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From: Sue Andrews Sinclair <>
Subject: Ellington Families
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 18:08:59 -0700

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Captain Asahel JOHNSON came from Stafford to Ellington about 1830 to
what was called McKinney St. He had 2 sons and 4 daus. The sons moved
to Bridgport. One dau married Mr SEARS of Vernon, one married William
H. COGSWELL of Vernon, one married Frank GOWDY of East Windsor, the
other married and moved West. Asahel Johnson died about 1860.

Eli Johnson, brother of Asahel, came from Stafford in 1830, he never
married and died about 1878.

Stephen I. Johnson came from East Windsor about 1870, married a dau of
Levi LORD of East Windsor, worked as a brick mason.


Valirus KIBBE was from Somers, married a dau of Daniel CUSHMAN and had
12 children, Valirus, Jr, Carlos, Julius, Daniel C, Horatio, Marcus W,
Jairus, Ethalinda Lidora, Eunice Leonora, Matilda, Hancye and Ellen all
born in Somers. Mr. Kibbe came to Ellington about 1836 and bought
Alexander WALLACE place. Valirus, Jr married Miss WOOD of Somers and
was living there in 1889. Carlos married Elizabeth JENNINGS form MA, she
died and he married Louisa COLLINS of Ellington. Julius married Ellen
WARNER, dau of Horace of Ellington. Daniel married Miss HALL of South
Windsor. Horatio married Miss PHELPS of Somers. Marcus married Miss
ENDICOT of Hamden, MA moved to Longmeadow. Ethalinda married Luman s.
ALLEN of East Windsor, Eunice married John PAYNE of Vernon. Hancye
married Rollin SELEW of Glastonbury. Matilda married William BRAINARD
of Somers. Ellen married Nelson WARNER of Ellington.

Norris N. Kibbe, son of Alvin Kibbe of Tolland, came to Ellington and
married dau of Charles D. NEWEL of Ellington and bought the Charles W.
MOORE place.

George Kibbe, brother of Norris came to Ellington and married a dau of
Charles D. NEWEL of Ellington and bought the BLOOD place.

Charles Kibbe , son of Wellesley Kibbe of Stafford came to Ellington and
married a dau of Lyman ABORN.

E. Brainard Kibbe, son of Julius A. Kibbe of Ellington married Mis
WARNER of Suffield, 3 children.

Horace W. Kibbe, son of Julius A. Kibbe married a dau of James TALCOTT
of Ellington and was a farmer.

Dr Joseph KINGSBURY , an early settler of Ellington. His dau was 1st
wife of Judge HALL of Ellington.

William KING came from Hartford to Ellington about 1870. He makes
wagons in his shop in Broad Brook (1889).

Jeremiah King from Enfield to Ellington abt 1816, was a blacksmith and
became wealthy.

Emery King from Vernon, came to Ellington and bought the Dr CARPENTER
place. His dau married Asaph McKINNEY of Ellington. Emery died about

Thomas King came from Suffield to Ellington about 1830 and bought the
place where Arnold SHIPPY now (1889) resides. He died about 1846.

Daniel KIMBALL came from Hampton to Ellington, had 3 children, Josiah,
Daniel, Jr and Asenath. Asenath married Horace McKNIGHT of Ellington.
Josiah married Amy HERRICK, 1 dau. Daniel's wife died and he married
widow of David DAMON of Ellington and had one son Henry. Daniel, Jr
married ROxana McCRAY, dau of Isaac, had three children, Daniel n> ,
Carlos C. and a dau who married Henry McCRAY of Vernon. Daniel N.
married a dau of Samuel Thompson of Ellington.

Thompson Kimballk, son of Daniel n. married Miss Maud POMEROY of Somers.

George W. Kimball came from Hebron to Ellington about 1867 and bought
the Jonathan BUCKLAN place, had a dau.


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