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Subject: [CROWELL-L] White & Afr-Amer Crowells in MS & ALab (John & son James Crowell)
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 08:36:50 -0700

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Crowell Queries
A new message, "Does Anyone Know These People?," was posted by Donna E.
Crowell-Greene on Mon, 23 Apr 2001

Surname: Crowell, Moseley, Hawkins, Boothe, Parrish, Spurlock, McKeethen,
Mask, Stinson, Spraggins, Bryan, Tarkington-Young, Homer, Peterson, Randle,
Flagg, Dowling, Atkins, Fox, White, Ball, Williams, Johnson, Blair, Jamison,
Baptist, Gegan, Westbrook

NAME: Donna E. Crowell-Greene
DATE: Apr 23 2001
QRYTEXT: I am looking for individuals who may have known, were or are
related to the following individuals who are either passed or may still be
living and were from or lived in the following areas: West Point, MS,
Florida, Pickens County, AL or other parts of Alabama, any part of the state
of Mississippi and any county, especially Clay, Lowndes, Eupora, Calhoun
City, MS, Aberdeen, MS, Oktibbeha (sp?)County, MS; Fourth St, Crowell St,
Broad Street, Center Street and Jordan Street in West Point, MS and
Chickasaw, to name a few.

These are the individuals I am seeking information about:

John Crowell, born 1810 and died 1878, originally from Ireland, lived in
Alabama, and settled an died in West Point, MS. He was married to a Judith
Stinson-Crowell, born 1830 and died 1911. John had a Black mistress named
Emily, and together they had 3 children: 2 girls (names unknown, but one was
said to have red hair and passed for white), and a son named James Crowell,
born about 1845 in West Point, MS, and a Freedman according to court
documents, in 1869. In Oct. 1869, Grant T Wilsford and his wife E Wilsford,
as witnessed by J S Carothers, clerk, and H B Gegan, sold land to James
Crowell & Vinie (Hawkins) Crowell.

The land sold to James & Vinie Crowell in 1869, according to Chancery
Court records of Clay County, MS, was patented by the S government to a
Chickasaw Indian named Shu-Mah-Chi-Cha on Oct. 6, 18440, and that while the
Gilsfords sold the land to James & Vinie for currency, James & Vinie were
supposed to have been living on the land adversely, or in descrepency. In
1960, due to lawsuits and court order, the land was sold for biddin and
bought by whites named Tommie & Bessie Spraggins and JH Bryan.

James and Vinie had 12 childred: 9 boys and 3 girls. Only have the name of
1 girl-Pinky or Pinkie Crowell. Pinkie, by marriage, was a McKeethen,
Spurlock, and Parrish. She moved to Saginaw, MI. From the union or
relationship with Parrish, she had a son named Eugene Frenchie Parrish, born
in West Point. His father is believed to be a prominent Parrish of West
Point, MS. It is said that possibly, the other 2 girls passed for white
easily due to grandfather John Crowell being white and father James being
mullatto, but white looking in appearance.

some of the 9 boys names were: Tan, R.C., Johnie/Johnny, Halbert, Albert
(twins), Willie-the oldest born about 1867, James Frank, and Harrison. The
9th boy's name is unknown at this time. ALL 12 CHILDREN ARE THOUGHT TO BE

Some of the 12 children, married white. Some of the children married
multiple times. Some had children, and some had none. It appears the
African/American Crowell men were not military men.

All of the 12 children left the West Point area, and to my knowledge the
state of Mississippi. Many settled in Chicago, IL and surrounding IL areas;
Detroit and Mt. Clemens, MI area; Portland, OR and surrounding areas; San
Diego, CA and surrounding areas; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida areas, and the
state of Washington.

While living in West Point and other states, it is known that the Crowells
attended and were Catholics, Methodists and Baptists.

Included in this search are any Parrish(es) of West Point, MS area.

Ruby Mai Boothe-Crowell, 1st wife of Halbert Crowell

Lilly Bell Homer-Crowell, 2nd wife of Halbert Crowell

Laura Tarkington Young-Crowell, 3rd wife of Halbert Crowell
(27 year age differnce when married)

Stanley Tarkington, her father, all from West Point, MS

Sarah Crowell, possibly white or mullatto. Could belong to white-side of

Lucile Crowell, wife of Donaldson Foaud from Eupora, and daughter of
Halbert Crowell (my great grandfather) & Martha Peterson of West Point.
Donaldson's mother waas Reona Johnson, father WM Foaud. Lucile and
Donaldson married in 1935.

Annie Crowell, possibly white or mullatto. Could belong to white-side of

Seeking info on Fannie Crowell, who was married to a Will E. Mask in 1891.
Fannie was the daughter to James & Lorrina Crowell. There is a letter of
permission attached to "Marriage Bond and Affidavit" showing James & Lorrina
giving Fannie permission to marry Will Mask. I was told by people in
Chancery Court Clay County, MS, that when this was done, it was usually due
to underage or because the complexion of the "colored" person was too fair
to be married to the other person with someone in authority's permission.

Charles E. Crowell, who married Annie H Gilbert in 1892, of clay County.

Laura Crowell, who married John Harmon in 1894 of Clay County.

Pinky Crowell, who married Alonzo Johnson in 1903. (Is this Pinky the
daughter to James & Vinie Crowell, later became Pinkie Spurlock, McKeethen,
Parrish (not in order); or is this Pinky, Pinkie Ophelia Crowell-Brown, the
daughter of Halbert & Ruby Boothe-Crowell-all from West Point, Ms?

Juanita Crowell, who married Jesse McKinney in 1908, both from Clay

Virginia/Virgie E Crowell, who married Patrick E Meagher or Meager in
1923. Both may be from the white-side of the Crowells.

Emma Crowell, who married Riley Hodge in 1932. Both could be from the
white-side of the Crowells.

Clora Crowell born about 1904, who married Curly Flagg of Aberdeen, MS, in
1932. Curley's parents were: Sam Flagg and Florence Sykes of Aberdeen, MS.
Clora's parents were my great uncle R.C. Crowell and Sarah Randle of West
Point, MS.

Malinda Crowell, 34, married Marshall Atkins, 24, of West Pt, in 1959.
They would now be 76 and 66, respectively, if they are both living.
Malinda's mother was Bessie Dowling. Her father was deceased at the time of
this marriage. Marshall's father was deceased, but his mother's name was Ina

John Crowell, married a Virgie/Virginia Heard (sp?) in 1911. Both of Clay
Cty, MS.

Johnie Crowell, son of James & Vinie Crowell, married a Idella White in

Charlie Crowell, born 7/15/1925 in Pickens County, AL, maried Ann Johnson
born 7/8/1941, born in Oktibbeha Cty, MS, but both lived in West Pt. This
marriage took place in 1963. Odie Crowell & Sarah Ball were the parents of
Charlie Crowell. Frank Blair Jr. and Bella Williams were the parents of Ann

Prior to marrying Ann Johnson in 1963, Charlie Crowell married Malinda
Jamison, daughter of Roosevelt Jamison, in Jan. 1954. Both were of Clay Cty,
MS. T Moseley was the Circit Court Clerk at that time.

Virginia P Crowell, married Edward A Cain in 1885 of Clay County. Appears
both are from the white-side of the Crowells.

Charles E. Crowell, married Annie H Gilbert in 1892 of Clay Cty, MS.
Appears they both are from the white-side of the Crowells.

Robert F Crowell married Maybird Westbrook in 1917, both from Clay Cty,
MS. Both appear to be from the white-side of the Crowells.

Robert Crowell, married Crozie Harris (last name of Crozie illegible.
Could be Norris), 5-23-1913. Both were of Clay Cty, MS, and were listed in
the "colored" marriage records.

I am also seeking info on Julia Crowell-Moseley, who was Mrs. Thad Moseley
Sr. Julia appears to be white/caucasian in the photo I have of her and other
Moseleys and Crowells standing on the front steps of Thad Moseley's home
about 1908. Obtained this photo from the Bryan Library in West Pt., MS.

It appears there was quite a bit of "passing for white" done by the
mullatto Crowells who were the offsprings of John Crowell and his mistress
Emily, and James & Vinie Hawkins-Crowell. According to literature obtained
from the Bryan Library in West Point on the town's beginnings, Mayor John G
Baptist, aka "Uncle Jack" by blacks and whites, "'He was beloved and
respected by all who knew him and in is best and palmiest days his hand and
heart were open to everybody. His generosity was proverbial and all, both
black and white, were ready to sing his praises." Also, it is written, Mayor
John Baptist was married to a Mary Crowell. He was Irish Catholic. Mayor
Baptist and his wife Mary Crowell deeded a building lot on 4th Street to a
Catholic congregation in 1870, as well as deeded a building lot to the
Methodist Church Colored in 1869. Why would he be so generous to coloreds
except there was some relation to the mullatto/colored Crowells.

James & Vinie Crowell had a son named Willie Crowell, whom there has been
much wonderment as to his whereabouts. From the same library records on the
town of West Point, a Willie W. Crowell was an active member of St. John's
Catholic Church, as well as a Mrs. Helen Crowell, possibly his wife. They
were the only 2 Crowells listed as members. So it appears Uncle Willie must
have done some "passing."

St. Paul United Methodist Church of West Pt, MS had members Albert &
Florence Crowell. (Albert was the twin brother of my great grandfather
Halbert Crowell). Albert later moved to Michigan and finally to Oregon.
Halbert went to Illinois and other states before finally settling on
Michigan, where he died in 1973. The land for this church was deeded by none
other than Mayor Baptist, husband of Mary Crowell-Baptist.

With all of this information, somebody out there knows something. Please
contact me, Donna E. Crowell-Greene at 248/357-1005 in Michigan or e-mail me
with any information you may have on any of these people. Thank you.

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