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From: "June Bork" <>
Subject: [CROLEY] WILLIAM CROWLEY,son of Samuel Crowley and Elizabeth Strong.
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 06:57:31 -0800

WILLIAM CROWLEY, son of Samuel Crowley and Elizabeth Strong.
Research by June Bork, 1999.

William was born about 1773/4 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and died
before 1850
in Johnson County, Missouri. William was last found 1840 in Rives County.
His first son was named Littleberry, a namesake of his brother
Littleberry Crowley
who married Polly Gibson. There was another Littleberry living at the same
time, being Littleberry Kimsey. William had ties with both men.
William Crowley Sr, married about 1799 to Abigail Kimsey probably in
Jackson Co, Georgia where both were found at the time.

Records of William Crowley:
17_- Henry Co, Va Tax List
Elizabeth Crowley 2 polls .............

1793 Wilkes Co, Ga Tax List - Capt. James Luckie's District
(Research of Helen Crowley):
William Crowley and Littleberry Crowley were defaulters, meaning out of
county or
between age of 16/21.
Also in this county was their mother, Elizabeth Strong Crowley, a widow
with one
slave and no land
James Kimsey was of Franklin Co with land adjoining James Crowley; James
Kimsey died
between 1799-1801 in Jackson Co, Ga; wife Mary Crowley Kimsey died in

1799 Aug 2 - Jackson Co, Ga
William Crowley security for James Kimsey in suit "Kimsey vs Laurence

1799 ____ - Grainger Co, Tn Tax List
William Crowley, age 21-50 (born between 1749-1778), taxed with 1 poll,
one black;
John Crowley also here.

Powell's Valley - Campbell County, Tennessee is one of the extreme
northern counties
of East Tennessee, lying immediately above Anderson County. It is bounded
on the east by
Claiborne and Union counties and on the west by Scott County. It is
traversed by the
Cumberland Mountains, on the east side of which also, extending the entire
length, is
The settlement of Campbell County was begun sometime not far from 1795
and for
several years it was restricted mainly to that portion to the east of the
mountains, all
of which was included in Henderson County's grant.

1804 Knox Co, Tn Tax List
William Crowley...

1805 Dec Ct - Claiborne Co, Tn Court Order Bk p.196
Ordered by the Court that William Crowley be overseer of road that Charles
Bratcher was overseer of and that he have the same hands that Bratcher had
to work on
said road.

1806 Dec 2 - Campbell Co, Tn - Deed Bk _
Littleberry Crowley (bro of William) to Joseph Barren..

1812 War of - Alabama - Lt. Col. Peter Perkins - 7th Regiment (Perkins
Battalion) of
Mississippi Militia
* William Crowley
James and John Cunningham - who m. Wm. Simpson's sisters
William Simpson
James Kinzey
Elijah Kinzey

1814 Mar 8 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Book (1813-1817), p.
State vs William Crowley. Indictment; continued upon affidavit of

1814 Mar 9 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Bk (1813-1817), p.
William Crowley acknowledged a debt of $500 to the State; postponed to
June Court;
Surety Bond by John Blackstone and Samuel Baker.

1815 Aug 6 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Bk (1813-1817), p.
Thomas Shoemake (Shoemaker) vs Isham Crowley (son of James), Littleberry
Crowley &
WILLIAM CROWLEY, brothers of James.

1815 Dec 6 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Bk (1813-1817), p.
State of Tennessee vs WILLIAM CROWLEY for malicious mischief; fined $200

1816 Apr 6 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Bk (1813-1817),
State vs Berry Crowley, acquitted [his name was Littleberry]

1816 Jun 4 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Bk (1813-1817), p.280
In the Case of Thomas Shoemaker vs Isham Crowley; Boyles Ayers
co-defendant; a jury
was seated.

1816 Jun 4 - Campbell Co, Tn - Minute Bk (1813-1817), p.284
Thomas Shoemake vs Littleberry Crowley: James Campbell, attorney for
Littleberry said
that Littleberry died since last continuance.


As a young man, William Crowley moved from Powell Valley, Tennessee to
Missouri and
settled first in Cooper's Fort and Old Franklin, Howard County.

William Crowley Sr. was in Howard County, Missouri early enough to see
the first
steam boat that ever attempted the navigation of the Missouri River near
which arrived at Old Franklin on 28 May 1819 with Capt. John Nelson
commanding. William
Crowley saw the first newspaper issued on 23 April 1819 by Patton and
Holliday at Fayette
in Old Franklin under the name of "Missouri Intelligence." A 1820 issue
listed his name:
"William Crowley on Delinquent Tax List."

By 1835 the "Missouri Intelligence" was published in Columbia, Missouri
(the paper is
Apparently, William continued to be in debt because in 1823, he was forced
transfer all his assets into Abigail's name. This deed of sale was in
anticipation and a
precaution against his creditors. It was witnessed by two very important
men. One was
his nephew, Thomas Kimsey, and the other his eldest son Littleberry Crowley
(age 18).
The two witnesses represented both families: Crowleys and Kimseys.

1823 Jan 3 - Howard Co, Mo - Deed Bk 4:__
Bill of Sale: William Crowley to Abigail Crowley.. Know all men by these
that I, William Crowley Sr of Howard County on this day bargain sell and
deliver unto
Abigail Crowley of said county and state the following property:
One bay mare about 14 hands high
One brown filly 3 years old next spring
One bay colt with streak of white in his forehead
One brown cow 8 years old next spring called Willy
One brindle cow called Brownsy
One little brown cow called Mowney (?)
One brindle and white heifer 2 years old next spring
One red and white heifer 2 years old next spring
One red steer 3 years old next spring
One brindle heifer yearling
Three cribs of corn supposed to be 500 bushels in the 3 cribs
also 5 fodder stacks and all my stock of hogs and all my barns... (?) and
the house which I now live
also all my farming utensils and house furniture
also 2 rifle guns and equipment.
For value received, I do warrant and forswear any other person or
persons having
any claim or claims against the above named property of any description (?)
the true (?)
as above named Abigail Crowley to have and to hold and dispose of said
property and
profits thereof as she sees cause from this day forward - given under my
hand this 4th
day of January 1823. /s/ William (x) Crowley..
Witnessed by: Thomas Kimsey, Littleberry Crowley.

Taken from The History of Henry and St. Clair Counties, Missouri, p.97:
The first settlers built their cabins in 1830 along the creeks in the
corner of what is now Henry County. Thomas Arbuckle is credited with being
the first,
although Thomas Kimsey settled there at about the same time. Arbuckle
located on Tebo
Creek 4 miles west of the site of Windsor and Kimsey staked his farm two
miles farther
south. Matthew, Cyrus and James Arbuckle, P.D. Wade and Isham Burnett
settled in the
same neighborhood shortly afterward. Thomas Collins also arrived in 1830.
Rev. Henry
Avery, who became a prominent figure in the development of this section,
located on Tebo
Creek about 9 miles west of where Windsor now stands and Drury Palmer,
William Crowley,
William Gladden, Alfred Askin and Chesley Jones became his neighbors in
1831. The
settlers assisted the newcomers in building their cabins.

Henry County was formerly Rives County.
The 1840 Census of Rives County shows William was age 60 to 70 and livng
among many
kinfolks: The Kimseys, being Alvis, James, Littleberry, John and Thomas.
The Burnetts
were Isham Burnett and sister Nancy Burnett Reynolds, two of the children of
Burnett and Effaniah Crowley and Williams son Littleberry Crowley...

1833 Ray Co, Mo Land Warrant

1837 - Henry Co, Mo - History of Henry County, 1883, p.1032
J.G. Williams and William Crowley came in 1837

1838 May - Henry (Rives) Co, Va - Order Bk
William Crowley was viewer of a road in Township 39, Range 25, being
appointed by the
Henry County Court

1830 Howard Co, Mo........................1840 Rives Co, Mo

William Crowley 50-60 (1770-80....William Crowley Sr 60-70 (1770-80
female (Abigail) 50-60 (1770-80....female 50-60 (1780-90
female 20-30 (1800-10......................................
male Squire 15-20 (1810-15......................................
male Wm Jr 10-15 (1815-20......................................
male Ben F. 05-10 (1820-25....male 15-20 (1820-25
female 05-10 (1820-25....female 10-15 (1825-30

1845 Henry Co, Mo - Assessors Book (p.19)
William Crowley - 80 acres in Sec 2, Twp 40, value $150.00
81.05 acres in Sec 2, Twp 40, value 103.00
40 acres in Sec 1, Twp 40, value 50.00
80.29 acres in Sec 5, Twp 40, value 100.00
Total owned: 292.24 acres.....................value $403.00

1846 Apr 20 - Henry Co, Mo Deed Bk C:328
William Crowley to _____ Wallace...

Children of William Crowley SR, son of Samuel and Elizabeth:

1). ELIZABETH CROWLEY, b. ca 1803 Tn; m. 11 Jan 1829 in Howard County,
Missouri to JOSEPH BURTON, born 1810; son of Houchins Burton and Elizabeth
Stapp who
married 21 September 1798 in Madison County, Kentucky. After the marriage
of Elizabeth
and Joseph Burton, they removed to Tennessee where four of their children
were born and
then returned to Missouri in 1836 and had five more children.

2). LITTLEBERRY CROWLEY, b. ca 1805-6 in Knox? Co, Tn; d. before July 1852
Henry Co, Mo;
m. 1/ 12 Jan 1826 in Howard Co, Mo to NANCY STAPP by Adam C. Woods the same
minister who officiated at marriage of Peggy Kimsey who married Claiborne
Wasson the year
before. Nancy was born about 18__ and died before 1840. She was perhaps a
daughter of
Benjamin Stapp, born in Wilkes County, Georgia and died in Bates Co, MO:

m. 2/ 5 Jan 1841 in Rives Co, Mo to REBECCA DAVIS by M.H. Austin, JP.
b. 18__ Ohio; d. bef. Oct 1847 in Henry Co, Mo.

m. 3/ 17 Oct 1847 in Henry Co, Mo to SARAH ANN CROW/CROWL by Shadrack
Woodson, JP; Sara b. 1822 AK; d. 18__; Sarah m. 2/ July 1852 in Henry Co,
Mo to JOHN

3) DANIEL CROWLEY, b. 1 May 1808 in Campbell Co, Tn; d. 7 Jan 1887 near
Glasgow in Charilton Twp, Howard Co, Mo,
m. 1/ 14 Jul 1830 in Howard Co, Mo to SARAH HOWARD by John M. Thomas,
Sarah, b. 18__; d. ca Dec 1844, dau of Philip Howard
m. 2/ 5 Jan 1845 in Howard Co, Mo to NANCY LIGGETT by Wm. Burton,
MG; Nancy,
b. 1812 VA, dau of Joseph Liggett.
m. 3/ after 1850 to SARAH MARGARET STAPP, b. 31 May 1839 in Howard
Co, Mo; d.
______; dau of James Sansley Stapp & Hannah Liggett.
m. 4/ 28 Feb 1853 in Howard Co, Mo to LOIS STANLEY by Wm. Burton, MG;
Lois, b.
m. 5/ 27 Oct 1863 in Howard Co, Mo to MRS. JEANETTA BURNS by _______;
b. _______.
[Note: Daniel Crowley was the father of EMELINE CROWLEY, b. 10 Jun 1829 in
Howard Co, Mo;
m. 12 Jan 1846 in Howard Co to JAMES MADISON REYNOLDS by H.L. Brown, MG.
James was b. 1
Dec 1818 in Howard Co; died after 1860, son of William Reynolds and Nancy
Burnett, dau of
Jeremiah Burnett and Effaniah Crowley. Emeline was the mother of 10
children, two boys
died infancy and a daughter named Cynthia was shot and killed by a Negro in
(Source: The Burnetts and Their Connections, Vol 3:653 by Bork; Research of
John Jarvin].

4) JEREMIAH CROWLEY, b. ca 1812 in Tn; d. __________;
m. 1/ 27 Jan 1831 in Howard Co, Mo to MARGARET ANDERSON by Elder Wm.
Simpson, MG. Margaret, b. ca 1810 VA?; d. ca 1841-3 in _______
m. 2/ 28 May 1848 in Johnson Co, Mo to MRS. AGNES LONG SKIDMORE, b.
ca 1811
Orange Co, Va; d. after 1860 Johnson Co, Mo; dau of William Long and
Elizabeth Bickers;
Agnes' maternal grandmother was Lucy Chandler. Agnes was widow of Elijah
Skidmore who came to Johnson Co in 1838, son of John Skidmore and Sarah
McClure of Barren
Co, Ky. Elijah had brother Joseph E. Skidmore, b. 1812 in Barren Co, Ky; d.
Knob Noster,
Washington Twp, Johnson Co, Mo in 1883, age 71. He m. 1/ 24 Nov 1835 in
Lincoln Co, Ky
to Lucy Long, b. 1812 in Orange Co, Va, sister of Agnes above

5) WILLIAM CROWLEY JR, ca 1816 Howard Co, Mo; d. bef. 1860 in Johnson Co,
m. 24 Dec 1835 in Henry Co, Mo to ELIZABETH GLADDEN by Elder Wm.
Elizabeth, b. ca 18__; d. ___; dau of William Gladden
1845 Henry Co, Mo - Assessors Book - p.3-4
William Crowley - 1 poll; 1 horse $25; 7 cattle $55.

1850 Oct 18 - Henry Co, MO
Deepwater Twp:
William CROLEY, 36 MO (1814)
Elizabeth 32 MO
Cynthia A. 13 MO (1837)
Violet J. 09 MO
Daniel B. 07 MO
John T. 04 MO
James 03 MO
Nancy 1/12 MO

6) SQUIRE "Buck" CROWLEY was born about 1818 in Howard County, Missouri.
He married 1/ 30 June 1840 in Henry Co, MO to NANCY MURRY. Nancy died
about 1847-8
in Johnson Co, MO; daughter of John or Joseph Murray who died 1842 and
Abigail ______ his
1842 May 2 - Henry Co, Mo Probate - p.122
John/Joseph Murry died intestate; Squire Crowley appointed
Security: Littleberry Crowley (his brother), Alexander Gragg and Robert

Squire or Buck married 2/ a Miss Randolph (tradition). Record of this
marriage has not
been found. However, there are two children, born 1850 and 1852 that do not
have a mother accounted for.

Squire married 3(?), 12 Nov 1854 in Johnson Co to SUSAN DENNISON, born
ca 1824-5 in
Johnson Co. Susan's children were Margaret and James.

1840 Nov 23 - Henry Co, Mo Deed Bk C:356
Squire Crowley to George Gutridge.. N 1/2 of NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sec 3,
Twp 40, Range 27.

7) Dau ________ CROWLEY, daughter of William Crowley Sr.
b. ca 1820 Howard Co, Mo;
m. or died before 1840.

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