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Subject: [CRV] Bros: Titus and Graves HOSMER - 1700s
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 16:52:14 EDT

Hello everyone,
Just posted the following on GenForum - and thought I'd give it a try on both the CT and CT River Valley ists. (sorry if you get both). CT counties covered: New London Co and Middlesex Co.

I've learned that Titus HOSMER (who resided in Middletown, CT) had guardianship granted for his younger brother, Graves HOSMER (my direct ancester). My research for marriage and children's births for Graves Hosmer have thus far been in New London Co without success thus far. Now wondering, given the above, if there is any primary data in Middlesex County.

Things to consider:
1) Mother of Titus and Graves (Deliverance GRAVES Hosmer) died in 1758.
2) Father of Titus and Graves (Stephen HOSMER) died in 1761.
3) Titus born in 1736. (Adult when parents died). (He was m to Lydia LORD in 1761)
4) Graves born in 1756. (Only 6 yrs old when father died)
5) Guardianship granted (Titus for Graves) in 1769.
6) Graves served in Rev. War (first in navy on Frigate Trumball as well as reinlistment in infantry).
7) Graves m Amy CONGDON (when?/where?)
8) Secondary sources say first children born to Graves and Amy "in New London", CT from 1790 to 1798. Children: Prentice, Sylvester, Titus W and Clarissa).

My questions:
1) Where did Graves physically reside from 1761 when his father died until his brother Titus took legal guardianship for him in 1769? (We might entertain the idea that he went directly from Hartford to Middletown where Titus resided.. and the formalities followed in 1769?)
2) When/where did Graves HOSMER and Amy CONGDON marry? Would this likely have been before or after Graves served in the Rev War? My guess is that he served
"first", then married after his service in the War.
3) Were their CT born children (1790--1798) really born in New London, CT as the sec. sources say? Was it perhaps "New London County", not New London, the
town? Or, was it even in that county after all?

Later, Graves HOSMER and family migrated to NY as did his brother Timothy and his uncle Timothy. Titus HOSMER remained in Middletown, CT and died there. Hoping for some additional clues or insights! (or, just check my thinking process to see if I'm on a reasonable path)


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