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From: ashley tiwara <>
Subject: [CROATIA-L] Zajednicar October 4, 2000
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 22:03:40 -0500

> Zajednicar newspaper, October 4, 2000
> Obituaries
> born 1916 to Steve and Mary POPOVICH, formerly of Dalmatia, resided
> Mountain View, CA
> worked for Libby-McNeill Libby in Sunnyvale both before and after W2,
> became plant superintendent
> WW2 south Pacific, USAAF
> died 2000, Sunnyvale, CA at his residence
> survived by Lou; sister Ruby NICHOLAS, Stockton, CA; brother Milan
> POPOVICH, Saratoga, CA; sister Olga BATEY, Elk Grove, CA; brother Donald
> POPOVICH, Mountain View, CA
> George PESUT
> born 1931, South Chicago, to Helen and George GALAMA PESUT
> college football, high school coach, drafted Army, recreation coach for
> 3rd Armored Division, later Master's in physical education, taught and
> coached
> Tambouritza band member 30 years, vice president/treasurer Tamburitza
> Association of America, Elks, etc.
> died 2000 Boise, ID
> survived by wife, Ruthe; daughter Michelle PESUT OTTERNESS, Moorpark,
> CA; daughter, Sheila PESUT VINCE, San Jose, CA; sister Mary TAPORIS,
> Chicago, IL; brother, Rudy, Manteno, IL; grandchildren, nieces, nephews
> John DOSEN
> born 1925 to Marko and Marija BARIC DOSEN in Hibbing, MN
> moved Detroit, known in school for artistic talent, exhibited Detroit
> Institute of Arts, owned upholstery shop to "fulfill his lifelong dream
> of creating beautiful things"
> died 2000, Bangor, Maine
> survived by sisters Anna and Emma, brother Joe, nieces nephews and
> especial cousins Anna and Rob ROZIC
> born to Matt and Nane PODNAR, no date, Lika, Croatia
> emigrated to Noranda, Quebec, Canada
> married Joe MAVRINAC, resided Kirkland Lake from 1952
> founding member Catholic Women's League, 50 year CFU member, " a
> prodigious reader", etc.
> died Kirkland Lake, 2000
> survived by Joe, daughters Diane MAVRINAC-ROSS, of Toronto, and Mary Ann
> MAVRINAC married to Peter van SHIE, London, grandcildren, also sisters
> Mandy VUKOVIC of Port Credit, Ontario, Mary KRANCEVIC of Mississauga.
> Brother John predeceased her.
> born 1910 Gostinjac, Krk, Croatia to Nicholas and Antonia (Ante)
> emigrated to USA with mother, January 1, 1911 to join father in Chicago
> expert seamstress, worked Gold Coast boutique
> 1938 = Ernest G. D'ESTE, born Chicago, raised Bakar, Croatia
> daughters, Mary Ernestine D'ESTE of Marlton, NJ, and Sandra (Bernard)
> JUMBECK of Palos Heights, IL
> nephew Kenneth BUGAN of Lake Wylie, SC
> widowed 1961, worked in banking, retired 1976, travels to Turkey, across
> North America, to Stari Kraj with husband and family
> died 2000
> predeceased by Nick 1958, Ante 1973, Ernest 1961, sister Amelia KNETL
> 1980, sister Tona KNETL 1999. Funeral Mass concelebrants her cousin Fr.
> Ronald TURCHICH, OSA, and nephew, Fr. Richard BEST, in Palos Hts, Il
> Boris PUZ
> born Matulji, Croatia, 1949
> resided Etna, PA, steelworker, extended family in western PA
> died 2000
> mother Mary predeceased, 1989
> letter to the editor on differences between Croatian and the
> official Serbo-Croatian language of the former Jugoslavia. Frank W.
> Paladin, St. Louis, MO
> article on summer travel tips in eastern Europe. Bill Vergot,
> Trafford, PA
> article on 1994 and 1995 vacations in Croatia, especially the
> Dalmatian coast, with comments on water rationing in Zadar, and other
> effects of the war. Norma Valcic-Bearblock
> article drawn from the SKRIVANIC Memoirs, 1886-1915, translated by
> Richard MAJOR. "The Upper Michigan Copper Strike of 1913 and Its
> Related Tragedies", which concerns the Calumet, MI, area strike of 1913
> by immigrant Croatian, Slovene, and other miners.
> "...while [Ivan] KALAN was sitting in front of his house,
> seven company security officers showed up and ordered him to come with
> them. The frightened Kalan attempted to escape into his house whereupon
> the guards opened fire through the door and windows. All the while 10
> Croatian strikers had been seated at a table inside Kalan's house. One,
> Lujo TIJAN was shot dead on the spot, another, Stjepan PUTRIC, died
> later of sustained wounds, while still two others, Stanko STIPIC and
> Ivan STIMAC were slightly wounded. The killing and wounding of the
> strikers further embittered the mining community....
> [ funeral held August 17, 1913. Strike continued in the fall and
> winter. On Christmas Eve, a gathering at the Italian Hall of about a
> thousand people, mostly children, was intended as a party and
> present-giving] "...someone opened a door from the outside and
> screamed "fire!" ...What had been a children's paradise was instantly
> transformed into a panicked rush for the exit. Amid the screaming and
> crying and the desperate efforts of the adult chaperones, the children
> kept piling up near the door, with the smaller and weaker falling and
> being trampled by the crowd.
> "When the exodus ended, a pathetic scene awaited. Dead children lay
> in heaps, a dead mother lay embracing her dead child ....The death total
> came to 72, including the following 13 Croatian Americans:
> Viktorija BURCAR,
> Ernestina KLARIC,
> Marija KLARIC,
> Katarina KLARIC,
> Ivka BOLF,
> Marija KRANJAC,
> Agneza MIHELCIC,
> Elizabeta MIHELCIC,
> Katarina GRGURIC,
> Francika STAJDUHAR, and
> "The general thinking at the time was that someone who opposed
> the strike wanted to throw a wet blanket on the children's celebration
> --- not anticipating the terrible consequences.
> "The strike, of course, eventually ground its way to an end,
> with the miners achieving much of what they were after --- but at a
> terrible, terrible price."
> [It would be harder to give up a cause when you and your family have
> paid this sort of price.]
> In hopes that this is of interest,
> Ashley

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