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From: "June Bork" <>
Subject: [CROLEY] Early Virginia Strongs from James Rolff
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 05:27:52 -0800

For those of you who are new to Crowley/Strong Genealogy:

The sons of Jeffrey Crowley married Strong sisters:
Benjamin Crowley married Sara Strong
Samuel Crowley married Elizabeth Strong

Sara and Elizabeth were daughters of William Strong whose birth dates are
recorded in William Strong's Prayer Book. William Strong was son of John

James Rolff is the leading authority on Strong family research. He
published a book in 1982, "Strong Family of Virginia and Other Southern
States," that can be found at LDS Library in Salt Lake City. I do not know
if it has been microfilmed. Now that Jimmy has retired in Texas, I was
hoping he would bring out a revised edition including our Crowleys.

Jimmy, thank you very much for this new information that I know took months
of reading faded micro-film to compile this really great addition to our
Strong ancestry. Regards, June Bork

To :
Subject : Early Virginia Strongs
Date : Fri, 7 Dec 2001 20:07:46 EST

Hi June; Please forward this to your Croley List. This is about the
progress I have made recently on the earliest Strongs in Virginia.

The first Virginia Strongs of our family resided in James City, New Kent,
and Hanover Cos., all counties that have almost totally lost all their early
records, so progress in these counties is hard and slow, so these few new
things won't seem like much. The first Virginia Strong that we can be
absolutely sure was our ancestor was the John Strong who was the father of
our William Strong of the William Strong Prayer Book. This John Strong was
probably born around 1675, and in on record in New Kent County, Virginia.

The late Robert Strong, who had the Strong List, firmly believed that this
John Strong was our immigrant ancestor from England. He based this solely
on a Virginia Land Patent that claimed a John Strong as an imported person.

The fact is that these Virginia Land Patents cannot be trusted as an
indication that any person was really imported shortly before the date of
the Patent. It's widely known that fraud was rampant, that rights were
legally exchanged, that "imported" people were often only from Maryland or
had only visited some other country, etc.

On the other hand, a William Strong was on maybe 20 records from 1640 to
1680s in James City, Charles City, and Surry Cos., Va. These three counties
join each other at the James River, and William Strong lived in James City
Co. at a place that was very close to where the three counties meet. Robert
Strong also doubted that it was the same William Strong in all three
counties, yet one of the Surry Co. records states that William Strong stayed
at the house at his mill "when he was on this side of the river". I have
never been able to connect this William Strong to our John Strong, but James
City Co. adjoins
New Kent Co., and it's known that most Strongs of Virginia are from our John
Strong, so I believe that John Strong was from William Strong, either son or
grandson. William Strong had two known daughters, a Hester who married
William Thomas and another daughter who married John Doby. There also were
an Andrew Strong and Thomas Strong on early records of the three counties,
so they were likely sons. Andrew died young. I would like to find records
that later members of the above Thomas or Doby family hung out with our
Strongs from John Strong, but so far have not found evidence of this. These
early records of William Strong can be found in my book. Here is one of
those records that you will need to see to understand some of the stuff that
I recently found:


Book 7, Page 265: John Doby, 362 acs.; James City Co., 16 Apr. 1683. From
James Riv., along Edward Ellerby; to Drinkard's line; to head of a little
creeke at Mount Sinai Bridge; & down same to the River. Part of 600 acs.
granted to William Haveat 20 Oct 1661, who by will dated 26 Aug 1663
bequeathed to William Strong, who on 30 Jan 1677 sold 100 acs. to sd Doby,
by will bequeathed 50 acs. more to sd. Doby; 212 acs sd Strong by will dated
28 Aug. 1675 gave to William & Hester Thomas, who on 1st. Aug 1676 assigned
to sd Doby.

This is a GREAT record, considering that there are no records of James City
Co., Va.
This tells us that it's likely that William Strong was married to a daughter
of William Haveat, and that it's likely that William Thomas and John Doby
were likely married to daughters of William Strong. Following is a record
that I recently found:


Book E, Page 95: In the name of God Amen I Mary Havatt being sick and weak
of body butt of Sound & perfect memory and mind thanks be to Almighty God
make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and form
following. Imp. I bequest my Soule to Almighty God who gave it ------ and
joyous ------ for the -----
then of my ------ and ------ ------ his ------ I shall come to the
Resurrection of Life Everlasting and my body to the earth from whence it
to be buried in Christian like manner by my Executor hereafter named and for
my worldly Estate that it has pleased God to bestow upon me I give and
bequeath as followeth. First I give and bequeath to Mary Crafford my God
Daughter a Cow & Calf to her ------ as Soone as possible after my decease
Also it is her ----- by Wm Thomas that my god daughter Mary his daughter
Shall remain with my Cousin Okeham ------ her ------
------ ------ pay her a heifer of two years old and in case she stays her
whole time upon her to pay ------ ------ bushells of corne and Sufficient
------ Also I give and bequeath to Hester Thomas a cow and calfe ------
------ if any one will take the care of looking after it Also I give to
my loving kinsman Jno. Okeham all my land that was given ------ by my late
husband Wm Havatt to be to him and his heirs forever Also I give and
bequeath to my Couzin Ann Okeham wife of my Cousin Jno Okeham all my wearing
aparrell both Linen and wollen and of ------ all the Remainder of my Estate
give and Bequeath to my aforesaid Couzen Jno Okeham whom I do hereby
acknowledge my whole and sole Exec. of this my last will and testament
witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand this 3d of March 1666 Mary
Signed in the presence of us Henry Watson Jno Masters
Proved att an orphants Court this 10th May 1671 by said Jno. Masters ------
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

Sorry about the blanks, but this will was extremely hard to read. Obviously
this Mary Havatt is the widow of William Haveat, father-in-law of William
Strong. However, this is not the mother of William Strong's wife, but
a stepmother since nothing is left to any child or grandchild of Mary
Most of her estate is left to John Okeham, her probable nephew. William
Strong was still living at the time of this will.
Then the following record:


Book 4, Page 56: Hester Oakham, 150 acres James City Co., on N. side of
James Riv., 30 Oct 1656, p.56, (81). S.E. on Matthew Warriners land, S.W. on
Capt. Elice & Mr. Fry & N.E. on the heires of the land of Rice Wolfes.
of 3 pers: Margaret Delton, Sarah Coe, Mary Hull.

Hester is a somewhat uncommon name and so is Okeham/Oakham. Because of this
and the fact that this is in William Strong's James City Co. and in very
close proximity to his land because of the names Warriner and Fry, I would
guess that this is William Strong's daughter Hester, widow of a first
Okeham, before her marriage to William Thomas. This is further indicated in
the will of Mary Havatt, since Hester is the only of her husband's
descendants who was one of her heirs. This is likely because Hester's
desceased husband Okeham was a relative of Mary Havatt. I've found very few
further records of William Thomas, but the few that I have found seem to
indicate that they remained in James City County, so because of the lack of
records there that's probably a dead end. I did find the following record,
probably of the other William Strong son-in-law:


Book 7, Page 415: John Dobe Sr., Leg- To my grandaughter, Mary Vinsen, and
her child Thomas, a mare and colt. To loving grandchildren in general, one
shilling each. To so John Dobe Jr., the land he now lives on for life, on
south side of Myery Meddow, 200 acres, at his death to his elder son, John
Dobe. To son Robert the land I live on, on the north side of Myery Meddow,
200 acres, all the rest of my estate not given to be possessed by my son
Robert Dobe, and makes him Exer. 19 Mar 1716/17. Prob 15 Aug 1722. Wit:
Scott Sr., Bethyer Scott, John Scott Jr.

The earliest record in Virginia that is surely for William Strong is a 1640
Court record accusing him of attempting to marry while having a wife in
England. I believe the following is an earlier record of William Strong:

"Lists of Emmigrants to America, 1600-1700:, by John Camden Hotten

Muster Rolls of Settlers in Virginia in 1624

The Muster of Sir George Yearley(sic-Yeardley), Kt., Etc.

Sir George Yearlley, Kt., Etc. came in the Deliverance, 1609
Temperance Lady Yearlley, came in the Faulcon, 1608
Mr. Argall Yearlley, aged 4 years, born here
Mr. Francis Yearlley, aged 1 year, born here
Mrs. Elizabeth Yearlley, aged 6 years, born here
Servants at James Citty
Richard Gregory, aged 40 years
Anthony Jones, 26, came in the Temperance, 1620
Thomas Dunn, 14, came in the Temperance, 1620
Thomas Phildust, 15, came in the Temperance, 1620
Thomas Hatch, 17, in the Duty, 1619
Robert Peake, 22, in the Margaret and John, 1623
WILLIAM STRANGE, 18, in the George, 1619
Roger Thompson, in the London Merchant, 1620
Ann, his wife
Richard Arundell, in the Abigail, 1620
George Deverill, in the Temperance, 1614
Thomas Barnett, 16, in the Elizabeth, 1620
Theophilus Beriston, 23, in the Treasurer, 1614
Negro Men, 3
Negro Women, 5
Suzan Hall, in the William and Thomas, 1618
Ann Willis, in the Temperance, 1620
Elizabeth Arrundell, in the Abigall, 1620
The rest of his servants at Hog Island

Robert Strong has said that this man is not a Strong, but rather a Strang.
It's true that there is a family named Strang, and it's totally separate
the Strong family.
You all know that Crawley is a sparate family from your Crowley, but you
know that occasionally a record for a Crawley is found that you know is for
Crowley, but misspelled. The following record from the same book shows that
this above man could very possibly be William Strong:

The Living in Virginia 1623(after the massacre)

At Flourdirn Hundred(Sic-Flowerdieu Hundred, plantation of Sir George
Yeardley, named for his wife born Temperance Flowerdieu)
Richard Gregory
Edward Alborn
Thomas Dillimager
Thomas Hach
Anthony Jones
Robert Guy
William Strachey
John Browne
Annis Boult
William Baker
Theodor Beriston
Walter Blake
Thomas Watts
Thomas Doughty
George Deverell
Richard Spurling
John Woodson
Thomas Dune
John Landman
Leonard Yeates
George Levet
Thomas Haway
Thomas Filentt
Robert Smith
Thomas Gyrinder
Thomas Gasko
John Olines
Christopher Pugett
Robert Peake
Edward Tramorden
Henry Linge
Gilbert Peppet
Thomas Munes
John Linge
John Gale
Thomas Barnett
Roger Tompson
Ann Doughty
Sara Woodson
Grivell Pooley, minister
Samuel Sharp
John Upton
John Wilson
Henry Rownige
Nathaniel Thomas
William Barrett
Robt. Okley
Richard Bradshawe
Thomas Sawell
John Bamford

These two lists are of people at Sir George Yeardley's plantation, and you
can see that most on the first list are also on the second list, but often
with different spellings, as obviously the spelling here is terrible. The
man who was William Strange on the first list is on the second list William
Straunge. Now we have a spelling that would be pronounced much more as

Next, I decided to check Virginia Land Patents for all the other people on
the two above lists, to see what might turn up. The very first person on
both lists is Richard Gregory, and this is what I found for him:


Book 1, Page 59: Lt Thomas Flint, 1000 acs. upon the Southerne shoare of
Warwicke Riv., 20 Sept 1628, p 59. Ely upon land of Robert Poole, Gent.,
towards the head of sd river, adj. next unto the ground graunted by pattent
unto John Rolfe, Esqr., decd. & Capt William Pierce, & S upon the maine
river. Due by act of Court the 9 Feb 1627 for trans. of 20 pers., whoe came
in the Temperance in 1621 for the account of Sir Georg Yeardley, Kt., & sett
over unto the sd Lt. Flint, viz: Maxmillian Stone, Elizabeth his wife, Georg
Whitehand, Thomas Newson, Thomas Mann, Thomas Harris, Thomas Powis, William
Chelmedge, Jon. Wray, Philloip Smith, Richard Gregory & John Moyer, Peter
Mason, Henry Rowen, Nath. Thomas, William Brooke, John Phillips, John
Bradford, John Penny, & George Deverall.

Most of these above transported were on one of the two above lists or on the
list of inhabitants at Sir George Yeardley's other plantation at Hog Island.
There was no WILLIAM CHELMEDGE on any of the three lists, nor in the whole
book, nor was there any name remotely similar in this book nor in the 3
volumes of Virginia Land Patents, with the exception that William Chelmedge
was on two other land patents as imported by two other people, but both
the others on the patent above also appearred, so this is a case where Sir
George Yeardley passed on his rights to Lt. Flint above, as stated, and then
later this list was used twice more by other people, probably illegally.
It's really a reach from STRONGE to CHELMEDGE?

Jim Rolff

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