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Subject: Re: Descendants of Jeremiah Crossman (Crossen-Crossian-McCrossian)
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 20:57:44 EDT

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>I am looking for a JOHN H. CROSSMAN b. Goshen, NH who married a ELMIRA
>E. FRENCH b. Plainfield, NH. They had a daughter CORETTA (CARRIE) LUCINDA
>CROSSMAN b. about 1867 in Unity, NH.
>Siblings possibly -CHARLES- FRANK-LILIAN-ELMER .
>Any chance you have came across any of these people?
I have the following that might be a fit. It comes from a previous e-mail
exchange of information. I would be interested in further details if this
seems to fit.

First Generation

1 Bert John Crossman. Born in 1872 in Clairemont, NH.

SOURCE: Bert John Crossman 1/14/99,

On 1 Sep 1897 when Bert John was 25, he married Sara Cook.

They had one child:
i. Harold G (1898-1985)

Second Generation

2 John C Crossman. Born in Goshen, NH. John C died on 1 Feb 1888.

SOURCE: Bert John Crossman 1/14/99,

John C married Almira French.

They had one child:
1 i. Bert John (1872-)

3 Almira French. Born in Plainfield, NH.

Third Generation

4 Abishai Crossman Jr. Born in 1796 in Unity, NH.

SOURCE: Bert John Crossman 1/14/99,

Abishai married Ann Boffee.

They had one child:
2 i. John C (-1888)

5 Ann Boffee.

Fourth Generation

8 Abishai Crossman. Born in 1752 in Taunton, MA. Abishai died on 28 Jun 1830;
he was 78.

SOURCE: Bert John Crossman 1/14/99,

On 31 Mar 1772 when Abishai was 20, he married Experience Richardson, in
Sudbury, MA.

They had one child:
4 i. Abishai (1796-)

9 Experience Richardson. Born on 16 Aug 1756 in Wells, ME.

Fifth Generation

16 Stephen Crosman.1 Born in 1710. Stephen died on 24 Jul 1805; he was 95.

On 15 May 1740 when Stephen was 30, he married Mary Haskins.

They had one child:
8 i. Abishai (1752-1830)

17 Mary Haskins.

Sixth Generation

32 Nathaniel Crosman.1 Born on 10 Mar 1680 in Taunton, MA.2 Nathaniel died in
Little Compton, Rhode Island in 1757; he was 76.

I don't know which spouse the children belong to.

On 21 Oct 1703 when Nathaniel was 23, he married Sarah Marrick1, in Taunton,

They had the following children:
i. Robert1 (1707-1799)
ii. Joshua1 (1708-1782)
16 iii. Stephen (1710-1805)
iv. Nathaniel1 (1712-)
v. Abigail1 (1713-1791)
vi. Phebe1 (1713-1803)
vii. Hannah1 (1714-1728)
viii. Bathsheba (1720-1788)
ix. Bethia1
x. Mary1
xi. Elizabeth

33 Sarah Marrick.1 Born in 1688 in Taunton, MA.

Seventh Generation

64 Robert Crosman.4 Born on 3 Aug 1657 in Taunton, MA.5 Robert died in
Taunton, MA abt 1738; he was 80.

SOUR Columbia County, NY Historical Society from family tree presented by
Ellen E. Parker.
Was one of the North Purchase participants Taunton in 1637 along with his
father Robert Crossman Sr. The North Purchase is said to have been made of
King Philip, the son and successor of Massasoit, by the committee of the
General Court, who conveyed it to the Taunton proprietors. In a confirmatory
deed, given by Governor Hinckley in 1685, intended to include all the lands
then belonging to Taunton, it is recited that " the first settlers,
proprietors, and some of the said inhabitants, having also purchased the said
lands of Woosoquequen (alias Ousamequin, Massasoit), the then chief sachem
of Mount Hope and the Pokanket country, and since confirmed unto them by
Philip, his son," etc. This is a significant recognition of the fact that the
first purchase was made of Massasoit.

On 21 Jul 1679 when Robert was 21, he married Hannah Brooks, in Taunton,MA.2

They had the following children:
32 i. Nathaniel (1680-1757)
ii. Hannah1 (1681-)
iii. Son (1883-)
iv. Elizabeth6 (1684-)
v. Robert1 (1686-1687)
vi. Seth1 (1688-)
vii. Mehitabel2 (1694-1695)
viii. Son (1697-)
ix. Bethia1 (1700-1704)

65 Hannah Brooks. Born in 1659 in Scituate. Hannah died on 2 Oct 1762; she
was 103.

SOUR Columbia County, NY Historical Society from family tree presented by
Ellen E. Parker.
"Of Rehoboth, MA"

66 Stephen Marrick.

Stephen married Mercy.

They had one child:
33 i. Sarah (1688-)

67 Mercy.

Eighth Generation

128 Robert Crossman. Born in 1621 in England. Robert died in Taunton, MA in
Oct 1692; he was 71.

NAME: Crossman
Resided in Taunton, Mas. First in Dedham in 1642. Numerous reference in
Dedham town records. Most assessments of values and taxes give low value for
Robert’s land. Marriage record in town records list him as "the Drum Maker
of New England". Admitted townsman 2: 11mo 1642. Granted 2 acres of upland
Feb 1642/3. Given permission to build small house. Asked to build a mill on
the Charles River in 1652, which he declined to do.7
Came with father to Tauton, MA in 1637 from England. In 1643, with 53 others,
he bought land from the Indians. This is known as the North Purchase. He
commanded the Artillery company. At that time there were 17 males in the
town between the ages of 18 and 60.
!SOURCE: Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy
Robert Crosman assessed tax to support free school in Dedham, MA, 1644.
This is believed to be the first free public school in the US.8
1690 - provided provisions and guns for expedition under Sir William Phipps,
billed Tauton 1 £ 15 S 5 p.9

On 26 May 1652 when Robert was 31, he married Sarah Kingsbury, in Dedham, MA.

They had the following children:
i. Sarah (1653-1688)
ii. John10 (1654-1727)
iii. Mary4 (1655-1711)
64 iv. Robert (1657-~1738)
v. Joseph4 (1659-1755)
vi. Nathaniel4 (1660-1675)
vii. Eleazer4 (1664-1667)
viii. Elizabeth4 (1665-1739)
ix. Samuel4 (1667-1755)
x. Mercy4 (1669-)
xi. Thomas4 (1671-1690)
xii. Susanna4 (1672-<1696)

129 Sarah Kingsbury. Born in 1635 in Dedham, MA. Sarah died in Taunton, MA in
1686; she was 51.

"Of Dedam MA"

130 Gilbert Brooks.

65 i. Hannah (1659-1762)

Ninth Generation

256 John Crosman. Born in 1588 in Somersetshire, Tauton, England. John died
in Newport, Rhode Island on 26 JAN 1687/1688; he was 99. Religion: Quaker.

Death from Porthsmith RI records.
Emigrated to Taunton, MA between 1637 and 1639.
Mass. Colonial Records - Oct 31, 1651, Book 3, p 257. "Whereas the court and
jury did not agree in John Crossman's case who is now a prisoner for
blasphemy and so it necessarily comming to the court on a full hearing of
the case upon evidence given in due order and determine as follows - That the
said Crossman be severly whipped in open market place and immediately after
to be burnt in his forehead with the letter 'B' and also be banished forever
out of our juristiction."

and from "Rhode Island Records previous to 1690":
"John Crossman born 1588 died Jan 26, 1688 at Newport, R.I. In 1677 he sold
to John
Easton & Walter Clark of Newport all rights in Providence for 40 shillings
for use and
benefit of people called quakers in Rhode Island and their successors."

His death is recorded in Arnold's Vol 7, the volume devoted to Quakers of
Rhode Island.
There are additional citations to his Quaker
1677 Dec 7 Vol 1 p38 L R Providence.
John Crossman of Newport, Mariner:
Deeds to John Easton & Walter Clerke for ye use and Benneffitt of the people
Quakers in sd Roadisland ^ theire successors " all my Right of Land in the
of providence in ye Collony aforesayd:

NAME: Crossman
Andrea McDonald while Researching Somerset writes
"Here's a family I identified in the study I'm doing on English Crossmans
(especially Cornwall right now). I believe it's the only John identified in
Somerset during the late 1500s and the date is only slightly off - two years.
Also, please note that there were three Johns born, one in 1586, one in 1588
and the last in 1590. It was not uncommon for parents to keep using the same
name child after child when they died in infancy. Another possibility is that
the children were from two separate families and the one born in 1588 was
from one family and the other born in 1590 was from another. There just
weren't very many Crossmans in Somerset at all. Further research on these
children should tell you what you need to know.
Records to research these children further include parish registers for North
Petherton. Bishop's transcripts -- you'll have to find out which diocese
North Petherton is in. Also, try marriage allegations and bonds for the
diocese or county. Try wills for the county. As I think of others, I'll let
you know. For that timeframe, records may be somewhat scarce as in England
most parishes began keeping records after 1630.
Parents unknown (however, I think when done, you'll find the father's name is
Roberte) Elynor Crosman 10 Aug 1579 North Petherton, Somerset LDS film
908499,908500 Marye 11 Feb 1582 Symon 31 Jan 1585 John 27 Feb 1586 John 4 Mar
1588 Alexander 3 Sep 1589 John 27 Feb 1590 Dorothie 13 Jan 1594
Now for the really exciting news! I found a father John who had a child
Robert born in 1622 in Somerset!!! Yea! Only one! Well, I get so excited
sometimes... You can find the entry in LDS microfilm number 1903962.
If I can answer any questions, or be of further help. Don't hesitate! And,
please, let me know the results!
Andi MacDonald The Crossman Society Endeavoring to
Record Crossman History "

128 i. Robert (1621-1692)

258 Joseph Kingsbury.11 Born in 1600 in Boxford, Suffolk, England. Joseph
died in Dedham, MA in May 1676; he was 76.

Joseph Kingsbury settled at Dedham as early as 1628. His wife Millecent,
"who appeared to ye church a tender hearted soule, full of fears and
temptations, but truely breathing after Christ" was adm. to Dedham Church 24
Apr 1839. He was admitted to that church 9 Apr 1641; and a freeman of the
colony 2 June 1641. He died in 1676, previous to June !, his wife Millicent
surviving him. Joseph appears as an original signer of the Covenent of the

Joseph married Millicent Ames.

They had the following children:
129 i. Sarah (1635-1686)
ii. Mary (1637-1678)
iii. Elizabeth11 (1638-1661)
iv. Joseph11 (1640-1688)
v. John11 (1643-1669)
vi. Eleazer11 (1645-1722)
vii. Nathaniel13 (1650-1694)

259 Millicent Ames. Born abt 1611 in England. Millicent died in Dedham, MA
aft 1650; she was 39.

Tenth Generation

516 James Kingsbury.9 Born abt 1562 in England. James died in MA in 1622; he
was 60.

Of Boxford

James married Anne Francis.

They had the following children:
i. James
ii. Henrie
iii. John
iv. Elizabeth
v. Sarah
258 vi. Joseph (1600-1676)
vii. Thomas
viii. Alyce

517 Anne Francis. Born abt 1530 in Boxford, Suffolk, England. Anne died in
Dedham, MA aft 1605; she was 75.

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