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Subject: Re: [CREEK-SOUTHEAST] Billie Ford Snider - Full Name Indexes,Creek Indians East of MS
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If she and you are talking about the binders I looked at which was compiled
by Billie Ford Snider entitled the same, I will tell you what I have learned
while looking for my Indian blood ancestors. Back in 1950, my daddy and I
(aged 5 at the time) went to Poarch from Walnut Hill, FL (close by Atmore
AL/Poarch) to fill out and turn in applications that included most of his
family including my mother, his second wife, my siblings, and me. I
remember the day plainly and have proven it to a now deceased sister. The
applications were to serve two possible purposes. One, the most attractive
one was to get some money from a settlement with the Cherokee. All listed,
except maybe two that I know of, were rejected because they were labeled
Creek and not Cherokee. That served a purpose for the second reason which
brings us up to Two. Two, was to show a larger sum of local Creek Indians
for the purpose of gaining federal recognition as a tribe. That helped with
the cause. But, then as the proceedings ended, only those "selected" were
actually admitted to the tribe...and the remainder had to go through the
hoops as we are having to do today. We have to prove our heritage and
"qualify" to be admitted. No one in my family knew what I have learned
since last May about our heritage and connections. The applications should
hold some validity as they are sworn instruments, but typically they are
good for further research directions. Some of the acknowledged key Creek
members filled out the applications which gives us leads to other

My daddy, James Alexander Timothy, and one of his brothers, Jesse Timothy,
filled out their first application for the Cherokee money back in 1906 (My
daddy was born in 1883 and I'm not a hundred years old either....born in
1945.) Again, the filling out of applications in 1950 was marketed to the
citizens with some Indian blood for two reasons.

Looking names up can be done by looking for ancestors and decedents. They
are valuable to many of us in hunting our kin, and for various personal
reasons. For some, they have helped lend validity towards their beliefs and
gives a sense of belonging to the Creek family even if they can not prove or
meet all the requirements for admission to the Poarch Tribe. As for a book
written with explanations about history, etc......unaware of such a book.

That's what I know for today.....Boyce "Tim" Timothy, One of them!
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> Could we get definite idea how Billie Ford Snider developed her book?
> Anyone care to help?
> Jackie Gordon and I thought the book was written from the original
> applications of those families which, first, and through the years,
> supplied their genealogies to build the Poarch Band.
> Any comments?
> Kathie
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