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Subject: Udbina, Croatia (Information please)
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:24:18 EST

Greetings List,

My name is Susan and I live in Cape Coral, Florida.

I am just starting to research my family line of Krmpotic which lists
as their last residence in Croatia as Udbina,Austria,Croatia.

My great grandmother was Roza Brokovich Krmpotic Pintar who immigrated
to the US in Nov. 1910 on the Southhampton to join her husband Evon Krmpotic
in Denver Colorado. She brought her 2-3 year old son with her (Mike) on
that voyage. Then moved from Denver to Pueblo shortly after that since
the youngest child of their marriage was born in Pueblo. Mike was my
biological grandfather and also my adoptive father.

Anyway, Roza lists her father as Mile Bakrac (Barac) from Udbina
on the ship's log and I have no idea how Bakrac translates to Brokovich in
English if it even does, which is very confusing because her US Records show
Brokovich as her maiden name. ON that very same ship log is one Jka Pintar
age 22 who lists her father as Josa or Toso Pintar from Menhlic, Austria
(probably Croatia) who was coming to America (Brigham City) to ultimately join her
brother, Marko Pintar who was working in the smelter in McGill, Nevada. I
cannot find a town that even remotely looks like Menhlic on the map of Croatia
today. Does anyone know what the spelling might be?

In 1914 Evan/Evon Krmpotic was killed in a premature blasting accident at
the copper mine near Ruth, NV along with 4 other gentlemen, leaving Roza
a widow with 3 children, Mildred (still in Croatia), Mike and Ann Lillian
At some point thereafter she married (the very same as above) Marko
Pintar and they went on to have 4 more children, Nicola (son), Mary (Fem),
Steve (M-still living and living in McGill) and Eli Pintar (killed in WWII).

I was REALLY excited to see a message from a Sharon on the message board
who appears to be related to the Barac line from Udbina, only to discover
that her email address is no longer valid. Sharon, if you are on this list
please write to me.

Does anyone have an email address for anyone IN Udbina that could help with
family research?

Do I have any cousins on this list? :)



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