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From: "June Bork" <>
Subject: 1870 Census Denton Co, Tx
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 06:27:31 -0800

1870 Federal Census - Denton Co, Tx. -All familiar names abstracted by June
Bork, Dec 2000

This census does not give birthplace of parents, nor relationship of each
person to head of house; $600/300 means $600 in real estate value and $300
in personal property value. Cattle and Horses are taxed as personal

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.146-#55
Precinct 1
Green J. Reynolds40 Mo; $0/500
Elizabeth27 Mo
William19 Mo
m/Clarek ?16 Mo
Nancy E.14 Mo
Charlie10 Mo
Eliza J. 8 Mo
John 6 Mo
Martha 4 Mo
James 2 Mo
[Note: Green J. Reynolds was son of James Reynolds and Emeline Crowley of
Howard Co, Mo; ancestor of Jacque Reynolds' husband on our Croley-L List.
Green lived in Denton County until his death in 1933.

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.147-#156
Precinct 1
Abraham Burnett35 IL; $600/300; farmer
Sarah A.25 Ky
Nancy E.12 Tx; in school
Matilda11 Tx; in school
John S. 2 Tx
Wilkes Mannin13 Ky
Thomas S. Mannie12 Tx
Mariah B. Maple10 Tx; in school
Henry Maple 8 Tx; in school

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.155-#178
Precinct 1
John Burnett52 Va (1828); farmer; $400/350
Ephenia45 Mo
Samuel29 Mo
Nancy A.23 Mo
Jeremiah21 Mo
Melissa J.14 Ar
Martha V.12 Ar

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.156-#179
Precinct 2 - Pilot Point Precinct
Martin V. Burnett25 Mo; farm laborer
Mary21 Mo
John 1 Tx

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.158-#211
Precinct 2 - Pilot Point Precinct
Andrew J. Reynolds24 Mo
Sarah E. 19 Tx
Cornelius M. 3 Tx
Melissa A. 1 Tx

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.199-#109
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
James Medlin24 Mo; farmer; $1920/3150
Henrietta24 Tx
Henry6/12 Tx
Daniel Webster Medlin 15 Tx; stock herder

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.199-#111
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
John C. Reynolds30 Mo; $530/274
Nancy29 Mo
Richard 3 Tx
Jensey 1 Tx
Charles Harris20 Tx

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.199-#112
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Lewis Medlin64 SC; farmer; $3000/15000
Clarenda50 Mo
Andrew J.27 Mo
Wilson21 Tx
James15 Tx
John10 Tx
Nancy13 Tx
Kizzah 8 Tx

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.199-#113
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Mitchell Raybourn52 Tn; stock raiser; $7500/1800
Mary29 IL
Richard21 IL; stock driver
Sarah18 IL; Mendey (?) School
Laura J.12 IL
George W.10 Tx
Mitchell F. 8 Tx
Nathaniel 6 Tx
Elizabeth C. 4 Tx
Charles C. 1 Ts

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.199-#115
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
William C. (?) Medlin51 Mo; farmer; $1500/1450
Amanda25 Mo
Matilda 4 Tx
Columbus13 Tx; Mendry (?) School

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.200-#118-122
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Samuel F. Reynolds38 Mo; $3000/30,000
Isabella35 Tn
Elizabeth15 Tx
Julia A.13 Tx
Isam H.11 Tx
Margee 9 Tx
Mary M. 5 Tx
Alice Belle 3 Tx
m/Marquie E. 1 Tx
Richard Raiborn15 IL - stock driver

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.201-#171
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Susan Eakins53 Ky; keeping house; $2000/1400; mother of Mildred Eakins
Noah J.20 Ky
Lorenza18 Ky
Charles16 Ky
Victoria Raiborn 16 Ky; attending school
Joseph R. "11 Ky; attending school
(Susan Edwards, widow of Noah Eakins from Henderson Co, Ky; mother of
Milded/Lucy Eakins Crowley; Susan and Noah Eakins adopted the two orphan
Raiborn children (may be kin to family?). Their mother was the first to be
buried in Eakins Cemetery, land donated by Noah Eakins)

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.201-#172
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
William H. Thomason41/46? Tn; farmer; $1000/1500
Sarah E.36 Ky
John B. 8 Tx
Mary J. 7 Tx
George W. 3 Tx
Noah Sandifur16 Ky; works on farm
James A. Raiborn14 Tx
Samuel Cook34 Tn; farm laborer

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.204-#175/188
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Jerry Burnett47 Mo (1823); stock raiser $2000/6000
Susan37 Tn
Tilman20 Mo
Phoenix15 Mo
Elizabeth14 Mo
Jerry11 Mo (1859)
Amanda 8 Tx
Ruth 7 Tx

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.204-#175/189
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown (living on land of Jerry Burnett)
Burks Burnett21 Mo
Ruth18 Mo
Rufus Campbell17 Tn

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.204-#176/190
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Frank M. Croley33 Mo; stock driver; $400/2000
Mildred22 Ky (nee Eakins)
Sarah J. 3 Tx
Tilman B. 1 Tx (Tilman Burk)

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.04-#176/191
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
William Croley24 Mo (bro of Francis Marion above)
Lizzie22 Mo
Frank M. 4 Tx
Sarah J. 2 Tx

1870 Denton Co, Tx - #182
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Reuben Burnett38 Mo; farmer; $920/250
Elizabeth26 Mo
Mary A.11 CALIF (1859); Alton School
Martha M. 9 CALIF (1861)
Jerry 5 CALIF (1865)
Burks m. 3 Tx (1867)

1870 Denton Co, Tx - #183
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Samuel Burnett43 Mo; farmer; $800/400
Ann E.32 Mo
Reuben11 Mo
Lee 5 Mo (1875)
Marion 3 Tx (1877)

1870 Denton Co, Tx - #185
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Melvina Reynolds 27 Mo; $0/300
James 6 Mo

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.205-#191
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
James H. Christal30 Mo; farmer; $1100/575
Elzina26 Ky
Martha J. 6 Tx
F.M. 4 Tx (Frances Marian)
Silas R. 2 Tx
Nancy L.5/12 Tx
(James Howard Christal, b. 26 Sep 1840 in Macon Co, Mo; d. 14 Mar 1900 in
Ponder, Denton Co, Tx; buried Eakin Cem. in Ponder, Tx; m. about 1865 to
Mrs. Elzina Margaret Eakins Christal, widow of John R. Christal (1839-1862),
bro of James H. Christal, sons of Silas Christal & Mary Eliz. Burnett

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.205-#194/213
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Silas Christal61 Ky; farmer; $2000/1650
Elizabeth60 Ky (nee Burnett)
Nancy E.27 Mo
Lucinda19 Mo
Silas Beebe12 Tx
(Note: Silas Richard Christal, b. 10 Jan 1810 in Wayne Co, Ky; d. 30 Jun
1883 in Denton Co, Tx; buried Eakin Cem in Ponder, Tx, age 73; son of
Richard Christal and Elizabeth Byers; S.R. Christal married 1832 in Wayne Co
to Mary Elizabeth Burnett, b. 16 Feb 1811 in Wayne Co, Ky; d. 16 July 1883
at Stoney, Tx; buried with husband; dau of Roland Burnett and Polly Hurt.
Roland, brother of Jeremiah Burnett who m. Effie Crowley).

1870 Denton Co, Tx - p.205-#194/214
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Silas G. (Granville) Christal 22 Mo; farmer; $0/2000
Mary A.18 Mo
b/Mandy Etter9 __

1870 Denton Co, Tx -p.205- #195
Precinct 4 - Elizabethtown
Sarah E. Dodson18 Mo
Nancy E.12 Tx
John R. 4 Tx
Almira J. 4 Tx
(orphan children of Obadiah Burnett Dodson)


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