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From: June Bork <>
Subject: Who Was William Tomlinson ?
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 06:08:06 -0600

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Surname: Tomlinson, Redd, Draper, Martin, Strong, Crowley, Crawley, Perkins,
Stalmaker, Powell, Hill

A Question Is Put To Major John Redd (John Redd was born 1755 in Albemarle
County, Virginia).

He said, "of William Tomlinson, I know nothing." Apparently, Tomlinson
was someone of importance.

Published in April 1899 in Volume VI of The Virginia Magazine of History,
page 335ff, under the title Reminiscences of Western Virginia 1770-1790,
is a paper from the archives of The Virginia Historical Society. This is
approximately 40 pages stitched together and is a series of answers to
questions which had been addressed to John Redd. There is no title nor
signature, but it has been judged from internal evidence that the paper
was written by John Redd of Henry County, and the answers given are the
answers of John Redd. This was confirmed by Lyman C. Draper, in the new
edition of Withers' Border Warfare on p. 59. He quotes some statements
made in the beginning of this manuscript, and states that the information
was given him in 1849, by Major John Redd of Henry County, VA. At that
time Redd was upwards of 80 years of age, and it had been 75 years since
the death of the spy at the enemy camp at Point Pleasant.

"It is probable that our manuscript is the original of the information
given Mr Draper. At any rate it is evident that the questions to which
answers are given, were propounded by one well informed in regard to the
history of the West."

The collected papers of Draper are on microfilm and fragments are published
in several places. He documented much information about Gen. Joseph Martin
of Henry County who certainly was a close friend of John Strong and who
lived with John Strong when they were called upon by Peter Perkins in 1767.
John was a brother to Elizabeth and acted as surety for her when she filed
the Administrator's Bond in the estate of Samuel Crowley.

Redd's response to several of Draper's questions (Vol VI:31):
1. I know nothing of Ambrose Powell
2. Of Stalmaker, I know nothing
3. Of WILLIAM TOMLINSON, I know nothing

Following a piece concerning Walden's Ridge is the statement, "I know nothing
of the two men who discovered the Indians on the morning of the battle
of Point Pleasant."

In several places Redd speaks at length of the activity of Joseph Martin
and his brother, Brice Martin. Peter Perkins listed Joseph Martin as dwelling
next door to Samuel Crowley and Martin shared the same cabin with the surety
on the bond in Samuel's estate.

One thing is clear about the matter of the two men. Lyman Draper seems
to accept, without question, that there were two spys who entered the enemy
camp that morning in October. He did not ask Redd IF there were TWO MEN,
but only asks for their names. Draper's conviction about the events of
that day obviously came from other sources who had convinced him that there
was the event of the two spys. It would be likely that those who informed
Draper of the event also informed him of their identity. Draper expected
Redd to give him two names, one of which was the name of the first man
to die in battle in the Revolution, a man who, like Redd, was a person
of Smith River (formerly Irwin River).

Ambrose Powell and other members of the Powell family were neighbors of
Jeffrey Crowley in Orange County days. Their name is remembered at Powell
Valley where Redd visited. Ambrose Powell may have known nothing of John
Redd, but I doubt that Redd knew nothing of Powell.

In a History of Henry County, Virginia, "Major John Redd was born October
25th, 1755 in Albemarle County...responded to the call to war against the
Indians and with Joseph Martin, then Colonel, he made several campaigns
against them in Wataugua and Holstein counties out in the frontier...he
was elected to the legislature of Virginia..." (Judith Parks America Hill,
originally published by Regional Publishing Company, Martinsville, Virginia,
1925, pp.96-97).

Confederate Lt. Gen. A.P.Hill was named for Ambrose Powell.

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