them interact through other channels?

Anyway, I look forward to communicating with all of you. If you have any
questions of me, personal or otherwise, feel free to ask. As you have
probably noted already, I'm not, by any means, an inhibited person!

Ralph Loyd

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Greetings to all,

Please don't think I'm ignoring you. I have been out of commission
because of my arthritis. (I'm thinking that I'm a Ritis descendant, specifically,
Arthur Ritis.)

Please keep me on your list of those who want to learn more about our

Nyla CREED DePauk
Santee, San Diego County, California

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