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Subject: [CRV] Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Vermont.......WINDSOR COUNTY......E-- M ................part 2
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 01:28:36 -0500

Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Windsor County,Vermont
Source: Rev War Soldiers buried in Vermont, 1903-6; Walter Crockett
David Edgerton
Serg't Enoch Emerson
Solomon Emmons
Nathaniel Farr
Elijah Farrington
Thomas Fay
Nathan Felch
Stephen Fisk
Daniel Fletcher
Abel Fling
Jacob Foster
Rufus Foster
Edmund Freeman
Joseph French
Josiah Gibbs
Stephen Gibbs
Sergt Willam Gibson
John Giddings
Peter Gilson
Asa Green
Isaac Green
Luther Grover
Zebedee Hackett
Henry Hall
Sergt. Jacob Hall
jonathan Hall
John Haraden
William Harlow
Samuel Harrington
Luke Harris
Jacob Haskill
John Haskel
Prince Haskell
Sergt. Adrian Hatch
Josiah Hatch
Joseph Hawkins
Solomon Hayward
Solomon Hazen
Ephriam Heald
Issac Hincher
Seth Hodges
Lieut. Thomas Hodgkins
Ebenezer Hosington
Samuel Howe
Joseph Hulett
Jonathan Ingersoll
Calvin Johnson
Jonathan Jones
Josiah Jordan
Simeon Keith
Isaac Kendall
Jacob Kendall
Sergt. Elias Keyes
John Kibling
Sergt. Daniel King
oliver Lauthrop
Surgeon, Joseph Lewis
Darisu Liscomb
Caleb Litchfield
Daniel Lovejoy
Sieon Loverin
Ezra Lowell
Asa Lull
David Lumbard
John Lumbard
Alvan Marcey
Gardner Marcey
Henry McNelly
Samuel Metcalf
Anderson Miner
David Morehouse
Sergt., Aaron Mosher
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