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> Hi there,
> Is anyone researching Timothy Dimmock (b.1668, Barnstable MA) m. Abigail
> Doane, c1703; removed to Mansfield CT c?1703. Looking for marriages of
> children: Timothy (b.1703), John (b.1705), Shubael (have), Daniel
> (b.1710), Israel (b.1712) & Ebenezer (b.1715).
> Thanks,
> Susan.

Hi Susan (and other Mansfield researchers),
Here are my rough draft notes on this Timothy Dimmock.

Descendants of Timothy Dimmock
Generation One
1. TIMOTHY1 DIMMOCK; b. Mar 1668.
He Manwaring:2:377-8 TD of Ashford, inv 26 May 1718 by Daniel Fuller
and Joshua Kendall; 8 Jul 1718 adm granted to widow Abigail. 2:75 (1720);
2:317 (1723) Shubael Dimmock to grandsons Shubael and Daniel. MLR:1:330
(1714) TD of Windham, son of Shubael. Windham Prob:1 pt2:33 (21 Dec 1731)
Benjamin Follit of Windham appt gdn to Israel and Ebenezer Dimmock, minor
sons of Timothy Dimmock of Ashford, decd.

ABIGAIL DOANE married Benjamin Follett after 8 Jul 1718. She Res:
Eastham MA says Stiles. Children of Timothy1 Dimmock and Abigail Doane
all b. in M were as follows:
2. i.TIMOTHY2 DIMMOCK, b. 2 Jun 1703; m. Miriam Fuller.
3. ii.JOHN DIMMOCK; b. 3 Jan 1705.
4. iii.SHUBAEL DIMMOCK, b. 27 May 1707; m. Priscilla
5. iv.DANIEL DIMMOCK, b. 28 Jan 1710.
6. v.ISRAEL DIMMOCK; b. 22 Dec 1712.
7. vi.EBENEZER DIMMOCK; b. 22 Nov 1715.

Generation Two

2. TIMOTHY2 DIMMOCK (Timothy1); b. 2 Jun 1703 in M; m. Miriam
Fuller circa 1725; d. circa 1741.
The TD who m Miriam Fuller is probably this one. Windham Prob:2:370
(31 Jul 1740) will; (18 Sep 1741) inv. L665. Will mentions wife and children
Timothy, Ann, Abigail and Miriam. Windham Prob Spec:1:190 (30 Sep 1741)
will exh. His will makes execs: wife and trusty friend Mr Samuel Stetson.

MIRIAM FULLER married Eli Stetson, son of Samuel Stetson and Desire
Dunham, on 14 Nov 1742 in M. She at m, wid of Timothy Dimmock, decd.
Remarkable since her dau Ann had married five months previously to Eli's
brother Samuel who was Eli's elder by 4 yrs.
Children of Timothy2 Dimmock and Miriam Fuller were as follows:
8. i.TIMOTHY3 DIMMOCK; d. after 31 Jul 1740.
9. ii.ANN DIMMOCK, b. circa 1726; m. Samuel Stetson.
10. iii.ABIGAIL DIMMOCK;Abigail Dimmock; b. 21 Jan
1729 in Ashford; m. Samuel Bosworth, son of Edward
Bosworth and Mehitabel (--?--), 17 May 1761.
She at m, dau Timothy Dimmock of M, decd. Bosworth
Gen: #B299 gives her bdate. MLR:5:601 (1754) an AD wit
a deed, perhaps she lived with the Rev Richard Salter.
11. iv.MIRIAM DIMMOCK b. circa 1730;
m. William Cummings 4 Jul 1750 in M; d. 1807 in M.
She at m, dau Timothy D, decd. 1CC: she d age 77.

4. SHUBAEL2 DIMMOCK (Timothy1); b. 27 May 1707 in M; m. Priscilla
Hovey, daughter of James Hovey and Deborah Barlow, 11 Dec 1731 in M;
d. 24 May 1781 in Newport, Nova Scotia, at age 73.
He at m, son TD. Separatist, 1746. Kline:343 SD L26.00 (1737 2nd Soc tax
list 46/62). Kline:353 SD L34.14 (1744 2nd Soc tax list 57/92 SW section).
Road Map (1751-1800) a SD on Willi R n of Merrow. This family needs more
work after incorporating the Dimmock (1899) Gen.

PRISCILLA HOVEY Hovey Gen: #120. MVRp: at d, wife SD. She was born on 11
Dec 1708 in Malden MA. She died on 14 Mar 1747 in M at age 38.
Children of Shubael2 Dimmock and Priscilla Hovey all b. in M were as
12. i.ASA3 DIMMOCK; b. 14 Aug 1732; christened 1 Oct 1732.
13. ii.ANN DIMMOCK; b. 14 Aug 1732; christened 1 Oct 1732;
d. 18 Jul 1749 in M at age 16.
14. iii.ABIGAIL DIMMOCK; b. 16 Jul 1734; christened 21 Jul
15. iv.DANIEL DIMMOCK; b. 24 Sep 1736; d. 5 Apr 1805 in
Newport, Nova Scotia, at age 68.
16. v.ABIGAIL DIMMOCK;Abigail Dimmock; b. 23 Aug
1742; m. Amos Marsh, son of Thomas Marsh and Eunice Parkhurst, 14 Nov 1759 in
M. She at m, dau Shubael Dimmock.
17. vi.LYDIA DIMMOCK; b. 27 Aug 1748.
18. vii.EUNICE DIMMOCK; b. 27 Jun 1751.
19.viii.SHUBAEL DIMMOCK; b. 24 Mar 1753.
20. ix.EUNICE DIMMOCK; b. 1 Jun 1755.

5. DANIEL2 DIMMOCK (Timothy1); b. 28 Jan 1710 in M; d. circa 1737 in
He MLR:3:32 (1727) DD res with grandfather Shubael; MLR:3:639 (28 Jan
1736) DD of Windham; Windham Prob Spec:1:112 (14 Dec 1737) DD of
Windham, decd; exec: Lewis Terrell and Mary Dimmock; MLR:6:402 (3 Oct
1757) DD, heirs. Windham Prob:11:331 (22 Sep 1784) two daughters.
Proprietor of M 11th (1727-1757, heirs).

MARY (--?--) Windham Prob:11:331 (22 Sep 1784) Mary Jones (Janes) adm
of DD. She died after 22 Sep 1784.
Children of Daniel2 Dimmock and Mary (--?--) were as follows:
21. i.PHOEBE3 DIMMOCK; d. after 22 Sep 1784.
She Windham Prob:11:331 (22 Sept 1784) Phoebe Hawkins.
22. ii.JOANNA DIMMOCK; d. after 22 Sep 1784.
She Windham Prob:11:331 (22 Sep 1784) Joanna Curtis.

Generation Three
9. ANN3 DIMMOCK (Timothy2, Timothy1)Ann Stetson; b. circa 1726; m.
Samuel Stetson, son of Samuel Stetson and Desire Dunham, 17 Jun 1742
in M; d. 29 Sep 1811 in M.
She at m, dau Timothy D, decd. 1CC wid AS d age 85. Her widowed mother
m 5 months later to Samuel's younger brother Eli. 1790 census: 1-3--.

SAMUEL STETSON Stetson Gen: deputy 1765-1770; Ensign. Road Map
(1751-1800) a SS lived in M near the Natchaug R and what is now the Chaplin
town line; also a SS on Clover Mill Rd. He was born on 30 Dec 1713 in M. He
died on 13 May 1782 in M at age 68.
Children of Ann3 Dimmock and Samuel Stetson all b. in M were as
23. i.STETSON4; b. 27 Mar 1743; d. 28 Mar 1743 in M.
24. ii.TIMOTHY STETSON; b. 23 Jan 1744; m. Zerviah
Church 2 Jan 1766; d. after 1782.
He Stetson Gen: mentioned in distribution of his father's estate; Rev
25. iii.DESIRE STETSON b. 29 Jun 1746; m.
Nathaniel Southworth, son of Nathaniel Southworth and Lois Gurley, 11 Nov
1764 in M; d. after 1782. She MVRp: at m, dau Mr Samuel Stetson of M.
Stetson Gen: mentioned in the distr. of her father's estate.

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