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Subject: [CREWS-L] GOOCH
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:14:21 -0800

(DAR Patriot Index, Vol. 1, p. 273)
Thomas GOOCH, b. ca 1750, died ca. 1815, married Lucy GRUBBS - Soldier, VA.
Children were:
1. John A. GOOCH: (1780-1807) was deputy sheriff of Livingston County, KY.
(killed by
a man named TRIMBLE)
2. Manderville GOOCH, died young
3. William GOOCH m. Zerelda STAMPER
4. Bettie m. Mr. HARRIS
5. Lucy GOOCH m. Shelby Co. KY 13 Feb 1810 Joel HANSBROUGH
6. Susan GOOCH m. 18 Feb. 1801 Henry M. CALGAN
7. Sally GOOCH m. Shelby Co. KY 9 Oct 1811 John L. JONES
8. Mary (Polly) GOOCH (d. 1818 - Mercer Co. KY, 30 years old) m. Shelby Co.
KY 30
Jan 1811 John GRUBBS
9. Annie GOOCH m. Mr. BOONE
10. Thomas GOOCH b. 25 Dec 1800 (Thomas died 1874) (youngest child) Shelby
County, KY, m. Julia WASHBURN 1823 of Logan Co, KY
They both died near Russellville, KY
(DAR National Number.401174)
Shelby Co. KY Marriage Bonds 1792-1830, published by Elizabeth Prather
ELLSBERRY, Box 206, Chillicothe, no year given)
William GOOCH, jr. (b. ca. 1739) married 1760, Lucy FLEMING. They lived in
Albemarle County, Virginia. He left a will there and died 1796. (Some
confusion sets in
with some reports getting father and son mixed here). He had eleven
children, number of
whom removed to Kentucky.
1. Jesse GOOCH. Will filed July 1801, Garrard County, KY. He married 14
april 1792 in
Lincoln County, KY to Elizabeth OWSLEY. Left issue, 4 dts.
2. Matthew Moore GOOCH, was admitted to the Albemarle Bar 1796 and moved to
Caldwell County, KY. He gave Power of Atty. to his brother, Dabney C. GOOCH
Virginia to settle his share of his father's estate, 1806. He later lived in
Livingston County,
3. Dabney C. GOOCH died 1844. He married Elizabeth IRVIN, dau. of Rev.
IRVIN. He lived where his father's dwelling stood in Albemarle Co., VA. He
had a
daughter Mary, who married her cousin, Dr. William F. GOOCH.
4. Nicholas L. GOOCH, came to Kentucky the year his father died 1796. In
1798, power
of attorney was given by his brother William, to settle his share of
father's estate by
Nicholas L. GOOCH. there is a deed recorded in Lincoln County, KY to
GOOCH and one to William GOOCH in the same record, for land on Hanging Fork.
5. Mary GOOCH married William MOORE.
6. William GOOCH -- to Caldwell Co, KY
7. Thomas W. GOOCH, died 1838, married 1805, Nancy IRVIN, daughter of Rev.
William IRVIN. for many years Thomas kept a Tavern at Dorsey Silby.
8. Elizabeth GOOCH married Nathan DEDMOND, and lived at Versailles, KY.
9. Martha GOOCH married William THURMOND.
10. Susan GOOCH
11. Philip GOOCH stayed in Virginia and to him his father transferred the
land which he
first bought on Rugged Mountain, and which somehow acquired the name of
Egypt”, (in Amherst County) including the present reservoir and sold by his
Claiborne, to the HOUCHENs’ and MAYS’ families, that still live on it (1943)
Claiborne moved to Richmond, and became Adjutant General of the state of
The 1800 tax list of Albemarle County, VA. in Saint Anne’s Parish - Dist.
of James
LEWIS (the son of William GOOCH, Jr. died 1796) Dabney and Thomas GOOCH
listed as 2 males over 21 and had 3 horses taxed as 12 cents each, 2 slaves
over 16 taxed
at 44 cents each. It seems at least three sons of William GOOCH, Jr. and
FLEMING remained in an area close to their former home; Phillip, Dabney C.
Thomas GOOCH. The 1982 telephone book of Charlottesville, Virginia, has a
listing on the surname of GOOCH, and some are listed in Richmond, VA.
William GOOCH, b. ca. 1710-1712 and wife Elizabeth, had besides the two
William Jr and Thomas, three daughters, Elizabeth, Ursula and Sarah.
3. Elizabeth GOOCH married a Mr. CEASE. They lived at Springfield, KY.
Reported to
have two children. No further information.
4. Ursula GOOCH married and moved to Tennessee where her husband died and
left her
with several small children. No further information.
5. Sarah GOOCH married and lived in Virginia. Husband’s name unknown. She
was lost
during the early days of the Revolution. This is our Sarah GOOCH who
married David
CREWS. She was born in Hanover County VA., 27 May 1743. David CREWS was
in Hanover County, VA 9th month 1735.
David’s father left a will in Louisa County, Virginia, naming David and
his siblings.
David CREWS and family removed to Guilford County, North Carolina by 1777.
(The information on Sarah CREWS and her family of Hanover County came from
information of Frances K. GOOCH, and Mrs. Virginia GOOCH WATSON of Franklin,
Tennessee. Virginia is a GOOCH descendant and a genealogist for some years.
eventually plans to write a history on the GOOCH family.)
See the “CREWS family” for information on David CREWS and his wife Sarah
and their fourteen children.
Our GOOCH line in America is:
I. Henry GOOCH and Millicent GOODWIN, m. 1656
II. William GOOCH b. ca. 1662, m. Ursula CLAIBORNE
III. Claiborne GOOCH b. ca. 1685, living 1748, m. a Miss. THOMPSON
IV. William GOOCH, b. ca. 1710-12, m. Elizabeth ______
V. Sarah GOOCH b. 1743, m. David CREWS and removed to North Carolina by

GOOCH Family Line to America, found in manuscripts of Mr. Humphrey’s and
Gooch Singleton on “GOOCH Genealogy and Allied Families”. The first
generations are also given in: The Augustan Book Four, published by the
Society, Calif. (Forebears: Vol. 16 #4 - pp. 516-520.) “The Welsh Kingly
Lines” by G.
Stephens with references used for the chart.

[There follows a list of 39 generations of the GOOCH Family. I won't
include that here but it's available in the book for anyone interested. ]


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